Can I Take CBD and Levothyroxine?

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland cannot produce its natural hormone. This hormone enables the thyroid to regulate and process growth, metabolism, and other body development. Levothyroxine is a medication that acts in the place of the hormone when it becomes deficient in the human body. That way, it can function as it should.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has numerous benefits, and more are still on the verge of getting discovered. One of the benefits of using CBD is relief from pain and inflammation. These are some contributors to hypothyroidism, so CBD may effectively curb the disorder. However, is it beneficial to take both CBD and levothyroxine simultaneously?

Understanding How CBD and Levothyroxine Work

LevothyroxineLevothyroxine is a standard treatment for the lack of the hormone typically found in the thyroid gland. If a person lacks the hormone, the medication acts as a replacement. That way, the gland can optimally function. It works even without help from any other medication or treatment.

However, your doctor may recommend it in conjunction with other medications. This is especially true if you are taking it in tablet form. The reason is that the tablets work best when combined with other specific medications as part of combination therapy. On the other hand, you do not need to combine it with other drugs if you take it as an injection.

The CB1 and CB 2 receptors in the human body play a significant role in body functions. The receptors are highly concentrated, and this concentration is more noticeable in the thyroid gland. So far, they are showing great promise in creating a barrier to malignant cells typically present in the gland.

Since CBD is excellent at interacting with the receptors and enabling them to perform better, the cannabinoid may help combat the effects of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. However, there is not much research into CBD’s effectiveness on the thyroid gland. Nevertheless, the compound is effective in the symptoms commonly seen with thyroid disorders, such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, and weight gain.

How CBD and Levothyroxine Work on Hypothyroidism

Having established that both CBD and levothyroxine are effective on hypothyroidism, would it not be more effective to take both simultaneously? A double dosage may work harder and be more beneficial for this thyroid disorder. You are not entirely wrong if you think this way, but you are not entirely correct either.

What you need to consider is the possible interaction between CBD and levothyroxine. Both medications need to use the same metabolism pathway, which means they will jostle for space. In other words, your body may produce more thyroxine, more than it can metabolize at once. 

If that is the case, there is a possibility of developing hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid gland produces more of the hormone than the body needs. There is also the possibility of developing nausea and anxiety.

However, there may be a way to take CBD and levothyroxine without causing drug interactions. Taking one and waiting some time before taking the other may be beneficial. You should take some time for the body to absorb one before taking the second medication if you must combine them. That way, there may be little or no adverse effect. Nevertheless, it would be best if you spoke with your doctor to determine whether or not you can combine them.

CBD and Levothyroxine: Which Should You Choose?

CBDYou may want to know the benefits of each compound before combining them. If one is more efficient than the other, it may help you decide to stick to one form of treatment. Combining both of them may not be full of risks if you space the consumption time. Even then, you still need to get clearance from your doctor for safety purposes.

If you are already on levothyroxine and are wondering whether or not to include CBD, consider the advantages of CBD. Then, you can decide if it adds an extra benefit to what levothyroxine already does.

CBD Benefits

  • It helps to regulate the activity of the endocannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. When the system functions well, it promotes regulating the body’s hormonal activity. As a result, it may reduce the occurrence of hypothyroidism and accompanying symptoms.
  • CBD does not adversely interact with food. If you take CBD oil for hypothyroidism, you can wait a few minutes after consuming the oil to eat. The food you eat does not affect the compound’s effectiveness or counteract it.
  • You can get hemp-derived CBD for this purpose because it is not addictive. Moreover, it is the only legal type as of today, so you are not breaking any law. In other words, you can get it from any store.

CBD Cons

  • There is not enough research to show or prove CBD’s effectiveness on hypothyroidism. All the evidence available points to how it affects symptoms that promote the disorder, not how CBD directly affects it.
  • CBD does not have any regulations. As a result, you may not know whether or not your product of choice contains the active ingredients it claims. Also, you cannot if the CBD extract in the product is totally THC-free.
  • You have no way of knowing how CBD interacts with other medications. Typically, CBD interacts with other compounds to become counterproductive. Therefore, it is crucial strictly to combine it with other medicines under medical prescription and supervision.

Choosing a Suitable CBD Form

When choosing the most suitable CBd for hypothyroidism, you must remember that the cannabis plant does not contain only CBD or THC. The plant also contains other beneficial nutrients such as amino acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and oils. The extract type with which the product of choice is made determines the effect on the system.

If you choose CBD products that contain full-spectrum CBD, you get all the benefits of the cannabis plant. This includes the psychoactive effect that comes with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Broad-spectrum CBD extract has other compounds except for THC. You may find it only in negligible amounts in the product. CBD isolate is the purest of all extract types because it contains only CBD.

Apart from the extract type, ensure you purchase from reputable brands, whether online or offline. Also, request proof of third-party lab tests; a Certificate of Analysis should prove that. Read what other verified users have to say about a specific brand and its products before buying. In addition, let your doctor know and make the necessary prescriptions.


Levothyroxine is a suitable treatment option for hypothyroidism, which will not change anytime soon. However, CBD has some potential to treat the same thyroid disorder and is worth mentioning alongside levothyroxine. If you consider using the treatments for the condition, you may want to take them at different times. Combining them may be counterproductive and is likely to cause more health issues.

It is crucial to consult your doctor before beginning any new treatment for a health condition. This is especially true for CBD because of the lack of regulation. If you are already on an effective treatment path, consider waiting for full recovery before starting CBD.

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