Do You Refrigerate CBD Oil: Key things you need to know about storing CBD oil

The legalization of CBD products came at the right time when everyone seemed to need them. Among the significant benefits of CBD is how it provides the body with soothing benefits. 

If you need CBD oils, you can get them from reliable and trusted sources, from physical shops to online stores. Interestingly, you find CBD oils on shelves not refrigerated; however, some people still argue that the products require good preservation to maintain their quality. 

Either way, many people are asking about the best way to preserve these products. Do you refrigerate CBD oil? or can it survive under room temperatures provided there is no heat or air contact? The answer is yes; you should put your products in the refrigerator, which keeps them cool in the dark space within.

What’s the lifespan of CBD oil on shelves?

Shelf life of CBD oil

cbd oilTypically, CBD oils can last for one year before they expire. This lifespan can be longer for tinctures containing alcohol. However, the typical CBD oil shelf life majorly depends on how you preserve them.

Having said that, the following factors can help you extend the shelf life of CBD oils, especially when you cannot access refrigeration services.

  • Quality: High-quality CBD oils tend to have a longer shelf-life than others. So, when it comes to quality, you need to choose a product that has a high purity level, including a rich flavor and other natural additives. 
  • Packaging: Use of dark bottles to pack CBD oil products preserves freshness. Ideally, the dark bottle prevents its contents from being exposed to light which can cause the cannabinoids to break down. This is a method reputable companies use to ensure their products have a long shelf life. 
  • Extraction Methods: How manufacturers extract products manifests directly impact their lifespan. A clean and safe extraction method removes toxic solvents or other dangerous residues that can spoil the end product’s quality.

Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

As we have said earlier, it is essential to use proper storage to restore CBD oil’s shelf life, including its freshness and quality. Otherwise, the exposure of CBD oil to intense light would cause severe degradation of its terpenes and CBD profiles.  

Therefore, you need to use preservation options such as refrigeration to prevent direct heat and light from ruining the CBD oil. You can refrigerate CBD oil if you buy in bulk, planning to make supplies after one year. However, it may be unnecessary to refrigerate CBD oils if you buy them every month. Instead, storing the products in a cool, dry, dark place would help.

Note that if you refrigerate CBD oils, ensure the bottles don’t freeze because it becomes difficult to get the product out. This reason can be a pointer to make you avoid refrigerating CBD oil if you use them month after month. Otherwise, you can use the refrigeration storage option if you bought the product in bulk for ongoing supplies.

Factors that Affect the Storage of CBD Oil

Now you know that refrigerating CBD oil is recommended but not necessary if you have a cool, dry place to store smaller quantities. 

There are other ways you can preserve CBD oil. However, to better understand such methods, you need to know the factors that affect their storage. So, some of the most common factors influencing the potency and quality of CBD oils include:  


cbd oilThe quality of CBD products is likely to degrade when you expose them to direct light. Even though most CBD products are packaged in dark bottles, you can’t rely on that. Instead, it would help if you use storage measures that prevent degradation of the CBD quality due to exposure to light. The best way to do so is by storing the products in a dark, cool, and dry place, maybe in a cupboard.


High temperatures equally affect the potency and quality of CBD oil, just like intense light. The products become inconsistent when heated, causing them to lose their health benefits. Also, exposing CBD oils to extreme temperatures may destroy vital compounds present in the product.


Perhaps you wonder why CBD oils are packed in small containers? They do so to ensure users finish a bottle of CBD oil quickly.  

CBD oil reacts with air components such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and many more elements after opening the bottle. Therefore, when the products are left open for long hours, some of these air molecules, such as oxygen, affect the CBD oil’s quality, breaking down faster. 

Proper Ways of Storing CBD Oil

Collectively, subtle temperature, air, and light can negatively affect the quality, freshness, and potency of CBD oils. However, using proper methods to preserve CBD oils is vital to prevent the adverse effects of those factors.

First, ensure you store your products in an airtight bottle.

Also, make sure no light gets inside the packaging containers, as intense light can degrade cannabinoids. Similarly, keep the bottle away from direct UV light since it can oxidate the oil.

Further, store the CBD oil away from extreme temperatures. You can maintain room temperature by keeping the products in cupboards and cabinets. Lastly, make sure you store CBD oil out of reach of children as it is among the useful methods to avoid havoc caused by the use of CBD products when kids use them. 

Final thoughts

If you’re wondering, “does CBD oil need to be refrigerated” yes, you should put these products in the fridge if you need to keep them for a long time. However, it is unnecessary to put the products in a fridge if you have only one bottle, which you use daily.

Of course, the effects of freezing CBD oils are evident, so please avoid that. The product in the bottle can freeze, thus making it hard to use it. Controlling the air, temperature, and light where you store the products, can be enough to keep the oil fresh and potent for your use. 

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