Can CBD Cause Blurry Vision?

If you have a slight issue with your vision after consuming CBD, you should reconsider your choice to use CBD. Ideally, CBD has no side effects because it is a therapeutic compound that relieves stress and anxiety. 

It is better than THC because it does not induce psychoactive impacts. However, there are several underlying and uncertain after-effects of CBD. These occur in the majority of the users, and their degree of strength may vary among different people. Similarly, some eye conditions are prevalent in CBD users.

Some Vision Problems

The following are some of the common eye problems that exist with the usage of CBD:

  • Blurry Vision

VisionIt is also known as the differences in the refractive error. The Refractive scale helps your eyes recognize the objects present at the farsight. It weakens with age; however certain products and lifestyles may accelerate the process. This condition is common in patients with other chronic underlying disorders such as diabetes. 

The CBD receptors are distributed in the eye cells, which are the primary functional units of the eye. Therefore, short-term hyperopia, which is a blurry vision of distant objects, may exist in the CBD consumers. The compound performs several functions within the eye tissues. These involve the inhibition of certain enzymes and proteins that are otherwise necessary for the optimal functioning of the cells.

Moreover, the effects of the substance on the eye muscles and cells are quite thorough and involve plenty of details. They also significantly impact the density of a cell lining located within the eye structure. The inactivation of certain proteins and the effects on the regions involved in the activation of vision may blur the eyesight of CBD consumers.

  • Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most complex eye disorders. It persists in people with older ages; however, the effects start early and may become more pronounced if not treated on time. The disease ultimately leads to permanent blindness that is beyond the current treatments. It impacts your optic nerve that weakens over time due to increased pressure. The initial signs of this condition can help you reverse the damage. There are some necessary measures you can take to prevent the development of the full-scale disorder. However, you must remain cautious and notice the changes in your vision and eye health.

A recent study shows that CBD is responsible for intensifying the pressure inside your optic nerve. Therefore it can initiate the condition or may even enhance the symptoms if you already have it. It exerts more force on the ciliary muscles abundantly present in the optic nerve and is highly sensitive. Their function is to pump the fluid and release it. Thus they efficiently manage pressure inside the eyes. CBD casts a negative influence over these muscles compared to THC, which might even help with the condition.

  • Visual Clarity

Visual acuity is the ability to see things sharply and clearly, almost 20 feet away. All your eye tissues and nerves play a significant role in providing exceptional vision. Your ciliary muscles, optic nerve, and brain stimulus are involved in enhancing or keeping up with the visual acuity. Therefore any damage or impact on the optimal function of these structures can hamper your ability to view things. Over time the visual acuity may become more susceptible to defects. However, certain attempts at a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent the situation.

Cannabis has a particular impact on the vision that studies efficiently display. Over time cannabis deteriorates visual perception and impulses. Your ability to process visual stimuli also becomes slightly affected. It may take you some time to mentally analyze what you are seeing or recognize the usually familiar things. Three-dimensional objects that are highly prevalent in our reality may not induce a strong visual impulse. Your brain may also experience delays in relaying the information regarding these objects to your consciousness.

Furthermore, you also have difficulties in assessing the motion around you. Swift changes in your surroundings may not produce the usual impact on your vision and rain. You are likely to notice them after a considerable period has passed. Moreover, your processing abilities of written words also decline. You may not have the capacity to read as you usually do.

Other Side Effects

CBDSince the beginning of the decade, scientists and researchers have been actively analyzing the impacts of cannabis on visual abilities. They have been acquiring data from these users and their symptoms. Afterward, they strive to replicate the process that may occur in your brain and eyes after using these compounds. For this purpose, they use rat models to display the impacts of cannabis. So far, most studies suggest that the substance does not help with increasing or maintaining your visual perception. However, it may accelerate the development of certain eye disorders. 

Some uncommon and temporary side effects may also occur after prolonged or initial use of CBD. One of the primary signs of these vision impairments is the inability to identify colors. The users may find it extremely difficult to recognize and differentiate between the colors after acquiring their usual CBD dose. Both static and dynamic processes of vision get affected. These are necessary to preserve your optimal visual processes. The dynamic vision helps you with the sudden changes in angle.

In contrast, static vision allows you to recognize and perceive the stationary details in front of you. Moreover, the adaptability to the darkness also decreases. It then increases the glare recovery period, the time necessary for your eye muscles to adjust to the changes. These modifications in light usually go from a bright surrounding to a dimmer one.

Cannabis Intoxication

The condition may occur if the CBD products are slightly infused with THC. It is the only psychoactive compound that produces such impacts. Cannabis intoxication can have a varied effect on your vision. It can significantly reduce your visual efficiency. However, it may also have some positive impacts. It may improve your nighttime visual activities. It enhances the ability of your brain to process the visual stimulus effectively. This phenomenon is responsible for optimal visual perception. Most eyesight disorders arise because your brain regions and nerves do not function exceptionally while assessing the visual impulses.

What Should You Do

If you notice changes in your vision after using CBD, there are some measures you should take. You can limit the total dose and see the effects. Moreover, it would help if you also were mindful of when these effects appear. If they happen right after you get the CBD, your body is not reacting well to the compound. In such cases, you should stop the dose and check if your vision gets better. You should also seek advice from your doctor if you want to continue using CBD products.


Blurry vision is an uncommon effect of CBD. It may occur in some people. However, the research in this domain is not enough to suggest that all people can have this problem. If you already have diabetes, hypertension, or other eye disorders, CBD may not be very helpful. In such cases, it may impact your vision or further deteriorate it. 

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