Can Cops Use CBD?

Everyone who is a CBD enthusiast is used to ensuring they have a way to prove their products are not illegal. You may have to undergo a search, and if a police officer or any law enforcement officer sees CBD on you, you may get a drug charge. If you have a way of proving the CBD you have is legal, you may go free.

However, police officers also go through the same hassles. It is even stricter for them because they typically go through drug tests, so they must be careful. Can cops use CBD? As safe as most CBD products are, cops may not be so free to use them because of the slight chance of ingesting THC. the unclear surrounding CBD and its use make matters worse.

What Is CBD?

CBDCannabinoid, or CBD, is a compound commonly found in the cannabis plant. It is one of the many cannabinoids in the plant, along with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the psychoactive compound that produces that ‘high’ feeling in users of cannabis or marijuana and is the reason there is still some reluctance to legalize marijuana fully

You may wonder how THC and CBD relate, apart from coming from the same plant. The answer lies in the extracts.

The cannabis plant comprises marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is that part that contains higher amounts of THC than CBD, and hemp contains higher amounts of CBD than THC. 

In most hemp-derived CBD, the THC content is usually less than or equal to 0.3%, which is not enough to distort thinking. There are three main types of extracts: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Most products contain hemp-derived CBD, but there is still the danger of THC content.

Extracts Explained

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of the cannabis plant, including THC. any CBD product made with full-spectrum CBD is usually psychoactive, especially when taken in large doses. So, you may fail a drug test if you use such a product, even if it is only in trace amounts.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of the cannabis plant except for THC. This extract type is popular among many users because it provides all the benefits of the plant without being psychoactive. However, there is still a tiny chance that it may have some THC, even if it is below the recommended level. Nevertheless, it is highly effective because of its all-inclusiveness.

Finally, there is the CBD isolate. The extract contains nothing but CBD, making it ideal for users who regularly undergo drug tests. It is also excellent for users looking for only CBD benefits due to the concentration of the compound.

The danger of these extracts is that there is always a chance of getting small amounts of THC in the products. The extraction processes are usually thorough and minutely done to avoid such an occurrence. The CO2 extraction process is one of the best methods of extraction. Nevertheless, it is still possible for the psychoactive compound to enter the products.

CBD Legality


You can extract CBD from both hemp and marijuana. However, CBD extracted from marijuana is illegal due to its potency. This type of CBD contains more than trace amounts of psychoactive THC, enough to cause the feeling that distorts thinking and reasoning. On the other hand, CBD derived from hemp is primarily legal, even though states may have different laws surrounding CBD use in general.

The lack of regulation for CBD and other cannabis derivatives from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affects usage in most cases. Consequently, CBD does not have common uses and dosages, making it difficult to determine when someone is taking too much or if it is appropriate for specific situations.

These are issues surrounding the use of CBD, even the hemp-derived type. Therefore, cops may not be free to use it in any form without the possibility of failing a drug. It cuts across all levels of employees on the federal and state levels. Some privately-owned establishments also have internal laws surrounding the use of cannabis and all its derivatives.

CBD Uses and Benefits

One of the primary uses of CBD is in the treatment of epilepsy. Epidiolex, a prescription medication, has approval from the FDA and is the only form of CBD to have it. The compound is also effective, especially in different forms. 

CBD oil works for various ailments because of its quick absorption into the bloodstream. It is used for relief from pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress, and in some cases, depression. The oil may also effectively treat diseases associated with brain and nerve deterioration.

Furthermore, it may help with acne and other conditions caused by inflammation. The way CBD interacts with the immune system and endocannabinoid system (ECS) makes it possible. Therefore, it may help with acne, especially in severe cases. In addition, there is a potential for preventing the growth of cancer cells, but nothing is conclusive yet.

People with joint pains and other bodily pains and inflammations may benefit from using topical CBD forms; you will find CBD creams, gels, salves, and ointments. These are ideal for those suffering from inflamed or painful joints and skin conditions that respond to CBD.

Possible Side Effects

CBDAs excellent as CBD is, it may produce some unwanted effects. High doses of CBD are more likely to cause these effects, even though people react differently to the compound. However, some common side effects are nausea, drowsiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. 

In extreme cases of regular high doses, CBD may affect the liver due to accumulation and the inability to break it down quickly enough. Smoking CBD rolls are not less harmful, especially if you do it regularly and in high doses. It has a similar effect as smoking cigarettes; only it may have a higher chance of addiction or damage. The same applies to CBD vaping, although the damage is usually not as dire as smoking.

Side effects are usually more evident when you take CBD orally. Topical applications do not seem to produce the same results. The reason may be primarily due to the time it takes for the body to absorb CBD when it is used that way.

Bottom Line

Can cops use CBD? There is no straight answer because of the confusing laws. Some police officers have lost their jobs because of innocently taking CBD products with THC content and failing a drug test. Others were able to argue their way back into their careers. It may largely depend on individual state laws and how the custodians interpret them.

CBD has numerous uses, such as pain relief, which is usually why some cops use it. Others include stress and anxiety relief, better sleeping pattern, and may help depression. However, it also has side effects, such as a drop in blood pressure, drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea, and possible liver issues. Liver issues and other extreme cases may depend on the frequency of use and dosage.

It is always best to know when not to use CBD as a law enforcement officer. If you must use it due to a health issue, get a medical card that clears you from queries. Your doctor can help you secure it or direct you accordingly.

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