Can CBD Oil Cause Swelling in the Feet

CBD Oil is widely used to help manage body pain, and its popularity tells a lot about its results. There are many types of CBD oil and application methods. You can swallow it, apply it like a lotion on your body, or use it as a massage oil. 

Since its arrival, people and massage parlors have been using this CBD oil for body relaxation. But, can CBD oil cause swelling in the feet? Yes, if you use it excessively, it will; however, the swelling won’t be extreme and will go down within a day.

However, CBD oil is a better option for full-body relaxation, but people are not fans of the taste, so they tend to avoid it.

Most celebrities use CBD oil to massage their feet, and their fans follow suit. While it keeps the feet relaxed without swelling, the problem starts with a lack of rest. CBD forces your body to stay calm so you can rest and heal. If you keep putting pressure on your body without relaxing, you’ll experience side effects. So, even though you use CBD oil to massage your feet, without rest, your feet can swell.

Since CBD won’t stay in your body for long, the swelling won’t last for long. If you stop putting pressure on your feet, it will be gone in days. Otherwise, be ready to spend weeks with swollen feet.

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Should I Use CBD Oil for Feet Pain

Clinical evidence support that using CBD oil on feet can help manage pain. However, edible CBD oil might not help much in this cause. On the other hand, it might work for some people while not affecting others. It is pretty frustrating to know that a similar product doesn’t work for you while it effectively helps everyone else.

Moreover, the type of CBD you use for your feet matters significantly. Even if it is massage oil, the chances are that it contains THC. Since most companies infuse creams with CBD oil, they use the same edible oil that contains THC for relaxation. As long as that THC concentration is less than 0.3%, it is acceptable.

Remember, CBD only helps manage pain, but it won’t cure the cause of the pain. We recommend that you consult your doctor to remove the leading cause of pain instead of relying on CBD alone.

Can I Use CBD for Ankle Pain

If you have been wearing high heels constantly, you’ll feel immense pain in your ankles as you take off the heels. You can massage your feet to give some relief, but what about the pain caused by wearing the heels? CBD oil can help calm your ankles and make them less painful while wearing heels. However, it will only help manage the pain, and you need to stop wearing heels to give your tired and swollen feet time to recover. If your feet’s shape changes due to excessive heel wearing, visit a doctor and opt for a chiropractic adjustment on your feet.

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Side Effects of CBD Oil

There aren’t adverse side effects of using pure CBD products, but you’ll experience some minor side effects. Dry throat is the most common side effect of using CBD, and if your body doesn’t accept the CBD oil, you’ll get headaches. If you use edible CBD oil for foot pain, the effect won’t be strong, and you will have to use plenty of CBD.

CBD oil infused with CBD cream will bring much better results as the CBD will enter your body much faster than using edibles. However, the CBD cream can give you rash and cause skin redness if you have sensitive skin.

How to Use CBD on Feet for Better Results

First, you’ll need to find a suitable topical CBD product free from THC. CBD Isolate works the best for such products as it only contains pure CBD. You can also use regular creams mixed with CBD oil and apply them to your skin. However, make sure to use skin creams with fewer chemicals so they won’t cause any adverse skin reactions.

You can start by cleaning your feet with warm water to relax the muscles before applying CBD oil or cream. Locate the exact pain point and apply CBD cream or oil to it. Gently massage that area until you feel the pain is dissolving. For better results, remember to massage your feet daily, so your body gets used to CBD and helps manage pain.

Moreover, if you don’t want to feel pain while walking, keep some CBD products on hand. CBD vapes work the best in these instances. Take short puffs every time you feel pain. Vapes offer a stylish way of consuming CBD, and they work the fastest. If you add fruity flavors to vapes, you can use them at a party to avoid disturbing others.

CBD for legsHow to Avoid Getting Swollen Feet

The only way you can avoid getting swollen feel is by limiting the use of CBD, engaging in less strenuous activities that cause swollen feet, and relying more on your body to heal naturally. There are other natural ways to massage your feet, but they take longer to provide results. On the other hand, CBD has immediate effects but won’t last long and has side effects.

Wear comfortable shoes or slippers when in the house, and avoid wearing long heels for prolonged times. Allow your feet to breathe without wearing shoes from time to time.

If you are engaged in a daily walk, ensure to get a leg massage often to relax your muscles. Rest as much as possible because, without rest, your body cannot heal properly. Don’t overdose on CBD, as it can cause adverse effects.


CBD brings multiple benefits to the body and can offer pain relief for feet. But, can CBD oil cause swelling in the feet? If you don’t let your feet rest properly, they will become swollen and painful. CBD has no direct impact on swollen feet, and it depends on your usage and how much your feet rest.

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