Does CBD Affect Anesthesia

CBD has become a “Cure-all’ medicine ever since hemp was legalized in the USA. It has multiple health benefits helping you manage your pain, anxiety, and depression. Some people prefer using it before their operation to stay calm and less anxious. However, doctors give anesthesia before operating on someone to make them unconscious. When you consider using CBD before a procedure, you should ask yourself, does CBD affect anesthesia. In simple words, it will, so you should stop using CBD a day before the operation.

Since CBD traces remain in your blood, any other medicines for relaxation or unconsciousness won’t affect you as they should. The CBD inside your blood will tell your brain to stay active, making it hard for anesthesia to knock you out. Moreover, CBD helps regulates blood pressure, and it might cause you to bleed faster during surgeries. Usually, doctors give low blood pressure medicines to patients so they won’t bleed out during surgeries. CBD will nullify this effect and make it difficult for doctors to control the bleeding.

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Should I Use CBD Oil Before Cosmetic Surgery

While it is safe to take CBD oil any time you want, it tends to mess with the effects of other medicines. If your doctor has given you medication before surgery for any reason, using CBD oil is not a suitable option. In addition, most doctors don’t allow you to eat anything before the surgery, and for most operations, they don’t even let you drink water.

Before surgery, taking any food might cause complications like infection, vomiting, nausea, and increased heart rate. Usually, when you go for surgery, you fill out a form where you enter details about your opioid usage. If you have been using such drugs, your doctor will allow you to remain without them for some time to clean your blood. Traces of CBD and THC can meddle with anesthesia effects and, in some cases, make it ineffective. However, if you have been using a low dosage of CBD, your doctor might increase anesthesia dosage to counter CBD effects. That is only possible when your doctor knows all about the medications or other natural remedies you’re on to ensure your body can handle high dosage anesthesia.

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Many doctors suggest that CBD has anticoagulant effects, meaning they act the same way as blood thinners. Using them before surgery will cause excessive blood flow, making it hard for surgeons to control.

Some suggest that you can use CBD as long as you don’t eat or take anything to activate its anticoagulant effects. Using CBD on an empty stomach before the surgery might be helpful, regardless of how you take them.

According to a study, cannabis products can alter the anesthesia required in surgery by almost 300%.

Can I Use Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Before Surgery

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, which makes things even more complicated. Since THC causes a high feeling and anesthesia does the same, your doctor might have to alter the anesthesia dosage. A person regularly using THC products requires a much higher dosage of anesthesia than an average person.

Most people use CBD oil infused with THC to help manage pre-operation anxiety. But many doctors suggest that using CBD close to surgery can cause health risks. Many doctors don’t completely understand the effects and working of CBD oil, so they advise their patients not to use it before treatments.

Smoking can cause adverse effects as one patient faced airway obstruction because he smoked marijuana hours before the operation.

Should I Use CBD Oil After My Surgery

It is advisable to ask your doctor about using CBD after your surgery. Usually, your doctor prescribes you the medicine required to heal your wounds and calm your post-surgery fatigue. If you have been using CBD products to relax, consult your doctor.

If your doctor is already suggesting opioids to help manage pain, you can use a CBD or THC tincture as an alternative. With its anti-inflammatory, CBD might help heal your wounds quickly. However, if your prescribed medicine won’t work appropriately with CBD, it is better to avoid it when using the drug.

If your healing process requires lots of rest, CBD is helpful. CBD will block pain receptors and won’t send pain signals to your brain, making you feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly.

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On the other hand, the CBD product you use brings different results. Some CBD products bring instant results, while others take more time. If your pain sensation is random and gets severe quickly, you’ll need a product that shows results immediately. However, if your pain is mild and you can endure it, it is better to use a CBD product that takes time to work but lasts longer.

CBD oil takes 30-40 minutes before it starts working, so it’s recommended to use it for mild pain. Take one or two drops and roll them under your tongue; wait for two to three minutes and swallow them. Try to lie down and rest and wait for the CBD to work. If your CBD oil contains THC, you’ll experience a high that’ll get soothing within minutes. Don’t be worried if you get a sudden strong effect of THC at first, as it might happen after surgery due to your blood containing no traces of THC before.

Always Consult Your Doctor Before Using CBD Oil Before or After Surgery

Your physician knows more about your medical history, and they can guide you properly about using CBD oil. It is always better to consult your doctor first before using CBD products. Moreover, before the surgery, be transparent with your doctor and tell them if you have used hemp products before. That’ll help him guide you better before the operation to avoid any complications. 

Most people try to hide it from their doctor, and they get adverse problems during and after the operation. Also, get a blood test and show the report to your doctor. That’ll save you a lot of hassle explaining what kind of drugs you were using before.

If your doctor prescribes any CBD products after surgery, it is better to learn its side effects so you won’t become anxious if something unusual happens. On the other hand, always opt for the CBD product that best suits your needs. If CBD oil is the most beneficial for you, there is no need to use any other product.


Does CBD affect anesthesia? It all depends on how much CBD you use before the operation and when. Doctors won’t advise you to use CBD products a day before the procedure as it might interfere with the effects of anesthesia.

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