Can You Take CBD Gummies on an Empty Stomach?

Taking your daily dose of CBD through gummies may not be quite good for you if you take it on an empty stomach. CBD is present in most edible products and beverages on the market. Most people prefer using CBD in vape juices and prerolls. However, you can also get different flavors with gummies, and they look appealing. 

More than half of the CBD consumers prefer taking the substance in the form of gummies. These are widely available in online shops and stores nearby. Gummies are pretty functional as you can instantly eat them. Moreover, there is no specific protocol or way that you should use to take gummies.

Taking CBD Gummies on Empty Stomach

There are many ways to consume CBD. People prefer ingestion and sublingual methods. Some even opt for rectal administration. However, the most common is using the edibles. There are plenty of reasons why one should not take CBD on an empty stomach, and the following are some of them.

  • Bioavailability of CBD

CBD GummiesBioavailability is a scientific term that indicates the presence of compounds in your body. This availability is how the substance will reach the rest of your organs and tissues. As a result, it will successfully produce the desired effect or may have a mild impact. Therefore the substances with high bioavailability will reach your body instantly. These travel through blood as it is the most suitable route for swiftly getting to the surrounding organs. Therefore to understand why we should take CBD in a certain way, we must know about its bioavailability. 

It is the one factor determining the significance of CBD in your body. Thus it is important to ensure that it remains optimal in all conditions. Otherwise, there will be no use in taking CBD in any form.

The bioavailability of CBD depends upon the state of your stomach. Both empty and full states of the stomach have a different impact on the transport of this substance. When you take gummies, you opt for the digestive system to transfer the compound into the blood, which supplies it to the rest of the body. Therefore CBD will reach your gut directly. The food influx in your system will allow the CBD to either get to the receptors or excrete out.

  • Effect of Full Stomach 

If you take CBD on a full stomach, it remains in your gut for a longer time. This method allows your body to maximize the transport of CBD. Moreover, if you have taken a meal rich in oil and calories, then the bioavailability of CBD will increase.

  • Role of the Diet 

CBD is usually paired with a carrier oil as it cannot remain in nature without these additional substances. The carrier oils help in the digestion and transport of CBD. When you take a rich diet, the amount of fats in your stomach rises. The metabolic processes of our body require some time before digesting them. Therefore digestion slows down a little, leading to a slight halt in the excretion procedure. 

All your food remains in your gut. If you have taken CBD after such a diet, the chances are that it will be there in an adequate amount. Your body strives to digest the oils first and convert them into fatty acids or energy. Therefore the CBD in your stomach with the carrier oil gets mixed into these oils. Your body also picks them up and transfers them into the blood supply without decreasing their levels.

  • Significance of Bioavailability

Most of the CBD dose that we consume ends up as waste in your body. Our metabolic process instantly works to break down the compounds in CBD. Studies suggest that more than 90% of CBD does not reach the tissues and receptors. Only less than 10% successfully make it to the blood supply. As a result, it ends up in relatively small molecules called metabolites. 

Almost all of these substances are instantly eradicated from the body. Therefore people try to increase their CBD dose to get the desired effects. In usual conditions, your body fails to deliver the optimal amount of CBD to the blood. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the bioavailability of CBD remains maximum under all conditions.

When Should You Take CBD

The latest findings indicate that you should not take CBD on an empty stomach. If you intend to use the edible, always take them after a healthy meal. However, there is a standard period after which you should take your dose. Waiting for 30 minutes is sufficient, and afterward, you should take the usual amount of CBD. This approach will maximize the absorption of CBD in your body. After the meals, the availability of the substance usually increases by fivefold.

Foods for Better Absorption of CBD

CBD GummiesFoods containing little fat content can help CBD absorption in your body. These include red and white meat. White meat is rich in fatty acids and vitamins.

They can also help balance the nutritional content of your body. Moreover, certain types of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, also boost the oil content in your gut. 

Various fruits such as avocado and coconut may also benefit CBD absorption. Furthermore, you can also decide the particular CBD products for consumption.

Using gummies and a few drops of CBD oils that may contain carrier oils such as hemp may also increase their availability in the gut.

Can CBD Damage Empty Stomach

There are not many damaging impacts of CBD on your body. There are only a few minor side effects that may also withdraw with time. However, taking CBD on an empty stomach is not ideal. When your stomach is empty, your body starts utilizing the accumulated fat. Hence your metabolism rate might increase from the normal. Therefore, CBD in such cases leads to its instant breakdown into metabolites before it reaches the gut. 

The body then proceeds to excrete them swiftly. It may also create some pressure on your rectum. The most common result of such scenarios is diarrhea. It may pass after a few hours or a day. However, your body does not utilize the CBD dose as it eliminates most of it. Therefore you will not see the expected results in such cases.

CBD Gummies Vs. Oil

For better absorption, you should use CBD oils. These require sublingual pathways to reach your blood supply. It is the fastest route and does not allow wasting of CBD. all forms of CBD that require digestion may only produce minimal effects. However, oils usually have a pungent or sour taste. In contrast, gummies have exciting flavors that appeal to your taste buds.


It is advised that you should not take CBD on an empty stomach. You may also get minor side effects. However, in most situations, the substance does not work efficiently. It is better to take minimal doses of CBD frequently than to opt for a heavy amount. It will provide your body with an optimal time frame and quantity to effectively transport it to the receptors.

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