Can Too Much CBD Kill You?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has so many benefits. However, can too much CBD kill you? An excess intake of this compound may pose severe problems to your health. You could experience several unpleasant side effects if you consume too much CBD, including liver issues. You might not die from overdosing on CBD – so far, no proof exists that taking too much CBD can kill you. However, buying tainted products with impurities, on the other hand, could have fatal health consequences.

Several drug experts also note that CBD does not kill anyone at any dose. The growing curiosity about CBD being fatal could be because many people worry about the adverse side effects of THC overdose. CBD is not like THC and does not cause an overdose. You will only experience certain side effects when consuming too much CBD.

The primary compound in weed that gets people high is THC. This compound has mind-altering abilities that cause you to hallucinate if consumed in high dosages. Hence, the legal dosage for THC products is 0.3% and below. Pure CBD products do not contain THC. Even hemp-derived CBD products have less than 0.3% THC. This percentage is enough to offer several benefits but will not get you high.

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Will You Overdose on CBD Products Containing THC?

You will not necessarily overdose because CBD products only have a maximum of 0.3% THC, which cannot cause a high. Because CBD products need to contain fewer quantities of THC to meet the legal requirements for sale, they are safe for consumption without getting high. Can you experience side effects if you consume too many CBD products? Yes. You can experience side effects when consuming more than 100mg of CBD. Generally, you can’t take 100mg of CBD in one sitting; therefore, you don’t have any reason for concern.

If you consume cannabis products with high THC content, it could cause an overdose, leading to a visit to the emergency room. THC is the compound that causes adverse impacts, including anxiety or panic attacks that speed up your heart rate.

Which CBD Products Are the Best to Help You Avoid Overdose?

If you still have concerns about an overdose while using CBD products with high THC levels, we recommend broad-spectrum CBD. Products made using a broad-spectrum CBD extraction process do not contain THC. Hence, you can consume many products without worrying about adverse effects.

Other types of CBD products include full-spectrum CBD products (with less than 0.3% THC). You will also find CBD isolate, which does not contain THC too. However, CBD isolate is pure CBD and does not have compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids.

What Is the Proper Dosage to Use for CBD Oils?

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The proper dosage for CBD oil and CBD-derived products varies based on individual differences. Since everyone’s body reacts differently, it is challenging to point out the adequate dosage for these oils and products. An excellent tip is to start on low dosages and gradually increase your intake. Starting low helps you determine your tolerance level and ability to deal with any side effects. If you can consume light to medium doses, we recommend starting with 10mg to 20mg for the first three to five days. You can observe how the product makes you feel after using it. You will need to ask yourself a few questions: Are you relaxed and calmer? Do you sleep much more effortlessly and enjoy better sleep? Or do you not feel enough impact?

If you experience no issues after using the product, you can probably stick to your dosage. If, however, you don’t feel the effects that much, you can increase your daily intake by 5-10 mg every two to three days. Furthermore, if your body no longer feels the same effects, you can take a three-to-five-day break. Alternatively, you can reduce your dose by half to reset your body’s tolerance levels. When you don’t feel any effects again, your body has developed a tolerance to the dosage. Therefore, it is best to reduce your dosage or take a break.

What Signs and Symptoms Could One Use to Determine CBD Overdose?

While it is uncommon to find cases of CBD overdose, some exist, especially if you consume a mislabeled product. Several factors influence CBD overdose. Such factors include first-time use, amount of CBD dose, using contaminated CBD products, expired CBD, body weight, etc. The signs and symptoms associated with CBD overdose may include panic attacks or extreme anxiety. You could also experience mind-altering reactions that might make you lose touch with reality. Other symptoms include chest pain, heart attacks, or a fast heart rate. Alternatively, you could experience uncontrollable shaking or seizures, unresponsiveness, or a delusional effect.

For accidental cases of CBD overdose from mislabeled CBD products, you can call 911 for help. In addition, you could visit the nearest hospital to obtain immediate medical assistance. It would help if you did not try to self-medicate. Always seek the help of trained medical practitioners to help you through the process.

Does the FDA Say Anything About CBD Overdose?

The FDA has only approved and evaluated one CBD drug (Epidiolex). You can use Epidiolex to treat two irregular forms of epilepsy. The FDA has not approved all other CBD products or drugs. According to the FDA, you cannot use any other drug to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. You can only consume these products at your discretion.

Can CBD Products Make You Ill?

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CBD products can make you sick. To ensure you do not feel sick, always check the expiry date on CBD products.

Consuming expired products can make you sick; therefore, steer clear of expired and bad CBD products to avoid the ill impacts.

Always purchase your products from a verified vendor.

What Do You Do After Consuming Too Much CBD?

The first thing you need to remember in such a case is that cannabis overdose is usually not fatal. Furthermore, it would help if you remembered that the impacts of consuming excess hemp-derived CBD are negligible compared to those from marijuana. Try to remain hydrated while making yourself comfortable. Do not panic but allow some time to pass until you feel better. If the symptoms persist, we recommend consulting a medical doctor for help. Alternatively, you can call 911 or ask someone to take you to an emergency room for an immediate checkup.


Interestingly, it is pretty rare to find cases of CBD overdose. You will likely not find such cases because pure CBD does not contain THC. Hence, you will not feel any adverse effects when consuming these products. CBD-derived products with THC contain less than 0.3% of the compound. Since the amount of THC is only enough to offer the benefits and not side effects, you will not find any problems. 

You could only experience an overdose with CBD when you use contaminated products. Thus, we always encourage you to buy your CBD products from verified vendors. Can too much CBD Kill You? It is unlikely, and if you experience any side effects, you can remain hydrated and wait for the effects to pass. If they do not pass, you can consult your doctor or visit the nearest emergency room for a quick checkup.

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