Can CBD Oil Cause Tingling in Hands and Feet

The CBD industry continues to gain fame daily, and people have become more concerned with more and more products seeing the light regarding wellness and overall health. Can CBD oil cause tingling in hands and feet? While CBD has several beneficial benefits, a tingling sensation is a side effect. However, it will not happen to everyone, only a tiny percentage. You may not find research linking this side effect with CBD oil usage, but user feedback reviews suggest otherwise.

While CBD oils offer practical benefits, incorporating them into your everyday routine might pose inevitable consequences. Though these effects may be trivial, they remain undesired. The widespread side effects experienced include drowsiness, nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath. In this article, we will be addressing some of the issues and side effects associated with CBD oil usage.

CBD oilWhat Is CBD Oil?

Before we get to the side effects of using these oils, we need to understand what these oils are and their origin. CBD or cannabidiol is the secondary compound in the cannabis plant. Just like THC, CBD is also part of the hemp plant. Some CBD oils contain less than 0.3% THC, and this concentration is not enough to intoxicate you. Hence, you will find that CBD oils do not make you high. Instead, you will obtain a calm and relaxing feeling when consuming these products.

Some CBD oils do not contain THC, and these oils originate from pure CBD isolates. These oils only contain CBD. When you use CBD oils, they interact with your endocannabinoid system and bring several benefits to your body. Such benefits include relief from muscle soreness, headaches, and pain. CBD oils also help regulate the intoxicating effects of THC oils or products. Hence, most people use CBD oils to help them with intoxication.

Some individuals who experience joint pains also use CBD oils for pain relief. Others suffering from vertigo and other disorders use the oils as potent pain management options. Despite all the benefits linked to CBD oils, there are certain downsides too. However, you must note that the disadvantages are often due to people ignoring the product instructions. 

CBD Oils and Their Side Effects

Like other drugs or medications, you can find both negative and positive effects. CBD can cause alertness or drowsiness, depending on the quantity you consume. If you use higher concentrations of the product, you will feel sleepy. When used sparingly, CBD oils can keep you alert.

Although not typical, some users experienced migraines after using the product. Most of these people used CBD oils with some THC in them. Although the THC content was less than 0.3%, they still experienced side effects. Most users who experienced side effects with these oils used more than the recommended dose. Others experienced these side effects because they had allergic reactions to the ingredients contained in the products. Hence, we always advise users to evaluate the ingredients used in the products before using them.

Factors That Could Lead to Tingling of Hands and Feet After Using CBD Oils

CBD oilTingling of the hands and feet is not commonplace with CBD oil usage. However, you could experience these symptoms for several reasons, and we will discuss the factors to help you understand why it is happening.


You can experience tingling in your hands and feet if you use more than the required dosage. As a tip, you can start by using smaller doses of CBD oils to observe how your body reacts. If you do not feel any side effects, you can increase the dosage until you enjoy the benefits without any adverse effects. Remember to always stick to the dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer.


The ingredients used for your oil can also cause you to experience tingling. For example, if your CBD oil contains THC, you may want to check the percentage of THC in the oil. The recommended quantity of THC should not be more than 0.3%. Furthermore, it would help if you do not use products that contain artificial flavorings, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients. 

If your product contains THC, ensure to consume lower dosages before switching to higher dosages. Pure CBD will naturally not give you any side effects. In addition, you can check to ensure that the brand uses the best extraction methods. The best and most pure extraction method at the moment is the CO2 extraction method.

What Should I Do When I Experience Tingling?

Tingling of the hands and feet caused by CBD oils is usually mild and goes away over time. However, if the tingle persists after use, you may need to lower your dosage and see how your body reacts. If you do not notice any positive changes, you may need to stop using the product entirely and consult your doctor for guidance. Most times, it would also help to check the product’s authenticity. If you did not purchase the product from verified suppliers, you might have bought unpure CBD oil. Hence, getting your CBD oils from renowned brands with good track records is always advisable.


CBD oils do not usually cause tingling in the hands and feet. However, a few people may experience this symptom. These individuals could experience this symptom due to overdose or other factors such as ingredients used. Whichever reason for the tingling, it usually disappears with time and is not painful. However, if yours persists, it would be best to stop using the product and visit your physician for guidance. In addition, it is always a good idea to buy your CBD oils from verified suppliers. These vendors provide the best oils that offer excellent benefits without side effects. Can CBD oil cause tingling in hands and feet? Only if you overdose on the oil and did not use the correct dosage. 

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