Can You Put CBD Oil in Your Eye?

CBD is now a common element of almost all products, from skincare to medical treatment. Due to several health benefits of CBD, its potential power to treat or cure issues related to the eye has also gained a lot of interest. 

CBD-infused eye drops are the most common CBD product for solving eye-related issues. According to the manufacturers, CBD-infused oils are specially made for the eyes. They have a different composition from the typical CBD oils. These eye drops are famous for cosmetic reasons and medical use. Whether CBD drops work or if they are a waste of money depends on many factors, and there is no definitive answer.

What Are CBD Eye Drops Used For?

cbd oilPeople mostly use CBD eye drops for aesthetic reasons.

Many manufacturers claim that the product can whiten the eye and make the iris dilated to look cuter.

Another potential use is in eye treatments like glaucoma, eye redness, inflammation, etc.

However, the effectiveness of these drops in treating any eye problem is questionable. 

CBD and Its Effect on Eyes

To better understand CBD eye drops, we did thorough research on possible eye problems and CBD’s role in treating them. In a nutshell, CBD is not an ideal compound for treating eye diseases. Unlike every other aspect of CBD, its benefits in eye drops are vague. Moreover, since CBD reacts with each individual differently, there is no evidence to support any positive user experience. In short, what worked once might not work again. We have made a list of some eye problems and studied if CBD can treat them. 

Adversely Affects Eye Pressure

THC has an intoxicating effect that can reduce the eye’s blood pressure. Although THC and CBD come from the same plant, both have opposite effects on eye pressure. According to research, CBD can increase intraocular pressure. In fact, when THC and CBD are administered together, CBD interferes with THC’s ability to lower eye pressure. Nonetheless, both THC and CBD are far from perfect. 

THC lowers eye pressure faster than some drugs commonly used to treat high eye pressure. However, this effect wears off after some time. The eye drops keep the pressure down for at least 12 hours, while THC is only effective for 3-4 hours. In the case of eye pressure, a long-lasting effect is better than a shorter one. If the eye pressure fluctuates between high and low with only a few hours’ gaps, it can further damage the optic nerve. 

Moreover, THC’s effect is sex-dependent. Overall, CBD eye drops are useless for treating high eye pressure. In the worst-case scenario, they may even worsen the situation.

Helps With Eye Inflammation and Pain

cbd oilLike any other organ of the human body, the eyes can also suffer from inflammation and pain. Mostly the cause is stress, dry eyes, or stress. One area where CBD drops do show promising results is corneal pain and inflammation. The drops have proven to reduce eye irritation and burning sensation. 

However, ingestion of CBD oils is way more effective in treating eye inflammation than externally using it as eye drops. The most effective way of using CBD is to place a few drops of edible oil under the tongue and let it absorb. Since the drops directly fuse into the bloodstream, they help reduce eye swelling, burning, pain, or irritation faster than externally administered eye drops. 

Hence, CBD eye drops work, but they are not the best option. 

Prevents Neuronal Death

According to a UK study, CBD has good antioxidant properties when it binds with CB1 receptors. The research provides a promising theory that relates the antioxidant capacity of CBD to prevent neuronal death. CBD can extract reactive oxygen toxins resulting from excess glutamic acid that can overstimulate receptors.   

Does Not Help Treat Glaucoma

A glaucoma is a group of eye conditions. The way this condition affects your eyes depends on the severity of the issue. The condition mainly involves damage to the retina and optic nerves that can cause pain, irritation, blurred vision, headache, etc. In the worst case, it may lead to complete loss of sight. The underlying cause for all stages of glaucoma is high fluid pressure. Detectable problems usually occur in the form of tunnel vision due to significant nerve damage. 

Treatment usually starts with using eye drops that reduce intraocular pressure, where CBD comes to play. Strictly speaking, THC comes into play. Cannabis has been used to treat glaucoma, but its efficacy is due to THC and not CBD. According to a study, CBD alone can raise the pressure inside the eye. There isn’t a proper mechanism to show why CBD increases eye pressure. Still, several experiments confirm CBD’s role in elevating eye pressure.   

Doesn’t Relieve Eye Redness 

cbd oilCannabis is a common cause of eye redness, but ironically, CBD, a cannabis derivative, may help treat this condition. Bloodshot eyes are due to tiny blood vessels that dilate, and since CBD can increase blood pressure, it may help constrict the vessels. However, the amount of CBD in eye drops is not enough to raise the blood pressure to an extent where it can reduce the redness in the eyes. Moreover, no studies prove CBD to be effective in treating blood eyes. 

Don’t Experiment With Your Eye!

The eye is a sensitive organ, and trying a remedy that is just a theory with no evidence can backfire and lead to a bigger problem. Thus, you should consult your doctor for any eye problem and follow their advice. CBD drops are gaining much attention for eye treatments, but using these products off the shelf is risky. Thus, if you want to try CBD drops, consult a specialist who can analyze your particular eye condition and decide if CBD eye drops are good for you.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, CBD’s role as an effective compound for eye problems is vague, and the efficacy of CBD is ambiguous mainly due to a lack of research. Moreover, CBD is clearly more effective for eye problems if you consume it internally rather than applying it externally. At the pace with which CBD research is escalating, it is safe to say that CBD eye drops may be the best solution for eye problems in the future. 

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