Can CBD Cause Anxiety Attacks?

CBD enthusiasts have a lot of faith in the efficiency of the product. Their belief in CBD contributes immensely to the rising popularity of CBD products. However, there’s not much strong scientific evidence to back CBD. Most of what is known about CBD is from consumers who took a leap of faith and consumed the products, marveling at its benefits. 

The only FDA-approved CBD product is Epidolex to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. Regardless of the little scientific evidence, CBD is a great supplement that relieves many ailments, pain, stress, and inflammations. 

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which it shares striking similarities with. The endocannabinoid system comprises CB1 & CB2 receptors that help regulate pain, mood, sleep, inflammatory responses, etc. CBD works with key receptors in the body to bring about cognitive responses.

It aids with sleep disorders, high blood pressure, stress, and lack of focus. Further, CBD is heavily advertised as a compound that relieves anxiety. It contradicts itself by relieving anxiety and, at the same time, causing it. But that happens when you consume a bad CBD product. On that note, read further to know more about CBD benefits and how to dose it.

How Does CBD Cause Anxiety?

cbdHemp plants are bio accumulators, meaning they can absorb heavy metals and other contaminants from the soil. Brands source CBD from farmers who grow hemp plants naturally without herbicides or fungicides to prevent that. Furthermore, they ensure the THC percentage is 0.3% or less in dry weight to avoid violating the law.

The farm bill of 2018 legalizes hemp plants and hemp products that do not exceed 0.3% THC. THC is the compound that causes the “high.” The brand takes away its ability to get consumers high by limiting its percentage. However, the small amount of THC gives CBD products more potency and improves their quality.

On another note, THC is what causes anxiety when consuming CBD products and not CBD itself. Most people don’t smoke marijuana because of the adverse effect it has. That’s why the farm bill law permits deriving CBD from hemp plants, not marijuana. Hemp plants contain more CBD than THC, while marijuana contains more THC than CBD. 

Users will also experience anxiety effects if the hemp plant is contaminated with metal catalysts or residual solvents. Further, if the brand does not employ a good and safe production method, users will experience anxiety side effects. That’s why consumers are advised to purchase CBD products only from credible brands.

It will save you from purchasing a CBD product with synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic compounds are chemicals that alter the mind; manufacturers use them to amplify their products. The chemical compound might trigger anxiety in unsuspecting individuals who are prone to it. 

Types of CBD Profiles

Brands produce CBD in three different types to serve different purposes and aid buying decisions. There are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. The full-spectrum CBD profile contains all the terpenes, strains, and compounds in hemp plants with 0.3% THC. The majority of CBD products on the market are full-spectrum.

All the compounds in it work together to achieve the entourage effect. Generally, on their own, the compounds do not make much impact. But combined, they help give the user the effect they seek. Users are likely to have anxiety after consuming full-spectrum CBD if the compounds are contaminated.

Broad-spectrum CBD product contains all the terpene and cannabinoids minus THC. Users might not get anxiety after consuming broad-spectrum CBD products, provided the brand produced it correctly. On the other hand, CBD isolate contains no compounds, terpenes, or strains, just pure CBD. Pure CBD isolate will not give the user anxiety. 

But experience has shown that one cannot trust fake brands. Their CBD isolate product might leave much to desire, containing everything a full-spectrum product has. In addition, your dosage of the CBD product might help trigger feelings of anxiety. 

Discard the product if you continuously experience anxiety after consuming it. It’s not the right product for you, and you will benefit from consuming another brand’s product. Before purchasing a CBD product, vet the brand to ensure you do not purchase a harmful CBD product.

How to Dose CBD Properly

CBDTo dose CBD efficiently, you have to experiment with dosage to arrive at your preferred dosage. CBD works differently for people, and heavy THC consumers build tolerance for CBD with each consumption. The body stores THC in fats, which can stay in your body for a long time. 

That’s why brands produce CBD products at different potency levels, so individuals with a high CBD tolerance can enjoy CBD without consuming too much. So, start dosing CBD slowly and adjust your intake if it’s ineffective. If you have CBD gummies, start with one gummy at a time and give the gummy time to work before taking another dose.

For CBD oil, use the dropper to ingest one dose of the oil underneath your tongue, then swish it around before swallowing. It will gain direct access to your bloodstream faster this way. Furthermore, it usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the effects to work, and it stays in the body for a very long time. 

CBD works with the individual’s body metabolism, age, body size, and reason for consuming the product. Do not consume too much CBD product at once. If the production method is shabby, you might experience more unusual side effects than anxiety. 


Anxiety will have you feeling unsafe, vulnerable, and gripped by irrational fear. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and CBD helps relieve it, helping the user socialize better in social events. In the same vein, CBD also causes anxiety for consumers due to its THC content and bad production method.

If the farmers grow the hemp plant with pesticides or heavy metals, the plant will test positive for it. The chemical compounds reduce the hemp plant’s quality, and if the brand uses the plant for CBD production, users will likely experience anxiety. Discard any CBD product that gives you continuous anxiety, and go for another. 

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