Does CBD Affect Menstrual Cycle

CBD has gained a massive following since it became legal, and people are still joining the craze. Reviews talk about CBD’s multitasking abilities and the positive effects the product gives. These days, brands are incorporating the compound in many products, like topicals, edibles, vapes, tinctures, and so on. 

There is not much data to back CBD properties. Scientists are still researching its properties to know more benefits users can get from its usage. We know CBD is a great compound that helps alleviate many ailments and consumer experiences help create a clear picture of what CBD can do. 

CBD is a safe compound to consume, and it does not affect menstrual cycles. Instead, it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate bodily functions, and it’s a great compound to treat PMS. Doctors recommend it for users that have severe menstrual cramps. 

What is CBD?

CBDCBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant, and it does not have any psychoactive or euphoric feeling. This is because brands eliminate THC, which makes people high from hemp plants. Also, they get CBD from hemp plants in large quantities, ensuring the THC percentage does not exceed 0.3%. 

They do this because the farm bill of 2018 only allows hemp products if the manufacturer derives it from hemp plants and the THC level does not exceed 0.3% in dry weight. However, most states do not recognize the law, making it illegal to produce or consume hemp-derived products. 

So, ensure to know your state’s law or the laws of the state you’re traveling to regarding CBD before ordering one. Brands produce CBD in three forms, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. 

They all serve different purposes and aid users with the benefit they seek. Full-spectrum contains all the terpenes in hemp plants plus 0.3% THC, and Broad-spectrum contains all terpenes minus THC, while CBD isolate contains nothing but pure CBD.

Ways CBD Can Help With Menstrual Symptoms

Credible brands manufacture CBD products using organic ingredients, and they grow hemp plants organically without any pesticides or chemical spray. CBD does not affect hormones or menstrual cycles, and it aids significantly in alleviating symptoms of PMS, bringing relief to consumers. Here are some ways CBD helps:

  • Grants the User Pain Relief

Most people undergo severe pain during menstruation which interferes with their daily life. Though several products promise to aid users in gaining pain relief during menstruation, most of them are unsafe. But CBD tackles the user’s pain without any adverse effects. It has anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes the user after consumption. 

  • Improves the User’s Mood

Menstrual cramp frustrates most people, making them depressed,  anxious, and in a constant bad mood. It doesn’t help if the user is under a lot of stress, which adds to their bad mood, making them more irritable. CBD has antidepressant properties that relieve anxiety and irritability, which improves one’s mood. It also calms users, putting them at ease to relax and not worry about menstruation. 

  • Regulates the User’s Sleep Pattern

Some people do not get any sleep while going through menstruation. They toss and turn all night with no relief in sight and wake up tired. CBD helps regulate sleep. It contains CBN, a sedative that aids people in getting quality sleep. Furthermore, time your intake to coincide with when you wish to sleep, so you won’t need to stay awake longer than you have to. 

How Much CBD Can I Have for Menstruation?

CBDIt depends on the CBD product. CBD affects users differently depending on their body metabolism, age, and CBD torelance. Therefore, you must read the CBD product manual to determine how to dose the product properly. But it’s generally advised that you experiment with dosages for CBD because people have different body metabolism.

So, what works for one person might not for another. For example, someone in pain with a high CBD torelance might not feel its effect if they take a dose of low-potency CBD products. Such a person is better off upgrading to a higher potency CBD product to feel its impact. That, of course, depends on the CBD product. 

Give the CBD time to work before taking another dosage. It takes some CBD products 30 mins to 45 mins to work and 15 mins for some other CBD products. Furthermore, do not ingest a tremendous amount of CBD at once. Though CBD is safe to consume and won’t cause you harm, it will trigger some side effects.

The side effects of CBD are red-eye, dry mouth, increased hunger, drowsiness, and dizziness. So, instead of consuming several doses of low potency CBD products, upgrade to higher potency slowly and adjust your intake till you determine your dosage

How long do CBD effects last?

CBD effects last an upward of four to six hours after consumption, and it depends on your dosage and your method of consuming CBD. As mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t get you high, but its benefits will aid you during menstruation. 


CBD is a great supplement to aid one during menstruation, and it does not affect the menstrual cycle or regulate one’s hormones. Consumers recommend it for its excellent benefits like pain relief, improved mood, anxiety relief, and improved sleep. The product will aid you if you usually experience severe pains during your menstrual cycle.

It’s safe to consume, and brands research its properties before issuing the product. Consult your health care provider to discuss CBD if you’re already on another medication. You need to know if the medicine will mix well with CBD, and it’s not a safe practice to mix drugs. 

Your health care provider can also recommend a great CBD product you can try. This is because numerous CBD products in the market can’t be trusted. They are manufactured by fake brands with profit in mind, so their properties leave much to desire. Thus you should not purchase CBD products without vetting the brand first. 

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