Can Federal Employees Use CBD

CBD is getting more popular every day, and as people learn of its benefits, they want to use these products. Those who use it recommend their favorite CBD products to other people, and thus the circle of users keeps on increasing. It is available for everyone over 21 years, but can federal employees use CBD? A simple answer is yes. People working for the federal government can use CBD products. However, this category of users is not allowed to consume products with traces of THC.

THC is still illegal in many parts of the US; the authorities won’t allow federal employees to use them. Moreover, since GOVT is responsible for taking care of federal employees, they banned marijuana-related products and compounds that can influence personal characteristics, which is what THC can do.

In addition to that, THC can make people high, and no employer would want his workers to lose their senses. As long as the employees use CBD Isolate or broad-spectrum CBD without THC, they are fine.

Types of CBD

cbdThere are three types of CBD available. One is free from THC, the other has THC in it, and the last has only traces of THC. These products are CBD Isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD, respectively. 

While it is not very potent compared to other variants, CBD isolate is available throughout the USA, and federal employees can use it freely.

Broad-spectrum CBD might have some CBD traces, but it mostly doesn’t. Instead, companies add terpenes for additional health benefits and increase the product’s potency. One of the best benefits of terpenes is they help reduce inflammation, which is the primary property of THC. Thus, these terpenes are an alternative to THC because they don’t cause psychoactive effects.

Finally, the full-spectrum CBD always has THC, but in a low concentration (less than 0.3), making it non-addictive and with fewer side effects; however, it is illegal for federal employees to consume products with full-spectrum CBD.

Are CBD Restrictions Necessary?

It is necessary to regulate these products because abusing them can cause unwanted effects and affect lives. Federal employees cannot use such products. For example, marijuana and THC are the main culprits that federal employees cannot use. Marijuana is still illegal in the USA since it contains more than 0.3% THC.

On the other hand, hemp is legal, but some states still won’t allow the use of hemp products because of THC. Since many people are using hemp products, the government is doing its best to help people avoid getting addicted to THC.

Federal employees cannot use marijuana for any reason, even on a medical prescription. Instead, they can use medication prescribed by their doctors to treat the ailment. Also, federal employees cannot use anything that can make artificially subdue their mood or alter senses. Even their diet is strict to allow them to stay active and attentive on the job.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD doesn’t have severe side effects, users may only feel minor side effects, but that tends to happen frequently. Most people may report feeling headaches when they use too much. 

A federal employee cannot afford to have headaches at work. Most of these employees use other officially prescribed medicines to stay active on their job, but those medicines tend to have side effects at night.

Other side effects like dry throat and red eyes are easy to endure and cure, but headaches can be troublesome. However, these employees can use CBD during breaks to get rid of headaches and other painful conditions.

Which CBD Products Can Federal Employees Use?

cbdSince most CBD products have traces of THC, federal employees can use only a handful of these products. CBD is in multiple products; gummies, topicals, vapes, oil, and flowers.

  • CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are available in both full and broad-spectrum, but federal employees can only use CBD isolate, which has zero THC. Those who want to purchase gummies must check the ingredients list. If it contains THC, no federal employee can use this; gummies with terpenes have no restrictions, so feel free to use them as much as you want.

  • CBD Oil

CBD Oil is also available in THC and non-THC variants. Check the product’s label to view the ingredients; if THC is present, federal workers cannot touch them.

  • CBD Flower

All brands of CBD flower have THC in them; since they are the raw hemp flower without toxins, companies don’t remove THC from these products. They might be available in flavors, but federal employees cannot use them. The THC concentration in CBD flowers is more than in other products, making them a complete no for federal employees.

  • CBD Topicals

CBD creams usually contain only CBD, and federal employees can use them without issues. Since CBD won’t get in your blood if you apply it to your skin, you won’t get any side effects. Moreover, CBD topicals are one of the best ways to cure pain, and they are potent.

On the other hand, CBD topicals are ready-to-use products; apply some cream to the area you feel the pain, and it will work in minutes.

Can a Federal Employee Lose His Job After Using CBD?

There was a case where a federal employee lost his job after using CBD for chronic pain. That CBD product had THC, and after getting his drug test, which came out positive, the authorities gave him a letter bidding him farewell.

Drug tests won’t tell the concentration of THC; instead, they’ll only detect it, indicating that the person was using prohibited substances. On the other hand, pure CBD won’t appear in your drug test, so using CBD is fine as long as it has no trace of THC.


Can federal employees use CBD? The answer is complicated; they can use a CBD product without THC. However, if there is a slight trace of THC in their test result, the federal employee can lose their job. It is best to carefully select permitted products when in need of relief from pains or stress. Also, you should buy CBD products from brands you can trust. This is essential because random brands may print falsified ingredient lists while the product contains THC.

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