Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

Some CBD enthusiasts find themselves tempted to use pet CBD oil when they cannot find theirs or run out of stock unexpectedly. Some people think it’s okay to give their pets human CBD oil. This behavior has become so common among US residents, thus raising the curiosity among general users who would like to know, “can humans take pet CBD oil?”

It is not surprising to see humans and their pets sharing the same CBD oil because of the close bond between the two parties. This happens all the time regardless of the relentless efforts of CBD oil-making companies to develop CBD products exclusively for pets and humans. 

We know that humans consuming CBD oil for pets seems harmless. There are no reports of people experiencing abnormal reactions after sharing the same CBD oil with pets. However, that is just an assumption, hence the need for more research and assessments to determine if it’s safe for humans to use CBD oil for pets.

We have contacted several CBD users who have tried to share the same dose with their pets. Also, we consulted various manufacturers and professionals in the CBD space to evaluate the relationship between humans and pets and if there are consequences of using the same CBD oil. So, in this article, we unveil if it’s truly safe for humans to use CBD oil for pets and vice versa. But first, let’s have a brief introduction about human and pet CBD oil, covering their similarities and differences.

CBD Oil: Human vs Pet 

cbdThere are particular CBD oil brands for human use, while pet CBD oil is mainly developed for pets such as dogs, cats, etc. Whether human or pet, CBD oil contains the same ingredients and composition, and there is no significant difference between the two products for man or animals. Everything is similar, starting from the manufacturing procedure to the methods of ingesting the products.  

However, FDA standards make it mandatory for companies to label their products clearly. If it’s human CBD oil, that label should be boldly printed on the product packaging. The same goes for CBD oil products for pets. So, the only way to distinguish human and pet CBD oil is by their labels. 

The other difference between these two products is that some companies tend to infuse unique animal flavors, such as bacon flavor for dogs or chicken taste for cats. These flavors are added to attract the pets and make it easy for pet owners to give them the oil. Also, the pet CBD oil contains olive or liver oil to boost your pet’s overall health.

In contrast, human CBD oil does not necessarily contain sweeteners and artificial flavors. Instead, it has several natural terpene profiles. The terpenes may have a distinct smell, taste, and flavors that a pet may dislike.

Apart from those few differences, everything about human and pet CBD oil is the same, including how they work after consumption. 

For instance, a study shows that CBD influences the human endocannabinoid system and in animals. This is because cannabinoid and endocannabinoid receptors are present in animals and human bodies.

How THC Infused CBD Products Affect Humans vs. Pets

THC and CBD are some of the common compounds present in marijuana. The elements are used in proportional ratios depending on the purpose of the end product and the country’s rules about hemp use. In the United States, all CBD products should not contain more than 0.3% of THC levels. This is set to ensure users can avoid the intoxication side effects that may influence their behaviors temporarily.

Also, the THC level in CBD products for pets should be minimal. Although this isn’t an FDA standard, avoiding THC is best for your pet to remain healthy. That is because animals could become highly intoxicated after consuming THC, even in the smallest amounts.

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil

cbdYes, humans can use CBD oil products made for pets. Like human CBD oil, the pet CBD oil is made from high-quality hemp plant extract with zero THC levels and can be used by humans safely. However, pet CBD oil contains fewer amounts of cannabinoids. So, it will require you to take a higher dose than the one prescribed for pets. Also, adding flavors and terpenes would make the pet CBD oil more powerful and effective. 

It is important to note that pet CBD oil contains artificial flavor and sweeteners to entice the pet. The human CBD oil only contains a profile of natural terpenes; hence pure and unflavored. Before use, it is best to check the flavor infused in the pet CBD oil. If you do not like the flavor, it is best if you do not use the products to avoid side effects such as diarrhea.

How Humans Can Take Pet CBD Oil

Using your pet’s CBD oil can be cost-effective when you can’t buy human CBD oils.

The human and pet dose requirements differ widely. Also, pet CBD oil is not as potent as human CBD oil. So, you need to increase the dose a bit. Depending on your tolerance level, you can decide to take twice or more of the pet’s prescribed dose.


Can humans take CBD oil for pets is a question that most people ask out of guilt and curiosity to know what effects they may develop.

Pets and humans can use the same CBD oil without adverse side effects. Since pet CBD oil has very little CBD content and no THC elements, humans cannot be harmed. If you are using pet CBD oil, you need to increase the dose to enjoy better results significantly. However, please seek medical help if you observe any adverse reactions on your skin or internal system. owever, please seek medical help if you observe any adverse reactions on your skin or internal system. 

The product for pets is less potent for the animal’s safety. However, you should also observe how you react to CBD oil to avoid overusing the product.

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