Can You Mix CBD Oil With Juice

If you take the cannabis dose through CBD oil, then there are various ways you can use it to consume it. CBD is available in many forms. CBD products are now present on the market to suit varied lifestyles. Therefore you have the chance to get CBD in your preferred form.

CBD oil is perhaps the most therapeutic item yet. It usually contains CBD extract paired with different oils such as coconut oil. These oils also dilute the original cannabinoid compounds; therefore, you will only channel the enhanced positive impacts. Moreover, the CBD essence in these oils is the most authentic version of the substance.

How to Add CBD Oil to Juice

tabletsAdding CBD to your favorite drink and juice will enhance the flavor and elevate the overall experience. Mixing CBD oil can be difficult because oil and water are miscible liquids. They do not integrate well. Oil floats on the water surface. Therefore, getting oil to dissolve in juice is complicated. 

If you blend the juice with the oil and drink it immediately, you can get the effect. It is the easiest way to incorporate CBD oil into juices. Leaving it to rest for some time will allow the oil to emerge on the surface. However, you can still consume CBD oil placed in your juices if you do not mind the oil film on the juice.

You can mix CBD oil with your drink through certain techniques. You can mix the oil if you make the puree of the fruits you intend to use for the juice. Put the fruit into the blender until you get a puree with a thick texture. Water is usually present in a minimal concentration in these forms of fruit extracts.

Once you dissolve the oil, you can let it rest for some time. Afterward, you can take a few tablespoons of this puree and add the beverage of your choice. If you select water, it will not display its classic behavior towards oil. The reason is that oil blends in with the fruit and integrates into the layers within the puree. Furthermore, this approach also helps you overcome the bland taste of CBD oil.


There are several benefits of adding CBD oil to juice. Some of the oils have a pungent odor and a bitter taste. Consuming them in other ways may not suit your taste buds. Therefore to make such products, you have to mix them with food and beverages that appeal to your taste.

As a result, you can quickly drink the oil and reap the benefits. You may also get the oil in the form of tinctures. These usually have a slightly different consistency than oil and may mix with the juice. Incorporating CBD oil into your morning drink will leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day.


The effect of CBD is more pronounced when you take them sublingually. Placing the oil drops below your tongue or in your mouth for a few minutes will take the substances to your blood supply. It is the fastest traveling route for the compounds. Therefore these are more effective and tend to produce distinct impacts. However, adding CBD oil to juice will alter its route to your body.

If you add the oil to your drink, you will get the compound through the digestive system. It can also be absorbed into the blood supply and capillaries. However, the entire process will require some time. Moreover, the effects may not be as significant as sublingual ingestion.

Adding CBD oil to certain types of fruit juices may also interfere with the overall features of the substance. This phenomenon is more common in berry juices. These are quite intense with an optimal nutrition value. They can often mask the compounds present within the oil. You may only get a slight taste of the oil in your drink. However, the efficacy of the compound is reduced. They may not provide the CBD with the blank canvas it needs to deliver the benefits to your body.

Beverages Suitable for CBD Oil

Following are some of the drinks that can easily adjust the CBD oil drop without causing you an inconvenience.

  • Coffee and Tea

The most appropriate way to use CBD oil is to incorporate them into coffee and tea. Oil mixes with these drinks, and the temperature allows it to dissolve in the final solution. People usually consume CBD oil with caffeinated beverages.

You can add the oil after making the drink or during the process. In some cases adding the oils while making the drink reduces their efficacy. The heart exposure may cause the oxidizing of some components in the oil. If CBD in the oil becomes susceptible to heat, there is no purpose in using them.

  • Smoothies

Smoothies are the most optimal way to digest CBD. The oil instantly mixes with the drink, and you will not even notice the pungent taste of the oils. Taking the daily CBD dose through these drinks will also assist your digestion. You can add a few drops of tablespoons of the oil while you blend the rest of the components. You can pair the oil with any fruit or vegetable that you prefer for the smoothie.

Factors to Consider

juiceIf you intend to take CBD oil with your beverages with high water content, you will have to perform an extra step. No matter how much you try to incorporate the oils into the fruit texture, they are bound to form a layer on your drink. Most bars and cafes that usually serve CBD cocktails keep these points in hindsight. Therefore to ensure optimal quality of their drinks, they need to keep the oil away from the surface. To do so, you must follow the emulsification process.

  • Emulsification

It helps keep the oils integrated into the molecules of the components present in your drink. You can use this method for all types of oil-soluble CBD products. All you must do is find an appropriate emulsifying agent. There are several natural and organic options available that you can utilize without any inconvenience. These include all the citrus extracts, such as lemons and oranges. These are excellent emulsifiers.

It would be best to make an emulsifying solution before creating the drink. It will contain citrus extracts and CBD oil. You should thoroughly whisk the liquid until it becomes frothy. Afterward, you can add this mixture to the juice recipe of your preference. You can add a small quantity on top of the drink.


You can mix CBD oil with any juice, but you must be mindful of every aspect surrounding the process. You can easily make the combination at your home. Moreover, you may also find these drinks widely available in the local bars located in the states where CBD consumption is legal.

You can add a few oil drops directly into your drink if you are not bothered with its physical appeal. However, if quality and presentation matter to you, take the additional measures and get yourself some delicious CBD oil-infused drinks.

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