Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

Finding the best way to keep CBD oil over a long period could be challenging. CBD oil is a natural product and hardly goes bad if stored correctly, but like any other plant product, it has a shelf life. However, the period your CBD oil lasts depends on several factors, including storage. While trying to figure out how to store CBD oil, the most frequently asked question is, can you freeze CBD oil?

You need to handle CBD oil with care to preserve its cannabinoid content and all its components. Preserve CBD oil’s structural properties by protecting it from heat, humidity, and extreme cold. While proper storage prolongs the life of CBD products and keeps them fresh, how long the product lasts depends on the brand or type.

CBD oil is an excellent product, offering numerous health benefits. However, how you store it can make the difference in getting the most out of this natural health product. This article will look into how best you can keep your CBD oil and enjoy it for a long time and still enjoy its benefits.

Should You Freeze CBD Oil?

cbd oilMost CBD oil users buy in bulk to avoid running out of it. Also, bulk buying saves you money since they come at discounted prices. While CBD oil has a shelf life, is it okay to freeze it?

Freezing CBD oil does not affect it, provided you seal it properly. CBD oil becomes thick and cloudy when you freeze it, but its chemical composition remains intact. Please put it in an airtight container or an unopened bottle to store the oil correctly. Ensuring that the container has a tight cap prevents air and humidity from the freezer from getting into the oil. If these go in, the components of CBD oil start to decompose, and it could smell like the foods in the freezer.

Although it’s okay to freeze CBD oil, not all brands approve of it, depending on the oil’s ingredients. Therefore, it would be best to consult the company where you bought the oil and inquire about their storage recommendations.

Proper CBD Oil Storage

Because CBD oil is relatively new, there aren’t many regulations surrounding its production and handling. When storing your CBD oil, you need to take extra care to ensure that it stays fresh and maintains its potency.

Here are tips on how you can keep CBD oil for longer:

  • Keep the Oil Away From Light and Heat

Keep your CBD oil in a dry, cool, and dark area to maintain its freshness and stop degradation. Additionally, don’t keep the oil in a place with light or near appliances that emit heat.

Although a study shows that you can keep CBD oil in a freezer to prolong its shelf life, it is not necessary, and all you need is to keep it in the dark pantry at less than 700F. The study found that frozen CBD oil lasts longer than one in such a pantry. Freezing CBD oil makes it thick, and you might need to warm it by placing the bottle in warm water.

Although freezing CBD oil is a good storage option, it might not work for all brands. Therefore, consult with the company and get their storage suggestions or read the instructions on the bottle. Most CBD oil comes in a dark, airtight bottle, but you can wrap them with aluminum foil to keep it wholly opaque and last longer.

  • Avoid Exposure to Air

CBD oil mostly comes in airtight bottles that prevent air from getting into the oil. Air breaks down natural cannabinoids like CBD, so maintain the original airtight container to store your CBD oil. If you have to transfer, ensure that the new container has the same aspects as the original one to preserve your oil correctly.

Exposure to air causes oxidative stress, where oxygen in the air changes the chemical balance of CBD oil. In addition, manufacturers consider heat and air exposure in the bottling and extraction method used to guarantee the oil’s effectiveness when used by their clients.

Ensure that you keep the bottle upright in a cool and dry place. Seal the container properly after every use to avoid air and light exposure. If the area is dry, dark, and cool, that will be perfect for CBD oil. However, you can freeze your CBD oil if you use it once in a while.

How Long Can CBD Oil Last After Opening?

cbd oilHow long CDN oil will last depends on how you take care of it. According to research, CBD oil quickly degrades if exposed to unfavorable conditions. CBD oil is a natural product and doesn’t cause adverse side effects. However, you may observe some of the following signs if the product has expired:

  • The fresh oil’s mild and earthy smell turns into a nauseous smell
  • If the CBD oil doesn’t lose the cloudiness, thickness, and dark color after removing it from the freezer, dispose of it
  • Fresh CBD oil has a mildly bitter and earthy taste. If it tastes different, it has probably gone bad.


If you want to keep your CBD oil for a longer period and maintain its effectiveness, you need to learn proper storage practices. Ensure that you keep your bottle of CBD oil in a cool and dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight rays since this will reduce the product’s shelf life. If you feel like the bottle with the oil isn’t opaque enough, you can wrap it with aluminum foil.

So, can you freeze BD oil? Yes, you can, but you have to be cautious not to lose its effectiveness. Keep the bottle tightly closed to enjoy the oil up to the last drop. If you hardly use it and want it to last longer, wrap it with aluminum foil and keep it in the freezer.

CBD oil should stay for 12 to 24 months with proper storage. However, the longer it stays, the more it loses its potency. So, you might need to increase your dosage to get the same effect as fresh CBD oil.

Ensure that you stick to the manufacturer’s storage instructions to get the most out of the CBD oil while you still have it.

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