Can You Travel to Mexico With CBD Products

With CBD offering so many benefits, many people would like to take them when they travel. These products are helpful to manage fatigue from traveling and lift the mood as you hike and camp. Moreover, CBD can keep you calm and help you sleep in a different city if you feel anxious while traveling. If you take a trip to Mexico and want to stay calm with CBD, can you travel to Mexico with CBD products? A simple answer is yes, but you have to prove that CBD is derived from hemp.

On the other hand, hemp is available in Mexico if you don’t want to take CBD products with you. The USA has been importing hemp and CBD products to other countries, and Mexico and Canada are the nearest to the USA; thus, they import their CBD products. Regardless of which traveling means you choose, you can take it across the border, permitting your CBD product is hemp-derived.

As long as your CBD product has less than 0.3% THC, you can take it anywhere, except where THC is banned. This low concentration of THC makes it non-addictive, and you won’t get high enough to lose your senses. For higher than 0.3% THC, you have to provide a medical prescription for using such products because of your medical condition. You can get a medical card that allows you to take such CBD products anywhere. It is always better to learn about CBD restrictions in whichever country you plan to visit. That’ll keep you safe from many issues at the airport as some countries take it very seriously. This article will share everything regarding traveling with CBD to Mexico and other countries, including the USA.

List of Countries Where You Can Legally Travel With CBD

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Each country has its laws regarding hemp products, some still consider it a drug, and they don’t allow it. Some permit it but only for medical purposes; thus, you’ll need a medical card. Some countries are okay with any hemp product as long as it has less THC, and some don’t care about hemp at all. Here are some global highlights associated with CBD.


Canada has strict policies regarding CBD from other countries. The authorities won’t allow you to bring CBD products into the country. However, they sell CBD and THC, so if you ever want, you can purchase while there. On the other hand, companies making CBD in Canada and the USA won’t let other countries earn profit. Thus, they impose strict policies concerning importing hemp and CBD.


As we mentioned above, you can take CBD from America to Mexico, as long as the THC concentration is less than 0.3%.


Some countries in Asia, like Russia, Singapore, and Japan, have strict rules about CBD. If you get caught taking CBD in these countries, you might go to prison until you prove your innocence. They don’t even allow you to bring CBD for medical purposes. If you want to use hemp products as medicine, they will supply you, but you cannot CBD products from the USA.

You can take CBD freely into India, as long as it is not pure weed. South Korea allows you to use CBD only for medical purposes. Take a permit from FDA Thailand, and use as many CBD products as you want.

China’s CBD industry is vast, but they still allow you to bring your CBD products. Moreover, they even provide you with a free sample to check their CBD and see if you like it more.

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Unlike Aisa, Europe doesn’t have strict policies regarding bringing and using CBD. CBD products without THC are allowed in the UK, and Germany only allows 0.2% of THC. France considers THC a narcotic; thus, your CBD product should not contain THC traces. In the Netherlands, you can take CBD with 0.05% of THC or less. The main culprit here is the THC; as long as you use broad-spectrum or CBD Isolate, you can take CBD products anywhere.


Africa has no laws regarding CBD since it is pretty unknown to the authorities there. However, many people have witnessed residents smoking Cannabis, so it is safe to assume that you can use CBD there, despite being legal or not.

On the other hand, South Africa is the only country with laws on CBD. You are allowed to consume only 20mg of CBD daily, but it should not contain more than 0.001% of THC. While you can use more than the permitted dosage of CBD, if you are caught, you have to pay a heavy fine.


Australia has different laws than other countries for CBD, and they only allow it for medical purposes. However, it must contain less than 2% of other cannabinoids, and you’ll also require a doctor’s prescription to use CBD in Australia.

Tips to Take CBD With You to Other Countries

While it is challenging to take CBD to some countries, especially full-spectrum CBD, you can follow some tips to make things easier. Since most countries allow CBD for medicinal purposes, you can prepare yourself beforehand so you won’t land yourself in hot water.

Always carry your medical marijuana card, as it can save you a lot of hassle. The card has all the details regarding your health and why you need medical marijuana. Every country has policies about health, and they won’t stop you from taking or purchasing CBD if you have your medical marijuana card.

Ensure that your CBD product is in its original packing as the pack contains all its ingredients. The personnel at the airport will not check the internet to check your product’s ingredients. They will check the product packaging and the ingredients list.

All the CBD products you carry must have less than 0.3% THC. If you have CBD products with more than 0.3% of THC, you’ll require a medical marijuana card acceptable worldwide. Most importantly, carry the prescription with you; you’ll need it in most dispensaries and medical stores.

Will an Airline Take a CBD Test

Since CBD is allowed in most countries, Airlines won’t take a test for it. They check for THC, and if your blood contains traces, they won’t let you fly. However, you can save time by carrying a medical marijuana card and showing it when required.

On the other hand, Airlines won’t allow their pilots to use any Cannabis product, even for medicinal purposes. They want their pilots to remain alert at all times, and if any of them get sick or require medical assistance, they will be given the necessary leave to recover at home.

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Restriction on CBD in Mexico

While you can take CBD into Mexico easily, there are some laws you have to follow. You cannot carry more than 28 grams of Cannabis. If you hold more than 28g but less than 200g, you have to pay a fine of $500, and if they catch you with more than 200mg of Cannabis, you will be imprisoned for six years.

Only people 18 years or above can keep these products with them, and they have to show their age identification. Even if you are taking CBD from the USA to Mexico, you must provide all the necessary documents at the border before entering.


Can you travel to Mexico with CBD products? Yes, you can as long as they have less than 0.3% THC. Moreover, if they ask you to provide the ID card to prove your age, show it to the border authorities to proceed. Also, while staying in Mexico, make sure to follow their Cannabis rules to avoid trouble. Always keep your medical marijuana card with you to use CBD products without hassle.

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