Are Hemp Cigarettes Safe?

Hemp cigarettes are trendy and very convenient to use. Looking at a hemp cigarette, you won’t notice much difference compared to tobacco products. In fact, they look exactly like traditional tobacco or marijuana cigarettes, which is why many people have accepted them. The content inside is what sets them apart. Hemp cigarettes contain a blend rich in CBD and have slight traces of THC. But are hemp cigarettes safe? Generally, these products are safe for adults who already enjoy smoking. Aside from the average health risks, you will not experience effects such as intense intoxication, loss of mind, or mental capacity.

Can It Help Make You High?

Hemp CigarettesHemp cigarettes are known for an instant euphoric effect that comes from inhalation.

It is a common belief that these cigarettes can get you intoxicated, just like any other cigarette. Let us clear this myth right away. Yes, it is a cigarette, and no, it can’t get you high to the extent that you lose your mind or physical coordination. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The absence of psychoactive substances implies that CBD does not alter the normal functions of the central nervous system. Instead, we consider these hemp cigarettes an ideal choice to treat various health issues related to mental capacity. These diseases can be as trivial as daily headaches and anxiety or the inability to focus. Additionally, CBD will hardly cause side effects like nausea or cramps when consumed.

CBD cigarettes are free of other nasty stuff, such as tobacco, nicotine, and marijuana. These substances can be highly addictive and cause notable changes in your body. 

What Are Some Benefits of Smoking Hemp Cigarettes?

Let us talk about why CBD cigarettes are an excellent choice for consumers in this industry. 

  • Free of Toxins

CBD cigarettes do not contain harsh chemicals that can eventually destroy your body. If you want to have a good smoking experience or seek relief from common ailments, CBD cigarettes are the best option. 

  • No-Risk of Getting High

A hemp cigarette is theoretically unable to get you deeply intoxicated. This is because it lacks the chemical responsible for making you high, i.e., THC. Some brands might have a minimal amount of THC in their composition. The recommended amount of THC is 0.3%. This amount of THC has negligible intoxicating effects. However, the majority of the manufacturers prefer zero THC hemp cigarettes to assure customers that there is no possibility of feeling high or addiction risks. 

  • Helps Quit Smoking

Most smokers impulsively rant about how they want to quit, but addiction won’t let them quit. They are not wrong, though. Addiction is a terrible situation. CBD cigarettes can come to the rescue in this scenario as well. 

These products have similar physical features just like regular cigarettes. This similarity will help the smoker psychologically when they want to make a switch. So, the new cigarettes they smoke will have CBD instead of nicotine. 

They can still experience a mild kick because CBDs induce an instant dopamine boost. It is a hormone responsible for making you feel excited. 

  • Potency 

CBD cigarettes give quick results. Consequently, when inhaled, the cannabinoids can quickly absorb into the blood. Those who are seeking medical help from CBD can significantly benefit from this. However, you should ask your doctor if you are managing any health conditions but are still interested in smoking hemp cigarettes. 

Risks Involved in Hemp Smoking

Hemp CigarettesEven though you potentially have no worries about risks when smoking CBD products, you still need to be a little vigilant. Suppose you are sitting in a public place, and you take out your cigarette. People will quickly judge you, which is a normal reaction because the scent of marijuana is somehow similar to CBD. This experience might end up making you awkward and uncomfortable. 

CBD cigarettes can sometimes hinder your driving ability. As such, it can also result in road accidents. So, it is better not to smoke in public places, where many people are around you. 

Try not to smoke hemp cigarettes before driving for your safety and the safety of others.

Secondly, even though CBD improves overall health, abusing any substance gives negative results. Smoking has a connection with damage to the lungs, which studies have scientifically proven. So, for your own sake, you must monitor your dose. Make sure you don’t overdose, especially when you are a rookie. 

A sudden consumption of CBD in vast quantities will have adverse effects. Thus, start using a small quantity and gradually your dose according to your needs. 

Are Hemp Cigarettes Legal?

Authorities modify laws about using cannabis all the time. It depends on where you live and statistics relevant to that time. However, in many parts of the world, they consider hemp cigarettes with 0.3% or less THC content legal. 

Where and How to Find the Best Hemp Cigarettes?

Hemp CigarettesFinding the right CBD cigarette can be challenging if you do not have precise knowledge about the best brands. It would be best to consider only those manufacturing companies who are open about the ingredients in their products. 

Don’t fall into false marketing hype and waste your money. Before the purchase, you must know what products you want. 

Read the reviews of companies you want to purchase your CBD products from. However, you can decide on the best brands after personal experience. You can also consider buying it online after thorough research. 


Thanks to the advancements in the scientific field, today, companies in the hemp industry offer consumers vast product options. Among the best of them are hemp cigarettes. Smoking these cigarettes provides immediate effects in comparison with other hemp consumption methods. 

Yet, it is not as appealing as it sounds. Smoking anything wrapped in a paper, whether CBD, tobacco, or marijuana, comes with some drawbacks. It is safe to say that hemp cigarettes are less harmful when it comes to hemp. 

Although, a lot has yet to be revealed by research and experiments. But, it would help if you always considered buying from only reputable brands to stay safe and enjoy the best smoking experience.

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