Does CBD Affect Birth Control: Key Things to Know About CBD and Birth Control

Using CBD is one of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits without becoming high. However, you should only buy CBD products from trusted brands. Many people would like to enjoy using CBD, including those on birth control. But does CBD affect birth control?

We know that some birth control methods work well while using CBD, but others may be less effective because of CBD. So, it depends on the type of birth control you are using.

There are different birth control options, including hormonal, permanent contraceptives, and others. So, what you should do is get an expert to advise you to know whether you can use CBD while on your preferred birth control method. 

Millions of people across the USA prefer to use contraceptive pills, making them the most common birth control method. However, with the increase in demand for CBD products in the market, more people are asking whether CBD can be used with birth control products.

In most cases, hormonal contraceptives such as implants, pills, rings, and some IUDs are mainly used by people who do not want to get pregnant. In addition, hormonal contraceptives like pills may cause side effects, including mood swings and anxiety. For this reason, some women treat these effects by using CBD products.

Furthermore, some even take CBD for relaxation and to relieve body pain. Either way, if you are using any birth control pills with CBD, it’s good to know how CBD affects the birth control product’s effectiveness.

How CBD Affects Reproductive System

CBDCannabinoids are primarily used for therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

However, they may influence the functions of male and female reproductive systems.

In most cases, the products affect the hormones related to sex in both genders.

Several research reports have indicated that certain cannabinoids may affect some of the significant reproduction processes.

For example, they influence ovulation, fertilization, sperm motility, placentation, and the release of some hormones.

It is good to know that changes in the reproductive system from its normal functions are temporary. Also, you will notice these changes and can stop using CBD until you get more advice from your fertility doctor.

Effects of CBD on Childbirth and Pregnancy

There are several types of research on the effects of using CBD during pregnancy. However, there is some evidence that CBD is closely related to the lower weight of the child during birth. Besides that, there are no other changes in the features of the newborns.

Another research showed that the number of mothers who consumed cannabinoids during pregnancy and had babies with low weight was relatively small. Further, the study revealed no connection between CBD use during pregnancy and infant health problems or death.

CBD vs Body Estrogen Levels

Cannabinoids have various effects on hormones in the reproductive system. First, it hinders the production and distribution of estrogen hormone in the body as it can sometimes act like estrogen.

Further, some studies show that CBD directly impacts estrogen levels as it can act as an aromatase inhibitor. The aromatase is helpful in the production of estrogen; hence anything inhibiting it can reduce the synthesis of estrogen. So, CBD being an aromatase inhibitor affects the level of estrogen directly. 

Effects of CBD on the CYP-450 Enzyme System

CBDThe liver metabolizes and breaks down many of the pharmaceutical drugs we usually take. Typically, cannabinoids directly affect CYP-450 enzymes found in the liver, and the enzyme is in charge of metabolizing almost 60% of all medicinal drugs that we take.

Usually, cannabinoids are more powerful. They usually disrupt the enzymes making it harder for some medications in the birth control category to perform their job. The metabolism rates and intellectual processes vary from one individual to another. For that reason, it’s good to acknowledge this before consuming CBD products while taking birth control pills.

Also, you should remember that the interaction of cannabinoids with this enzyme will make the body system accumulate different chemicals. This can cause significant problems when interacting with the medication you consume. This is because most active elements are piling up inside the body instead of being used up or removed as waste.

CBD vs Estrogen Based Birth Control Pills

The effects of CBD on birth control pills are so obvious. Since the product affects the body’s estrogen level and the enzyme system, it can still affect the effectiveness of birth control pills.

We make this suggestion according to a study that shows CBD components prevent stimulation of estrogen receptors. A high concentration of CBD in the body optimally competes with estradiol, impeding its proper functions. Similarly, CBD has a significant impact on the liver, which is 50% responsible for the metabolism of estrogen. So, it’s logical to conclude that CBD affects birth control pills by its impact on the liver.

However, it is necessary to note that all these studies are still in the early stages. So there is little evidence to support the claims that CBD can entirely affect birth control pill functions. But as far as estrogen-based birth control pills are concerned, there may be some interaction. That is because CBD is known to cause a reduction in estrogen levels in the body. 

Birth Control Options While Taking CBD

What are other birth control options you can use with CBD? 

First, medics recommend using progesterone-based birth control pills instead. These pills are more reliable and can function as expected while using CBD.

Further, some people don’t like using birth control contraceptives in tablet form or injections. In that case, the use of condoms and IUDs is a good option, rather than using estrogen-based birth control contraceptives.


So, does CBD affect birth control? It is good to note that CBD has different reactions to birth control depending on the individual. Factors such as metabolism, diet, lifestyles, exercises, and personal psychology alter how the body uses CBD, and these processes may influence the effectiveness of birth control pills.

In addition, there is no confirmed report to indicate the extent to which CBD affects the actions of birth control contraceptives. Similarly, it’s not possible to tell when CBD has significantly altered the activities of birth control pills. Therefore, it is best to discuss your condition with a professional doctor before using CBD and birth control pills simultaneously.

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