Does CBD Affect Sperm Count?

CBD products are all the hype and rage in the market. The popularity of CBD products is through the roof, and it is not limited to a particular age group. People of all ages are swooning over these products. There are thousands of people reporting positive experiences with CBD products. However, some people still have questions about these products’ safety and side effects. One of the most critical questions is, “Does CBD affect sperm count?”

Before we get into the details of the question, let us understand what CBD is. Does it work? Does it pose a threat to your health? The skyrocketing fame of CBD products can be attributed to the numerous health benefits. 

What Is CBD?


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the 113 cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant. Although it was discovered in 1940, it has become popular. Most people confuse CBD with marijuana; however, the two are entirely different. Marijuana and hemp are closely related to each other but differ in terms of THC concentration. 

Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC. THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive compound. It is responsible for causing the usual high along with mind-altering effects. In comparison, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It plays a vital role in maintaining harmony in the body. It also helps keep the brain sharp and alert. 

How Does CBD Work?

Researchers have spent decades studying CBD and its mechanism in the human body. The research shows that CBD has a significant role in regulating the functions of the brain, endocrine system, and immune system. Recent studies have shown that CBD also has a vital role in activating Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

ECS is an essential system of our body. It uses endogenous cannabinoids to enhance bodily functions. The main components of ECS are CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

CB1 receptors are found in the brain, specifically in Hypothalamus, Amygdala, and Hippocampus. CB2 receptors are abundantly found in tonsils, spleen, and immune cells. These work in collaboration with cannabinoids to maintain homeostasis in the body.

Usually, the human body can generate enough cannabinoids to sustain ECS. However, poor diet, exhaustion, and stressful routines can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. This severely disrupts the production of cannabinoids in the body. Therefore, most people choose CBD products to make up for the deficient cannabinoids in the body. 

Benefits of CBD?

CBDNumerous CBD products are available on the market. Some of the most sought-after CBD products include gummies, vape cart oils, and tinctures. Most users have reported that these products help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. Some people consume these products to deal with stress and anxiety from day-to-day tasks. Some users have reported that CBD products help reduce the symptoms of PTSD. 

These products also help people deal with heroin addiction by reducing withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and cravings. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of satisfied users with their experience of CBD products. However, there are still some queries that people seek answers to. One of the most important is the effects of CBD on sperm count.

Does CBD Affect Sperm Count?

To answer the question directly, yes, CBD has been shown to impact the sperm count negatively. This topic is still under research, and new evidence pops up every day. Therefore, more research is needed on this topic to devise a definite answer. However, some studies suggest that excessive intake of CBD can lead to low sperm count.  

In 2015, researchers conducted a study involving 1215 Danish people between 18 and 25. The study showed that people who smoked cannabis more than once a week showed a 28% lower concentration of sperm. It showed a total of 29% decrease in total sperm count. Additionally, people who used cannabis more than once a week and consumed other recreational drugs showed a 52% lower concentration of sperm. Moreover, it showed an overall 55% decrease in total sperm count.

Effect on Sperm Shape and Size

In 2019, the researchers conducted a study to determine the effects of cannabis on the size and shape of sperm. The study involved the review of 48 different reports related to the consumption of cannabis and fertility status. The majority of the studies showed that the consumption of cannabis has some adverse effects on the size and shape of sperm. 

The size and shape of the sperm play an essential role in fertility. The shape of the sperm (a round head and a tail) is generally referred to as a tadpole. This shape enables sperms to travel conveniently towards the egg and initiate fertilization. Excessive use of cannabis causes abnormalities in the morphology (shape and size) of sperms. This makes it challenging to establish a pregnancy. 

Motility and Genetic Makeup of Sperms

CBDThe motility of sperm is an essential factor in establishing a pregnancy. It allows the sperm to swim smoothly towards the eggs and initiate fertilization. A study conducted in 2019 shows that consumption of cannabis can harm the motility of sperm. It may reduce the ability of the sperm to swim towards the egg, thus leading to male infertility. However, the researchers have yet to discover strong evidence to back this claim.

Cannabis also negatively impacts the genetic makeup of the sperm. Although there is not much research to support it, some studies have shown compelling evidence. According to a report published by Duke University in 2019, cannabis can lead to changes in the DNA of the sperm.  

Considering the evidence mentioned earlier, we can say that cannabis might lead to a low fertility rate. However, it does not suggest that all cannabis users are infertile.

Several underlying reasons might be contributing to decreased sperm count. Therefore, you should always consult a doctor before making a decision. While we are on the subject, there are a few things that you can adopt to improve sperm health. 

How to Promote Sperm Health

For cannabis users, the first thing to do is minimize the use of cannabis. Although there is no rock-solid evidence to support the claim that cannabis is solely responsible for infertility, it is best to manage the intake. This is the best way to avoid the confusion of whether or not cannabis is adding to low sperm count. 

Additionally, there are a few changes that you could make in your lifestyle to promote healthy sperm. These changes include a stress-free lifestyle, more exercise, proper sleep, and cutting back on other recreational drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol.


CBD products have gained popularity due to numerous health benefits. Since CBD does not have the psychoactive effects of THC, most people prefer CBD over traditional medicine. Although most users have reported positive results from CBD products, some people can be negatively affected. This does not necessarily suggest that CBD products are unsafe. However, you must consult a professional before you decide to start taking CBD products.

If you are already taking prescribed medication, it is better to avoid cannabis. The reason is that CBD products could interfere with the mechanism of your medicine. This can lead to severe health problems. Moreover, as mentioned above, some studies suggest that cannabis can lead to low sperm count. Therefore, it is better to avoid CBD unless you get advice from a professional.

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