Can Marijuana Cause a Seizure

Marijuana has become quite popular ever since doctors started prescribing it for medical purposes. However, as it helps manage many diseases, it can also lead to some issues with prolonged usage. People who use marijuana for a long time can experience side effects when they quit, and this raises the question, can marijuana cause a seizure?

If the connection between the brain and nerve cells is disturbed, it can cause a seizure. Marijuana can disrupt this balance if you overuse it or the dosage is strong. If you use marijuana for the first time, starting from a low dosage is recommended. While seizure leads to epilepsy caused by an injury, some prescription medicines can also cause a seizure.

What Is a Seizure?

Seizure in legOur brain keeps sending electrical signals to the body via nerve cells. This connection and transmission should stay active 24/7, so your body can function correctly. If that communication gets disturbed frequently, you can experience a seizure due to something severe.

If you expereince seizures two or more times a day, it can lead to epilepsy. In epilepsy, your brain won’t function correctly, and you’ll show unusual occurrences of confusion. You might even become unaware of your surroundings and feel painful sensations in your body without reason.

The biggest problem with seizures is that anyone can develop them at any age, and some people even develop this problem after falling from stairs. Moreover, a regular taser can do this if you get overly excited or afraid and your body cannot endure the electrical current of a taser.

If children get an electric shock accidently, they can develop symptoms of epilepsy. However, it also depends on their brain, as a healthy and robust brain might be able to stop a seizure attack.

Symptoms and Causes of a Seizure

While a seizure might last for a short time, it can come back again if you had it before. Moreover, you need to ensure that a patient experiencing a seizure should not get injured again. Typically, injury can lead to a seizure on the spot, lasting for up to five minutes. A person can experience more than one seizure attack, which can become dangerous.


The most common symptoms of seizure or epilepsy are jerky and random hand movements. Children would usually lift their hands and start waving them without any reason. Losing consciousness for more than five minutes after an injury is another symptom. The person will not wake up no matter how much you shake them. In such an instance, you should get medical help immediately.

Some uncommon symptoms are breathing problems, loose bowels, incontinence, or the person keeps staring at you. A person experiencing a seizure might fall suddenly, and if the attack is severe, they might lose consciousness.



On the other hand, using high dosages of antidepressants is one of the biggest reasons people get this disease. Since antidepressants relax your brain by sending peaceful signals, they can mess up the nerve-brain communication system. When your nerve cells transfer painful or pleasurable signals to the brain, antidepressants can forcefully stop or alter those signals. It could cause a seizure attack if your brain cannot handle the effects of these pills.

All the seizure causes are related to your brain; once your brain loses its connection with nerve cells, you get seizure attacks. One of the most common causes of seizure is a head injury that can lead to a brain infection. A regular bump on the head is not enough as the skull cage is solid to withstand lots of pressure.

A person having a brain tumor is most likely to experience this problem. Moreover, a stroke can cause this, but that seizure won’t stay long. As your brain begins to heal, you’ll get fewer symptoms. It can also be a congenital disability if your family members have a history of getting seizures.

Can Marijuana Cause a Seizure?

Among the causes of seizures, only one is associated with using medicines. Yes, some medications can show adverse effects and cause symptoms of seizures. Marijuana has no known effects that can lead to a seizure attack, so it is safe to say using marijuana won’t interrupt the connection between nerve cells and the brain.

However, a study showed that marijuana could cause a seizure if the product has a relatively high THC content. Medical marijuana has a high amount of THC, so you need a medical card to purchase and use it. However, your doctor will know how much THC your body can handle and prescribe you the medicine accordingly.

It is not commonplace for marijuana to cause such a problem, but since all bodies respond differently, a person can experience seizures while others will not. Using CBD is safe since pure CBD products don’t have any THC content that could affect your brain.


Can Marijuana Help Cure Seizure Attacks?

Marijuana or other substances like it can help stop seizure attacks, but they can also increase its side effects. The THC in marijuana can reduce seizure activity, but your brain will lack oxygen experiencing the after-effects of a seizure. You’ll feel lazy and unmotivated towards everything and might even have difficulty eating. Moreover, to increase the oxygen to the brain, you’ll require something to enhance blood flow. The enhanced blood flow will transport more oxygen to the brain via blood cells, but you’ll also need to keep moving and exercise.

However, if you use a product with lower THC but higher CBD concentration, it can help reduce seizures without causing any side effects. The THC will lower the oxygen in the brain, while CBD will enhance the blood flow so that more oxygen will reach your brain. You’ll stay active without any need for physical activity.

Know the Risks of Using Marijuana for Seizure

Marijuana doesn’t have many risks if you take the correct dosage and steer clear of higher THC concentrations. Also, preserve a consistent dosage, don’t alter it every now and then. Only use products with natural ingredients, and stick to CBD instead of THC, which is more effective for seizure treatment.

Do not use marijuana with other medications as it might cause adverse reactions. If your doctor prescribes medicines for epilepsy or seizure, use those medicines instead of opting for marijuana. Another issue you can face is the restrictions on marijuana, and you might not get a medical marijuana card for seizures. If your doctor is not okay with you using CBD or a high concentration of THC for such problems, he will not give consent to provide you with a medical marijuana card.

On the other hand, THC is addictive, and USA regulatory authorities won’t allow more than 0.3% of THC in any product. Marijuana contains more than that, and it might make it difficult to cope without using THC daily.


Can marijuana cause a seizure? Only if the THC content in marijuana can disrupt the connection between nerve cells and the brain. Other than that, marijuana can help manage seizure attacks, but it won’t cause one. Moreover, it is better to consult your doctor before using cannabis for health issues like these to avoid more severe health problems in the future.

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