Can You Put CBD Oil in a Diffuser

If you are trying to fill the entire atmosphere with the aroma of CBD, then using the diffuser should be your go-to option. A diffuser is an appliance that spreads the scent of a particular substance across the air. You may get to feel the therapeutic effects of CBD through the diffuser.

People usually use diffusers for aromatic therapy, and it helps them settle the aroma of the oils inside their bodies. It may also help the media feel relaxed throughout the day. Some people prefer using the diffusers for a specific time frame. In contrast, others may constantly be inhaling the compounds through it.

How to Add CBD Oil to the Diffusers

cbd oilYou can add CBD oils to the diffuser the same way you would add the other oils. Just open the lid of the diffuser to get the full view of the structure. Moreover, you can also seek help from the guide for opening the diffuser. Once you are done, you will get to see the reservoir.

You must fill it with water. The water should be at room temperature or slightly warm, around 25 to 28°C. Afterward, you can add a few drops of the oil to the reservoir and let it rest for a while. You can then turn on the diffuser and feel the air filled with the aroma.

Additional Step

In the case of using a diffuser for CBD oil, you may have to go through an additional step. It may include the addition of essential oils to CBD oil. You must get the essential oil of your preference.

It must have a scent that appeals to your senses. Moreover, it should create the therapeutic effect you seek. Afterward, you can gather both oils in a container. Add a high concentration of CBD oil. You can add a few drops of essential oil. The goal is to grant the CBD oil the aroma you want to get. You can then add this oil mixture directly into the diffuser’s reservoir.

The Working Period for Diffuser

You must keep the diffuser turned for a few minutes. Almost 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient to let the air become filled with aroma. It also depends on the size of the room. If there are air vents, windows, and other outlets, you might need to prolong the period.

However, If the room is small with no windows or a single vent, you can keep the diffuser switched on for 10 minutes or even less. The saturation of aroma in the air lasts for a long time. Therefore ideally, you do not need to use the diffuser again for 24 hours.

Is Diffusing CBD Oil Helpful?

cbd oilCBD oil has plenty of therapeutic properties. However, scientific evidence suggests that it may not be as potent while diffusing in other forms. The diffuser is meant for oils with a particular scent, and the aroma helps you relax and soothe your senses.

The CBD oil usually has a pungent taste and a tangy aroma. Therefore they may not be beneficial when adding them to the diffuser. You can still add them; however, these will not produce the required effect alone. You may also add essential oils to get the aromatic effect you require.

Moreover, there are pretty contrasting findings regarding the impact of CBD oil when it is in a diffuser. The CBD oil is usually consumed sublingually, and it is the fastest route to transfer the CBD to the blood supply. Moreover, this method ensures that only a minimal amount of CBD is lost during waste processing.

When you take CBD through the gut, you may not get a strong effect because most of it gets excreted out of the body. Therefore sublingual methods are highly preferable if you want a long-lasting effect. These are some ways that ensure that CBD provides you with optimal benefits.

If you use CBD in the diffuser, you switch the mode by which it may contact your CBD. It isn’t one of those products that produce significant results through inhalation. You must consume CBD and ensure it contacts your body and blood supply to get the therapeutic effects.

CBD Vs. Essential Oils

There are considerable differences between the two oils, leading to variations in how these oils can be used or activated. These may differ in the routes they transmit themselves into your brain. You need to inhale essential oil to get the required effect. However, you must incorporate CBD oil into your body to get effective results. Therefore you cannot use the same utilization methods for both these oils.

Essential oils enhance your focus and rebuild your mental stamina to some extent. They may help you during the process of spiritual healing. Therefore they may have placebo effects; however, they are still beneficial for your mental well-being. On the other hand, CBD oils benefit several aspects of your health. Using an optimal CBD oil dose can help you improve your lifestyle and body processes.

Both these substances are plant-based. However, manufacturers use different techniques to extract them. It may lead to a difference in their formulas and structure. These lead to a slight variation in their scents and function. Therefore you cannot replace them with one another.


It is not an intelligent decision to use CBD oil in a diffuser as this approach does not let you reap the maximum benefits of the compound. You can still use them in the diffuse. However, remember that you may not get the results you seek. Therefore it is more suitable if you opt for sublingual methods of getting CBD.

Adding the oil to the diffuser will only lead to the wasting of the compound. Therefore, if you are limited to getting CBD and aromatic therapy, you can get your daily dose sublingually and saturate the air with essential oils.

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