Can I Put CBD Oil in My Ear for Pain?

Ear pain does a number on anyone, and you might have asked yourself: Can I put CBD oil in my ear for pain?” to help soothe your discomfort. When you require immediate assistance for your ear with no prescription medication insight, CBD oil can help. CBD oil drops are potent options for ear pain relief. The oil serves as an alternative to other popular ear pain relief remedies like coconut and olive oils.

Before now, most people only considered cannabis for its high-inducing effects. But recent user reviews show that these products also offer therapeutic benefits. Even individuals who know of the pain-relieving benefits of CBD may not be aware that it relieves ear pain. However, in light of recent findings and testimonials from users, you can use CBD in your ear.

Some older people even consider the product to have the same effects as weed or pot. However, CBD does not contain THC. Hence, you will not get any mind-altering effects when using the product. Interestingly, the effects of these CBD products match those of other ear-relieving products.

Before we delve into the benefits of CBD and how it affects the ear, let us consider ear pain and its causes.

Ear painWhat Is Ear Pain?

Ear pain, also known as otalgia, commonly occurs in children rather than adults. Ear pain can begin gradually or suddenly. You can feel a sharp, dull, or burning sensation that may last temporarily or linger. Sometimes, you may only feel the pain in one ear. Other times, the ear could be on both sides of your ear.

You might also experience fever, discharge from the ear, and hearing loss in some instances. In addition, you could have difficulty chewing, headaches, jaw pain, and hear a clicking or popping sound in your ear. Children can feel irritable and fussy, leading to loss of appetite and increased crying.  

Blockages typically cause ear pain in the passageway that connects the back of the nasal cavity and throat to the middle ear. When this passageway becomes blocked, fluid and air can no longer get through. The blockage then causes a pressure buildup which results in pain. Furthermore, ear pain could result from ear infections, especially in children. Other causes of ear pain could include allergies, sore throat, sinus infection, and tooth infection. You could also get an infection due to ruptured eardrums or altitude pressure changes.

Children are more susceptible to getting ear infections than adults. It might be because they have smaller and narrower ear passageways than adults. Hence, it is harder for fluid to drain comfortably from the ear to the nasal and throat canals.

Can You Use CBD Oils for Ear Pain?

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that CBD is a safe option for almost everyone and has little or no side effects. However, some side effects you could experience from using CBD oils in your ear include weight gain or loss, diarrhea, and fatigue. Although you may only experience mild side effects with CBD oils, we recommend consulting your doctor before usage. It is even more important to consult your doctor before use, especially if you are on other meds. 

In addition, you should note that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not control CBD products; hence you must only buy pure and good quality CBD products. Not all over-the-counter CBD oils come from safe sources; therefore, practice caution when shopping for these products.  

When Should I Use CBD Oils for Ear Pain?

You cannot simply start using CBD oils in your ear because you experience pain. When you experience symptoms such as those listed above, your first line of action should always be to visit the emergency room for a check-up. Firstly, you will have to consult with your doctor. Once your doctor determines the cause of your pain, you can ask him if he recommends using CBD oils. A doctor can check whether the ear pain is due to more severe issues. Hence, using CBD oils won’t be helpful if your symptoms could be due to another problem.

CBD for pain relief

You can use the oils for pain relief if you have no other option and the pain won’t subside. You can carefully apply these oils without putting too much into your ear. Note that you should use the oils sparingly and not overdo it. 

Do All CBD Oils Help With Ear Pain?

Not all CBD oils or topicals on the market can help with ear pain. Thus, it would help to consider brands that offer potent oils with potential ear pain-relieving benefits. You can confirm this by navigating the brand’s official website to check the benefits. Furthermore, you can read the user reviews and consider the overall user ratings to help your decision-making process. Lastly, it would help to check product labels and follow the required usage instructions to avoid escalating your ear pain issue. Do not just assume; read the instructions to learn how to use these oils. These instructions come with every product you buy, and if you are still unsure about the usage, you can contact the brand’s customer service for clarification.

Which Brand Offers the Best CBD Oils for Ear Pain?

There are several great CBD brands with products that offer pain-relieving properties. Be sure to only purchase your CBD products from reputable and well-known brands with stellar reputations. In addition, make use of the official brand websites since most reputable brands only sell online.


To answer the question: Can I put CBD oil in my ear for pain” the answer is yes, permitting you have spoken to your doctor first. These oils offer potent pain-relieving benefits without side effects, but first, you must determine the cause of your ear pain before beginning treatment. Your symptoms could be due to other diseases or disorders. Once you know the root cause of the problem, you can commence using CBD oils for ear pain. 

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