Does CBD Affect THC Tolerance?

Burnouts are usual for THC consumers; one minute you’re basking in THC euphoric effects, and the next, you’re consuming a greater amount of THC to get your usual fix. Not to worry, you’re not coming down with something. However, before anything, you need to confirm that you’re consuming a good THC batch and consider taking a THC break. 

The body develops a tolerance for THC with each consumption. That’s why your usual dosage becomes ineffective after a while. The THC tolerance can rise to a considerable level where you wouldn’t feel any effect regardless of how much THC you consume. Before we go on, let’s find out what CBD does and how to reduce THC in your body. 

Why Is Taking a THC Break Necessary? 

CBDTaking a break from THC consumption helps clear the mind and body from its effect. The more time you stay away from THC, the better results it yields. Your body purges THC out via urine and sweat, so you will feel the effects if you consume THC again. The process is slow, and you might experience THC cravings with withdrawal symptoms.

But to speed things up, combine your break with drinking water and regular exercising. It’s a sure way of dislodging the THC stored in your fats and expelling them from your system. Other than that, your tolerance level remains more or less the same after your break. With THC still stored in your fats, your tolerance remains high even after the break. 

CBD Benefits

Ancient healers used CBD for medical purposes, and today people are enjoying the same benefits. To top that, hemp plants are much more potent today than before due to different farming methods, so the benefits are amplified. Brands get CBD from organically grown hemp plants, and they test them in third-party labs to ensure its quality. 

It’s safe to use and usually does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial colors, animal gelatin, or by-products. Manufacturers incorporate it into many products because of its excellent benefits in alleviating pain and relieving anxiety. Also, it aids with inflammations, irritability, mood swings, and increased appetite.

Users with insomnia consume CBD to sleep better and longer. It relaxes the users’ nerves, calming them and putting them to sleep. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, and it will help you focus better on the work at hand.  

You will find CBD in vapes, tinctures, pre-rolls, flowers, and gummies. Furthermore, CBD is also legal on the federal level. The farm bill of 2018 has legalized CBD and hemp-derived products if they do not contain more than 0.3% THC. So you can consume CBD products in public without getting into trouble. 

However, before doing that, you should check the legal status of hemp plants in your state. Some states do not accept the hemp law and criminalize hemp plant products. If you’re traveling, check the legal status of hemp in the state before packing CBD products into your suitcase.

Can CBD Disrupt THC Tolerance?

cbdWhen going through THC breaks, consuming CBD seems like it would disrupt the break, but it doesn’t. Studies show CBD does not affect THC tolerance because they work with different receptors in the body. Ingesting a full-spectrum CBD product gives you 0.3% THC, and the effects are much lesser than having THC products. 

Aside from the potency difference, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. So the fraction of THC it has and the production formula will not affect your THC break. Instead, it will help you stay afloat, warding off withdrawal symptoms and THC cravings. Some users credit CBD products for helping them get over smoking marijuana

They prefer the mild effects CBD offers rather than inhaling and puffing smoke or ashes with an unpleasant odor. Also, CBD gives them more focus, allowing them to speak and socialize better in public. Besides, some brands manufacture CBD products in different flavors, enhancing the users’ experience. 

What Are the THC Withdrawal Symptoms One Should Expect?

Heavy THC users experience minor withdrawal symptoms while on THC breaks. It’s the body’s way of rebelling after not getting its regular dose of THC. But not to worry, the symptoms are not adverse, and you can handle some of them if you have the remedy handy. 

Common symptoms include mood swings, headaches, nausea, insomnia, diminished appetite, and cognitive impairment. Get plenty of rest, exercise, and drink water to get better results. Furthermore, to help with the cravings, remove THC products or marijuana from your environment so you won’t cave into your desires.

Notify your loved ones or friends of your desire to take a break from consuming THC products. This way, they will help keep an eye out and stop you when you relapse. Also, other people who smoke will cease doing so around you so you can stay committed to the process.

How Long Should THC Tolerance Break Last?

It depends on how great your desire to quit THC is, your regular intake of THC, and your body metabolism. It might take some users a couple of days to reset their system, some weeks, others months. If you have a high body metabolism that burns fat faster, you can purge THC out quicker than others. 


CBD does not affect THC tolerance. It gives mild effects and contains 0.3%  THC, which does not compare to the full power of THC. Furthermore, CBD is an excellent alternative to smoking marijuana or consuming THC products. 

It gives users clarity and does not have any psychoactive effect. If you notice that you are consuming double your usual dosage with minor effects or zero impacts, go on a THC break. This is because your body has built up a tolerance for THC, and it needs time to reset. 

Drink water regularly, rest and exercise to get rid of THC faster. If you have a drug test and consume THC, do not exercise to expel it. The compound might not have left your body, and exercising will only dislodge the THC stored in your fats, making you test positive. 

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