Can CBD Oil Reduce Enlarged Prostate

Most people use CBD oil for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and proper sleep. With its upraising popularity came a question, can CBD oil reduce enlarged prostate? As long as it is not affected by cancer, CBD can help reduce it to some extent. However, there aren’t many studies available that support this claim, so there is still some confusion about whether CBD is helpful in this scenario or not.

THC can help kill cancer cells and stop tumor growth, but it works in cases where cancer is still in the very early stages. THC can assist if you have a family background with cancer, as it can help prevent cancer build-up in your body. To understand this complexity better, we must explain why people have enlarged prostate. It will help you understand how much CBD is helpful for this issue.

CBD for enlarged prostate

Causes of Enlarged Prostate

Your body changes with age, and if you don’t take care of it, you’ll notice some changes. Prostate enlargement is one of these changes, and while it is not common, it is an issue that some face. Your prostate surrounds the area in your body that is responsible for dispursing semen and urine from the penis. If that area becomes swollen and larger than usual, you won’t be able to urinate properly. It can cause many urinary issues, of which the most common is that you have to wake up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom.

The prostate doesn’t get bigger due to cancer, but with age, which is why older males tend to visit the bathroom more frequently. Nowadays, among all other treatments for enlarged prostate, people are opting for CBD as a natural remedy.

Inflammation is another cause of prostate enlargement, and you’ll probably get BPH. It is a state where a man’s prostate gets enlarged but not because of cancer. It usually happens because of internal pain, which most people ignore until they start having trouble urinating. BPH is not a severe health threat, but having the urge to pee every hour can be uncomfortable. Also, you might have to use heavy medicines to get rid of this problem which is not favorable either.

On the other hand, prostate enlargement also happens because of your testosterone levels. Testosterone levels reduce with age, especially if you are not exercising. It happens to everyone; some stay active with regular workouts, so their body keeps the testosterone balance. In contrast, some opt for supplements to get their testosterone levels at their peak.

CBD for enlarged prostateCBD Oil for Enlarged Prostate

Full-spectrum CBD oil can assist if you have an enlarged prostate due to inflammation. It contains THC, and THC’s anti-inflammation properties can help manage it. However, THC will also give you a high feeling, which you have to bear if you want to reduce your prostate. If your prostate is larger because of UTI and kidney stones, you can’t rely on CBD. Laser treatment is more suitable.

In the case of low testosterone levels, studies have shown that CBD can help restore testosterone levels. CBD can signal the ECS to produce more testosterone to balance your body health. Prolonged use of CBD might help cure the testosterone level, bringing the prostate back to its regular size.

As long as the cancer is not affecting your prostate, CBD can help manage its size and condition. However, since there is no proper scientific study to back this claim, it is better to use an appropriate medication to cure this condition.

CBD and Prostatitis

Prostatitis is another problem associated with the prostate that usually happens because of inflammation. In this case, your prostate is not enlarged, but you’ll have trouble urinating due to pain. A person suffering from this will have a painful ejaculation, adversely affecting their sex life.

As long as prostatitis happens because of inflammation, CBD can help manage the pain. Terpenes in CBD oil and other products can also help reduce inflammation, and if you use CBD oil for a prolonged period, it might help cure prostatitis.

Another reason for prostatitis is bacteria that enter the prostate. The central passage for that bacteria is the urinary tract, so you’ll feel the pain everywhere if bacteria manage to get in. It is a serious issue, and CBD can’t help you unless you have been using CBD oil long before the infection started. In that case, your body might build the immunity to fight the bacteria and kill it before infection onset.

HIV is another reason for prostatitis, which usually happens because of intercourse. If the condition is chronic, you can use highly dosed CBD products to help manage chronic pain. If the condition worsens, your only option is surgery and medication.

CBD offers limited benefits since companies make CBD products for daily usage. You can only expect better results if you use CBD for a prolonged time. Using cannabis soon after noticing prostate enlargement will not do much good. However, you can use medicines to cure it and then use CBD to help maintain its health.

CBD Oil for Prostate Cancer

After skin, prostate cancer is the most commonplace cancer among men. More than 175 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the USA every year, and the number goes even higher if more people get screened and diagnosed. With the increasing popularity of CBD, researchers have been trying to figure out how effective CBD is for cancer. As it turns out, THC in hemp can be relatively effective for killing cancer cells.

The problem here is that it cannot cure cancer, but CBD can help stop its spread. It brings us to the same situation where you have to use CBD as a preventative measure. The best way is to check if anyone in your family has cancer and start using CBD products as a precaution.

Not only does it keep cancer out, but also you’ll enjoy other benefits like relaxation, better sleep, increased appetite, and more. However, since you’ll be using THC-infused CBD, get a product with the lowest THC concentration to avoid addiction.

Should I Use Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Prostate Issues

Most people don’t want to use THC products as they believe THC is addictive. The USA regulatory authorities only allow products with 0.3% THC concentration or even lower. Each CBD product goes through lab testing to ensure they are suitable for consumer use. To help eradicate cancer cells, you need full-spectrum CBD containing THC. Using pure CBD in this instance won’t help since CBD only provides relaxation. The additional health benefits like curing inflammation, reducing chronic pain, and managing anxiety and depression come from the terpenes of the hemp plant or THC. If you have prostate issues because of pain, inflammation, and cancer, you’ll need to use full-spectrum CBD oil. However, please double-check that the THC is not more than 0.3%; otherwise, it will cause addiction and other health problems. If you don’t trust the product packaging, check its lab reports, as they contain important details about the product.

CBD for prostatitis

How Much Dosage Is Okay to Help Reduce Enlarged Prostate

Since CBD is not playing an important role here, THC is the holy grail, and you can use any dosage you like. Although, it is better to stick to an average dosage of 25 mg or 30 mg so you won’t experience the side effects. CBD oil comes with a collective dosage of 800-900 mg, and you can measure its dosage by the number of drops inside one bottle. That way, you’ll know how much CBD you’ll get with each drop.


Can CBD oil reduce enlarged prostate? It depends on the reason behind your enlarged prostate and how long you have been using CBD products. If it is due to cancer, CBD won’t help, but in case of low testosterone levels or inflammation, full-spectrum CBD can help reduce an enlarged prostate.

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