Can Expired CBD Oil Hurt You?

Can expired CBD oil hurt you? CBD oils offer the best benefits available for cannabis-derived products. Currently, no research proves expired CBD oil can harm you, and we have not found any research substantiating that expired oil poses a risk. Generally, CBD oil lasts for about one to two years, and you should check the expiration date on the label before buying oil to avoid issues. In addition, trusted third-party laboratory testing ensures that you have all the protection you need.

Because CBD oils come in small micro-doses, it is pretty safe and has a longer shelf life. But, using large amounts of the product could cause some unpleasant reactions. You might experience undesirable side effects, especially if the product smells off. Hence, you must be careful using products with foul-smelling odors. Like other products, it is always a good idea to know the expiration date of your CBD oil. Since most foods go bad with time, it is safe to assert that CBD oils follow the same trail.

The question then should be how long these oils last before going bad. It is not always easy to predict the exact shelf life of CBD products, and however, this doesn’t mean they do not expire. Like other products, CBD oils have expiration dates.

We will share a few red flags to be on the lookout for when buying CBD oils that could indicate the product has expired. In addition, we will also share tips on how to extend CBD oil shelf life.

CBD oilCan CBD Oils Expire?

Like any other food product, CBD oils have an expiration date, and generally, it lasts between 12-18 months. The oil’s shelf life depends on how you store it and its quality. Although it takes one to two years before your oil can expire, this eventually happens. You can extend your CBD oil’s expiration date and shelf life by using specific preventive measures.

While it’s relatively disappointing that CBD oils expire, you can control their durability if you understand certain things. Like many products, the expiration of CBD oils depends on several factors, and we will discuss them to help you prolong your CBD oil’s shelf life.


Ingredients play an essential role in the shelf life of CBD products. For example, improper laboratory tests could lead to mold, microbes, and heavy metals infestation. These contaminants degrade or contaminate CBD oils. In addition, some ingredients expire and could affect how long your CBD oil lasts. Flavorings, for instance, can cause your oil to go bad.

Extraction Method

Currently, the CO2 extraction method is the most effective and cleanest available. Most CBD oil companies use this method to extract their oils. However, some brands still use older butane or alcohol methods which are less effective and clean. These brands prefer these methods because they are cheaper than the CO2 extraction process. However, you need to note that these extraction methods negatively affect the finished product. Butane and alcohol sometimes leave traces behind, and while good traces don’t seem to pose any immediate health risks, they can affect the oil’s shelf life.


This is where many individuals get it wrong. Some vendors tend to store CBD oils improperly and under unfavorable conditions, and the same goes for customers. Improper storage conditions lead to faster decay rates and lower product potencies. The best way to store your oils is to ensure you do not keep them in direct sunlight. Higher temperatures tend to denature the product. Furthermore, it would be best not to store your oils in cold temperatures either. The optimal way to store them is at room temperature and away from kids.

How to Check if Your CBD Oil Has Become Bad

CBD oilYou can use a few techniques to confirm if your CBD oil has gone bad. Note you need to check if your oils have expired before trying to preserve their shelf life. It’s pretty hard to tell if your CBD oil has gone bad going on smell alone.

Most CBD oils have a rotten potato-like smell when they’ve gone off. Furthermore, you will observe a color change.

The color usually changes from clear to dark brown, and the oil will lose texture. It will become thinner and will not have its initial thick texture. One last thing you could check is if the oil has a foggy coating on the inside of the CBD oil bottle.

What Will Happen to You When You Consume Expired CBD Oils?

You may not feel any side effects when you use expired CBD oils; however, the unpleasant stinky smell of the product will probably put you off. Furthermore, the potency is not the same since the oils become denatured. Hence, you may probably not enjoy the benefits usually linked to consuming CBD oils.

You may also experience some mild side effects, but there is no evidence backing up these claims. You could feel like vomiting since the oil will have an unpleasant smell and awful taste. Thus, it is always better to use oils that have not expired.


Can expired CBD oil hurt you? Technically, the answer is no. However, you could feel like throwing up after using rancid oils. You could also experience an awful taste that lingers for hours when using bad CBD oils. You can improve your oil’s shelf life by practicing the best storage techniques. In addition, it would help to buy from brands that use the CO2 extraction method since it ensures that you only get the best end products. Buying from brands that used alcohol or butane extraction methods could lead to contamination from traces.

Artificial flavors also impact the longevity of your CBD oils. Hence, you can check for products that do not use these flavorings in their mixtures. It would be best always to buy your CBD oils from verified vendors to avoid issues with expiry and certain side effects.

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