Can CBD Cause Nightmares: Effects of CBD on Dreams

CBD products are believed to provide a lot of essential health benefits. It is a natural product that many users claim is potent. There is a high demand for CBD-based products because of their diverse uses. However, it is still unclear whether these products can influence your dreams at night. It is unlikely that using CBD can cause nightmares. This is so because CBD does not cause psychoactive effects that can distort your perceptions. Instead, it provides a soothing and relaxing feeling, in addition to alleviating body pains and inflammation. These are effects that relax the mind helping you sleep better. 

However, scientists are still studying whether CBD extracts can work adversely as sleep aids. Despite that, most users of CBD products report experiencing deep sleep, which has helped them overcome insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

Scientists have little information to conclude the relationship between CBD and dreams. Yet, the confusion is intense because of anecdotal reports you will find online about the impacts of using CBD on nightmares. 

Some people claim to experience vivid dreams after using CBD, while others insist on experiencing lucid dreams instead. Nevertheless, other people claim to get nightmares after using the products. Notably, this raises questions on what are the actual effects of CBD on dreams.

We understand that there is no sufficient academic or clinical research to back up claims that CBD can cause nightmares or bad dreams. Putting that into consideration, in this article, we will cover the influences of CBD on nightmares based on available claims and studies. cbd

“Non-Psychoactive” Misconceptions of CBD

First, we must address CBD’s myths and rumors as a non-psychoactive compound. Generally, psychoactive means a drug or any other substance that alters how your brain works, causing changes in feelings, mood, and behaviors. Mainly this non-psychoactive confusion is attributed to the fact that CBD doesn’t make you high.

Many reputable resources describe CBD compounds as non-psychoactive. However, this does not apply to whether CBD will affect your dreams. Scientifically, there is zero evidence of linking CBD to nightmares. Instead, the most preferable and suitable term to describe CBD is non-intoxicating.

Scientific Checks About Effects of CBD on Sleep

There is little information about CBD causing nightmares, according to science. Many researchers say that CBD is quite beneficial in attaining healthy and uninterrupted sleep. In addition, they claim that CBD does not change normal sleeping patterns.

In a study done by researchers in 2012, they proposed that CBD literally minimizes REM sleep in healthy rats. This is practical insight because most people have dreams during the rapid eye movement (REM) sleeping stage.

Moreover, the study also discovered that apart from CBD’s effects on reducing anxiety, its effects on sleep disruption are unknown. Also, the study didn’t mention the effects of CBD in causing nightmares or strange dreams. Lastly, another research done in 2019 showed that almost 70% of victims experienced a significant improvement in sleep after using CBD. 

Are There Evidence Showing CBD Disrupts Sleep? 

NightmaresAccording to scientists, there is little evidence relating CBD to nightmares. In reality, studies from researchers show that CBD may enhance your sleeping pattern, helping you stay healthy. Nonetheless, the use of CBD encourages the third phase of sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS). For that reason, the individual is bound to experience a night of shorter REM sleep. This literally means there will be less or no time to dream.

Therefore, in the case of nightmares and weird dreams, the less time one spends during the REM period is an advantage. However, according to research, CBD can sometimes cause some users to have positive experiences, and others may not experience anything.

Can CBD Cause Nightmares?

The claims that CBD may be the cause of nightmares in some people cannot hold because it would have been apparent if the majority of users reported it. Although some people may claim that they get nightmares and abnormal dreams, there is no scientific evidence to prove this. For that reason, users are recommended to consume low CBD doses at first. This is because CBD products are still new in the market, and not much is known about individual experiences with them. Also, it is always helpful to speak with an experienced medical person before using CBD.

However, start to experience nightmares only after using CBD, it is advisable to change the schedule and take them earlier before going to bed at night. This approach can help you enjoy the benefits and avoid the risks of interruptions during sleep. 

Remember that there is no scientific evidence to clarify that CBD causes nightmares and unusual dreams. However, people have different systems that react in diverse ways. So, there is zero evidence to support the belief that CBD causes nightmares.

Why Some People Claim to Get Nightmares After Using CBD

Sleep has different stages. As we mentioned earlier, the REM stage is when someone dreams or recalls their dreams. Also, deep sleep is the time when the body recharges, making you wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Therefore, people reporting that using CBD is causing them nightmares is anecdotal, which means no unscientific evidence. Besides, it may be possible that some users may have experienced nightmares and weird dreams after being exposed to horrific stimuli such as movies or pictures before sleeping. So, we cannot entirely dispute their claims. However, no one can support their claims, and there is little known about CBD causing nightmares directly.


In summary, we repeat that there is no evidence to clarify that using CBD causes nightmares or mysterious dreams. As a matter of fact, several studies have shown that CBD can be very beneficial for healthy and enjoyable sleep.

With this in mind, always use CBD-based products as recommended to avoid such adverse effects. Also, doing proper checks will help you access the best quality, effective, and safe CBD products.

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