Can You Smoke Marijuana Leaves?

Can you smoke marijuana leaves? It is a controversial topic that most weed users seek to find an answer to. Smoking marijuana leaves is not as common as smoking the bud of a cannabis plant, but it’s a popular option for those seeking to get more out of their marijuana use. Marijuana leaves may not provide the same effect on your body and mind as smoking the flower. When you smoke-dried and cured marijuana leaves, you get the results of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

People smoked marijuana leaves before, and they still do. One of the reasons people use it is because it is cheaper than other cannabis derivatives. However, marijuana doesn’t have a lot of THC, so it might not work for you if you are looking for something to give you a high instantly.

Can Marijuana Leaves Be Smoked?

Marijuana LeavesIf you have marijuana plantations, you likely want to utilize every bit of it. After using the common parts of the plant, you can opt to roll marijuana leaves and smoke them. CBD leaves are smokable since you can combust and inhale them to benefit from the effects of weed.

The leaves that cover weed have trichomes on them, the part that produces cannabis and terpenes. However, marijuana leaves contain an insignificant amount of THC and more CBD, which has seen many people discarding it and going for more potent buds. Therefore, you will need many marijuana leaves to get high, which could affect your lungs more than smoking cannabis flowers. Most people crush them together with buds in a bong, pipe, or joint to get the most out of these leaves.

Note that not all leaves on the cannabis plant are smokable. For example, if you intend to use large leaves, you need to be cautious because they might contain deposits of harmful chemicals used during farming. On the other hand, the small leaves near the buds are valuable and used in extractions.

A traditional method of extracting resin by rubbing the leaves by hand is still used. As a result, you get high-quality charas. In addition, you can use the Ice-o-Lator to extract the resin. Put the leftover leaves on a mesh, place them on other small meshes and submerge them in ice-cold water. The resin starts to drip through the meshes, from where you can collect it.

Most importantly, observe the plant’s health since some changes could indicate something. For example, brown leaves show that something is wrong with pH levels in water for irrigation. Yellow leaves indicate heat stress, nutrient deficiency, or overfertilization.

At What Stage Can You Smoke Marijuana Leaves?

Not all leaves on the cannabis plant are edible, and neither can you smoke them at all stages. Besides, you can only get THC at a particular stage of the plant’s cycle.

  • Cured

Once the cannabis plant reaches its maturity, it is ready for harvest, and it is cut down and allowed to dry. The dried leaves are then put in an airtight container to allow them to cure and accumulate flavor and lessen their harshness to your throat. Dried marijuana leaves have THC content accumulated to capacity at this stage.

  • Upon Harvesting

Some people rush to smoke marijuana leaves after harvesting without allowing them time to cure. The leaves produce a very harsh smoke at this stage, which could harm your throat. While you might get high from smoking the sugar leaves, it is likely that you won’t have fun due to the harshness of the smoke.

  • Before Flowering

At the flowering stage, trichomes with THC haven’t fully developed, and smoking marijuana leaves at this time leaves you with nothing to enjoy. It will be plain smoke without any effect that you would expect from smoking marijuana leaves.

Devices for Smoking Marijuana Leaves

Marijuana LeavesSmoking marijuana leaves requires devices that make it convenient and help you carry the leaves more easily. Whether you mix it with buds or plain marijuana, you need these devices to get a more potent and effective outcome.

  • Bongs

A bong gives you more powerful hits when you smoke weed. The weed smoke goes through water and is filtered to produce purer and smoother hits. Besides offering more potent hits, bongs come in various sizes, usually larger than pipes.

  • Pipes

Pipes are the most common ways to smoke marijuana due to their simplicity and ease of use. To set up, all you need is to put your marijuana leaves in a bowl, light, and inhale. Moreover, pipes are portable, and you can carry them around and smoke your weed whenever and wherever.

  • Vaporizers

Using vaporizers is a safe alternative to smoking weed directly. This method enables you to release the weed’s cannabinoids and terpenes, eliminating harsh chemicals and toxins that you would inhale when directly smoking. The most popular vaporizing equipment is the Dry Herb Vaporizers, but you can also use the Concentrate or Oil vaporizers.


Can you smoke marijuana leaves? The answer is yes. Smoking marijuana leaves is not one of the best ways to get high. The amount of cannabinoids you can get from smoking marijuana leaves will be relatively low. Moreover, marijuana leaves burn slower than buds and contain less THC. So, if you are insistent on smoking marijuana leaves, use them when there are several burning so that the smoke has a greater cannabinoid density.

If you plan on smoking marijuana leaves, you need to understand the parts of the plant that you can use. The quality of the leaves also matters; ensure that the leaves you pick are green since the brown or yellow leaves indicate a defect. Also, you can choose any of the various available options to smoke the leave. However, you need to understand that smoke from marijuana leaves is harsh compared to buds.

If it’s your first time using marijuana leaves, we recommend that you allow them to cure first. The curing process reduces the harshness in the leaves, which you might not withstand. Like any other cannabis derivative, smoke marijuana leaves in moderation to avoid adverse side effects.

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