Do You Need a Medical Card for CBD in Oklahoma?

You have probably heard a lot about the state of Oklahoma, including the fact that it has a high number of marijuana dispensaries. However, that fact does not mean you can secure marijuana any time you want. There is a list of conditions in the state with which you qualify for marijuana, and not everyone meets the criteria.

So, if you cannot easily get marijuana in a state where it is in abundance, you can get CBD, right? Well, the coast is not so clear on that one, either. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active compounds found in marijuana. It can deliver many of the plant’s health benefits, and while it is legal in the state, you may need a prescription card.

The summary is that not every form of CBD is legal in the state. That is why you may need a card to get and carry any CBD product. Some states in the United States have laws approving the possession of products made from hemp-derived CBD, but not that derived from the bud or flower. Oklahoma is one such state, making it crucial to have a card for any CBD product you carry.

CBD in Oklahoma

Legal Gray Areas

There are a few gray areas surrounding the legalization and usage of CBD in various states. The seeming indecision across states makes it difficult to determine whether or not you are committing an offense by carrying such a product. For example, sending any CBD product by mail is a federal offense, but you can travel with it.

The bone of contention is the THC content of each product. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a banned substance at both the federal and state levels. Therefore, any CBD product with even a trace amount of the psychoactive compound is considered a controlled substance. However, it is not always possible. So, such products may get confiscated to prevent usage.

The truth is that it may be difficult to get CBD with even the smallest amount of THC. The process of extracting it from the plant may infuse trace amounts, even with the most careful separation process. Besides, some users prefer when CBD products contain THC, no matter how little. So, finding a balance has become difficult.

CBD Laws in Oklahoma

CBD laws in Oklahoma

The lack of clear regulations for CBD from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) means you cannot tell the correct amount of the beneficial compound in each product. You have to go with what the product label says more often than not, which can be misleading.

Therefore, the FDA has a guideline for using all products that contain cannabis and compounds derived from it. These products include those that contain CBD, even though it is not psychoactive and is relatively safe.

Consequently, every product with cannabis-derived CBD is illegal for use in Oklahoma. Only products containing hemp-derived CBD are legal. If you must carry or use CBD products from the cannabis plant, you need a medical card. 

The reason is that the hemp plant typically contains a high amount of CBD, but the plant does not have a psychoactive effect. To get close to that feeling of high while using hemp or its derivates, you will need a considerable amount of the specific products. However, the opposite is true about cannabis. Due to its potency, cannabis-derived compounds are also potent and thus, prohibited. 

Before safely carrying such a product, you must have an Oklahoma medical card. In other words, you must be registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to be eligible for it. Otherwise, consider yourself as carrying a controlled substance, and it is a drug charge.

There are suggestions that CBD works better if it has trace amounts of THC in various quarters. However, the FDA is yet to approve it, so it is best to have clearance for possession of the substance.


Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Oklahoma. You do not need a medical card to carry products with this type of CBD. On the other hand, cannabis-derived CBD is illegal in the same state, so you need a medical card.

Carrying any form of CBD is risky because law enforcement may take it for testing. If it contains THC of more than 0.3%, or the CBD is from the cannabis plant, you have a drug charge against you.

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