Can CBD Cause Night Sweats?

CBD oils have been around for a long time, and these wonder products help cure many mental and physical ailments. However, alongside its benefits, there are side effects as well. Whether CBD causes excessive night sweats or not is a complicated question. Owing to its complex composition, the way CBD reacts with the body is a mystery. 

Nonetheless, CBD may or may not cause sweating due to many underlying factors. If you experience sweating after consuming CBD oils, the following reasons may help you pinpoint if CBD is because of your night sweats. Since there isn’t much research to support either stance, our article is based on user experience and expert analysis. 

What Does Research Say?

cbdWhen it comes to cannabinoids, research is quite lacking, and there isn’t much proof to back up any claim. Hence, there is no medical explanation or record that relates excessive sweating with CBD oils. However, CBD is an active compound, and its working mechanism is a physiological process which means that CBD interacts with many systems of the body. Hence, night sweats can result from new interactions of CBD with the human body. Overall, in terms of scientific proof, more research is needed to clarify rules or include excessive sweating as an outcome of using CBD oils.

Reasons Why CBD May Cause Night Sweats

  • The Product’s Composition

All companies selling CBD oils are not reliable. IF you buy a substandard product, there is no telling how many additives are present in the product. Thus, consider its composition, third-party lab test results, strength or potency, and CBD source whenever you buy a CBD product. 

A CBD product that sources the extract from America is less likely to contain toxins. The regulations are tighter than CBD from unregulated farms, where sustainable agriculture is nonexistent. These unfiltered toxins can result in hormonal imbalance leading to excessive sweating. Moreover, research the processing method. The CO2 extraction process is the best, and many regulatory authorities recommend it for CBD extraction. 

All reputable CBD companies offer results for third-party testing, including confirmation on its potency, strength, toxin content, terpenes content, etc. Hence, if a company doesn’t deliver a batch count and test results, don’t waste your money on their products. 

Make sure to look at the potency/strength of the product to see if it’s the right fit for you. Doing so will help you determine if the dosage is correct for you. Moreover, look at the dosage recommendation. According to research, the accuracy rate for reporting the right potency of CBD is only 31%, so be careful with your choice of company. Some oils may recommend consuming the entire dropper in one go, while others recommend 4-6 drops. You may experience excessive sweating if you overdose or consume a potent CBD oil.

  • Possible Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that results in excessive sweating in the absence of heat or physical activity due to perceives stress. Although CBD oils do not directly cause hyperhidrosis, there may be an indirect link. Hence, if you are experiencing sweating on your palms, soles of your feet, underarms, or face, your problem is hyperhidrosis. 

CBD regulates the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps the body achieve balance in all body systems. Excessive sweating can be a side effect of the body trying to achieve homeostasis via detoxification initiated by the CBD in your system. Another reason could be the possible rise in body temperature. However, CBD does not affect the human body in the absence of THC. 

Lastly, sweating may be very natural if you consume hemp from a Sativa relative. Sativa is uplifting, so people use it to energize and improve their moods. In doing so, CBD may raise your excitement level, which will increase your heartbeat. Hence, excessive sweating can be a natural response to increased heart rate.

  • Your Age and Health

CBDIf you experience night sweats simultaneously as you start taking CBD, the cause could be something else that changes your body. Why do you use CBD? IF the answer is hypertension, stress, anxiety, or restlessness, then excessive sweating is not due to CBD, and it is due to the underlying factors for which you are using CBD oils in the first place. Of course, if this is true, the sweating should subside after frequent use of CBD; since CBD is supposed to calm you down. However, if the sweating does not reduce, then either the product is faulty or another reason for sweating. Do you eat a lot of spicy food? Are you overweight? Are you allergic to any food item? You should find answers to all these questions by getting a complete medical check-up for your peace of mind. 

  • The Versatility of ECS

The full potential of the ECS is still unknown. Since CBD functions by interacting with ECS, there is no telling what truly happens in the body. Think of it this way, ECS combines endocannabinoids (CBD is one of them), receptors, and enzymes. The primary receptors are CB1 and CB2. Endocannabinoids can bind to either one of these receptors, and the effect depends on where the receptor is located and which cannabinoid binds to it. With the number of cannabinoids being unlimited and the receptors being located throughout the body, the possibilities are endless. 

Hence, if you cannot connect CBD with night sweats, visit a doctor for a complete examination and recommendations on whether you should or should not continue CBD.

CBD Can Also Be a Cure for Excessive Sweating

Just as there can be many reasons why CBD may cause night sweats, the same applies to CBD being the cure for excessive sweating. CBD is good for exciting and uplifting, but it is also suitable for calming and dealing with hypertension. Moreover, there is no scientific research that out rules the possibility of CBD reducing night sweats. 

When CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the brain, it can reduce the sensation of pain, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, and display anti-inflammatory action. All such activities will calm the body, reducing its need to activate the sweat glands.   

CBD is also great for reducing anxiety levels. Sweating is a widespread symptom of anxiety and stress. By reducing stress, CBD can indirectly reduce sweating as well. 

However, just like everything else discussed in this article, the effects of CBD on sweat reduction vary individually. We cannot say with certainty that decreasing anxiety due to CBD will indefinitely decrease the frequency of night sweats. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, CBD is not a well-research compound, and we are miles away from knowing all bout CBD. Thus, just like its benefits are ever-growing, its side effects are also a mystery. Therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that can relate CBD to sweating. Many variables are involved, and many systems are at play; thus, tying a concrete connection between CBD and night sweats is difficult. However, with the rate at which CBD is gaining public attention, the speed of research into this compound is also increasing. 

Nonetheless, CBD is 100% safe for consumption. Thus, if you do your homework and check the product’s composition, test results, potency, hemp source, and reviews before buying it. You should be able to safely use CBD without any adverse effects, including night sweats. 

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