Can You Freeze Marijuana? Good or Bad Idea?

Storing marijuana has been a controversial topic due to misunderstanding and misinformation. Since cannabis is a typical plant, it requires proper storage to stay fresh for a long time. Of all the storage options available, can you freeze marijuana to prolong its shelf-life?

Often people use freezing as a method of drying marijuana, and although you can do it, you shouldn’t. Drying marijuana involves a chemical process called decarboxylation. When weed is raw, it contains a non-psychoactive compound called THCA. However, this changes after drying, and the weed forms a psychoactive compound, THC. Storing weed in the freezer means the decarboxylation process stops. Therefore, you will get less potent weed in the end.

Freezing dry weed is also inappropriate. This weakens the trichomes that give weed flavor and create cannabinoids. Trichomes become active again when you let the cannabis out of the freezer. Besides freezing, the container with marijuana could also affect the trichomes. You can reverse it by removing it from the freezer.

Disadvantages of Freezing Marijuana

Freeze MarijuanaWeed has a long shelf life and can stay at room temperature for several months. Therefore, anyone would see keeping it in the freezer as a better option to make it last for years. While freezing eliminates light exposure, molds, and chemical oxidation, it involves a lot of risks, including:

  • Weed Loses Structural Integrity

Like fruits and vegetables, freezing marijuana makes it lose its initial fresh look and original taste. Due to water expansion and contraction, it becomes mushy. Even when dry, the weed still has 10% to 15% water. The weed breaks and crumbles into powder as this water freezes, making it hard to roll into a joint. Freezing destroys trichomes which carry all the cannabis potency, so you shouldn’t freeze marijuana.

  • Storage Equipment

For whatever reason you have to freeze weed, you can do so with the help of a vacuum sealer. The sealer sucks out all the air in your storage container, ensuring there isn’t any oxygen left; you won’t have trichomes degradation. The downside of a vacuum sealer is that it is expensive but preserves your weed better than traditional methods.

The condensation process is like any other food when you remove weed from the freezer. Some water droplets form on its surface, and it becomes wet. Although you can thaw it in a sealed container, destroying a considerable amount of weed is inevitable. Don’t freeze your marijuana to avoid this, and you will maintain the texture, flavor, and potency.

How to Preserve Marijuana Correctly

People use cannabis to treat various treatments due to its health benefits. Regardless, research is still on to discover even more benefits of the plant. Cannabis is just a plant and should be stored correctly to prolong its shelf-life. You need methods to preserve your weed without interfering with its potency, flavor, and texture. Therefore, ensure that the approach you choose provides your marijuana with the right temperature, lighting, and humidity.

After curing marijuana, please keep it in the dark, cool place to ensure that it stays fresh for longer. Furthermore, keep the plant matter below 770F since mildew and mold start forming when the temperature exceeds this. Also, your cannabis loses essential oils and becomes dry, difficult to consume, and crumbly when exposed to excess heat.

Extremely low temperature also affects cannabis. Therefore, maintain an average temperature between 500 and 600 and store in a dark place. In addition, relative humidity of between 59% and 63% blocking the UV rays helps maintain the weed’s potency and flavor.

Alternatives to Marijuana Freezing

Freeze People store cannabis in bags and cardboard, which is inappropriate due to ignorance of its effects. When you remove cannabis from the plastic bag, you will notice that some pieces will stick to the sides of the pack. The attraction of these bits to the plastic bag results from a static charge on the bag that attracts trichomes, which reduces the weed’s potency. 

Again, you may consider putting marijuana in the refrigerator because it is warmer than the freezer. However, although its temperature is below 770F, the humidity and temperature in the fridge aren’t constant because of frequent opening and closing. As a result, the mildew and mold will accumulate on the weed’s surface.

The best way to keep your cannabis fresh, with its flavor and potency intact, is storing in an airtight container. Like a glass jar, the containers allow enough oxygen while keeping humidity consistent. That way, the buds will dry slowly, therefore straying for longer.

Alternatively, you can use a hygrometer to check the humidity in the container and a vacuum sealer to ensure that not much oxygen is left. Also, consider a UV blocking jar. Additionally, ensure that you keep the cannabis in a specific jar and not one where you put grinders or dirty pipes. The smell from these jars could affect marijuana, making it stink after a while.

In short, have a specific airtight jar for storing weed. Also, ensure your storage area is dark and cool, and enjoy your marijuana longer than you can imagine. The weed will stay in there without going bad for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is expensive, so properly storing it should be a top priority. Can you freeze marijuana? Or what is the best storage method? In regards to freezing marijuana, it is a bad idea, and you shouldn’t do it. This is because exposing marijuana to cold temperatures at any point in the drying process can risk your final yield. Instead of freezing, put it in a sealed container with as little air as possible and keep it in a cool, dark place.

Marijuana thrives well in temperatures not exceeding 770F to ensure that it doesn’t lose its potency, flavor, and texture. In addition, keeping cannabis at a low temperature discourages the conversion of THCA to THC, rendering it less powerful. If you want to enjoy your weed without having to throw some away, use the jar option.

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