Can CBD Give You a Hangover

Drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate your body which causes a hangover. It is a common experience among many people that like to socialize and over-indulge in alcohol. However, the trend has shifted to people using hemp products to get high. But can CBD give you a hangover, or will it help you reduce the hangover effects? Let’s find out.

You get a hangover after getting high or drinking too much. CBD is not potent enough to cause a high, and the THC content in hemp is not strong enough to give you a hangover. It will get you high, but not enough to cause a hangover. Therefore it is safe to say that CBD cannot give you a hangover, regardless of how much you take it.

You will experience side effects like dry throat, headache, high blood pressure, and nausea due to overdosing if you take too much. Taking CBD while drinking can lower the alcohol side effects since CBD clears the alcohol levels in your blood, but it can also drop your blood pressure significantly.

On the other hand, you can use CBD after a hangover to reduce the effects of alcohol. You might regain your senses quickly, but it has to be pure CBD. Using THC with alcohol can make things much worst. Mixing alcohol with THC enhances its effects, and you’ll get high pretty quickly, and if you decide to drink more alcohol, your body will react adversely to it.

If you try hemp products for the first time and the THC concentration is at the edge of 0.3%, it might be strong, giving you the hangover feeling.

Does CBD Help With Hangovers

CBD teaA hangover can bring fatigue, memory loss, and other health-related problems, and CBD can help you recover from most of them. It can relax your mind, get rid of fatigue, and even recover from the memory loss you face after a hangover. Since your mind is not working correctly after consuming alcohol, CBD can help it get back on track.

However, CBD will only offer temporary relief. If you are in a hurry to reach the office or a date, you can use CBD to feel better. To recover from a hangover properly, you should rest and eat healthy during the next 24 hours. Moreover, make sure not to take CBD on an empty stomach; eat a little breakfast when you wake up and consume some CBD oil for the best effects.

Try to use THC-free CBD products since getting a high feeling again might cause vomiting. Broad-spectrum or CBD Isolate oil will bring the best results; however, don’t take too much as it will lead to more issues. 

Take two or three CBD oil drops and roll them under your tongue. Wait for a minute and swallow it. The CBD should show effects within 20 minutes. Try to relax until you feel the CBD is hitting its peak effects.

How Much CBD Is Enough to Help With Hangovers

Since you’ll be high and your brain requires a boost to get back on track, taking a high dosage of CBD will work more efficiently. On average, 25 mg of CBD is enough to give you good relaxation and focus, but in this case, you can increase the dosage to 50 mg. CBD gummies and oil can help in this situation, and we recommend using CDB oil as it is more potent and works much faster than gummies.

A topical CBD product like cream or massage oil won’t work, but you can use them once the edible CBDs have done their job. Keep in mind that using a high dosage of CBD can bring some minor side effects. So, if you want to get rid of hangover after effects, be ready to face some CBD side effects. Diarrhea is the most common one, and you might also experience a change in appetite as long as the CBD is in your blood with the alcohol.

If you don’t have a CBD product at home, purchase a product with natural ingredients only. It is better to opt for transparent, trusted, and well-known CBD companies to ensure you are getting a quality product. Moreover, there should be no THC content in that product, but it must have terpenes to help manage pain, anxiety, or depression.

When You Should Contact a Doctor Instead of Using CBD

CBDA person having a hangover for the first time might freak out and call a doctor instantly. That is unnecessary if you have taken a small amount of alcohol and got drunk. However, if you drank an excessive amount of alcohol and started vomiting, feeling cold, or like you’re about to lose consciousness, it is better to call the doctor immediately. Alcohol poisoning is a serious issue, and it can send you to the hospital if you don’t take precautionary measures quickly.

Alcohol affects your nervous system and causes symptoms like slow heart rate or gag reflex. You might get cardiac arrest if your body temperature plummets quickly. If the alcohol drops your sugar levels, you might also experience seizures.

If someone with you overdoses on alcohol, won’t wake up and have a slower heart rate, call an ambulance right away since the person might get a  stroke due to low blood pressure.

How to Avoid Getting a Hangover

The best way to avoid a hangover is by not drinking too much alcohol. Take a friend with you to bring you back home safely if you are a heavy drinker. Interestingly, keeping a lemon on hand after drinking alcohol might help. The lemon juice reduces the alcohol effect and can avoid damage to your liver because of excessive drinking.


Can CBD give you a hangover? Not really; even with a high THC concentration in your CBD products, it won’t give you a hangover. CBD products can relax your mind and give you a mild high feeling. It can also help soothe the effects of hangovers to get you back on track.

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