Does CBD Cause Hair Loss?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It isn’t a secret that the substance, for medicinal purposes, can help with decreasing inflammation, pain, and other common ailments. Research shows that CBD treats numerous health conditions and symptoms, affecting different body areas like the hair. So, we want to answer the question: “Does CBD cause hair loss?”

There is no scientific evidence suggesting that CBD can cause hair loss. CBD helps your hair grow healthy unless there is another factor resulting in hair loss and shedding. You can also use CBD to regrow hair after shedding, thanks to the hemp extracts added to the compound. Additionally, CBD is an excellent stress and anxiety reliever, a common cause of hair loss.

Apart from directly ingesting it, you can apply CBD oil to your scalp and experience tremendous hair regeneration. However, not all CBD products you come across have a working formulation. Research shows that you are likely to get better results from CBD oil than from other products like gummies and vapes. We will look at how CBD helps you with hair loss.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD on Hair?

Hair loss is devastating, especially if you have a full head of hair. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has been found to have many benefits for the body, including hair growth. This makes it an ideal ingredient in skincare products, while providing numerous undisputed benefits for your hair.

Here are some of the effects of CBD on hair:

  • Prevents Hair Breakage

hairYour hair could get damaged from exposure to UV radiation, dust, and other forms of pollution. After the exposure, your hair eventually becomes dry and dull, losing its glow and charm. Besides environmental factors, a poor lifestyle and the wrong choice of styling products could significantly impact your hair’s health.

If any of the above factors damaged your hair, it could be time to try CBD oil to restore your hair’s lost glory. CBD contains moisturizing properties that help treat damaged hair and give it a smooth texture and glow. In addition, you can apply CBD oil to your scalp to get rid of chemical deposits that block the pores responsible for hair growth. It also feeds hair roots with the correct dosages of calcium and iron, leaving you with healthy hair. Besides, CBD keeps your hair nourished and hydrated, which helps it withstand harsh environmental conditions that lead to hair shedding and breakage.

  • Treats the Scalp

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help ensure that your scalp doesn’t get inflammations like eczema. Furthermore, CBD interacts with your hair’s cannabinoid receptors to boost immunity, reducing skin flaking and irritation. Besides slowing down your hair growth, flaking and irritation could result in premature baldness. CBD also helps keep off dandruff and dry skin by boosting your scalp’s oil levels.

The other good thing about CBD is its antimicrobial properties. They protect your skin from infections. It also has cleansing properties, responsible for eliminating hair product deposits, known to cause abnormal pH levels on your scalp.

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

Shedding hair at a higher rate than growing is disappointing as it could lead to reduced hair volume and, in severe cases, cause baldness. CBD comes in to fix the mess by providing your hair with the necessary minerals and nutrients. For example, CBD has omega fatty acids that lock in moisture in your hair.

CBD improves your blood circulation near the hair follicles area, and in return, your hair grows fast and strong. Moreover, CBD boosts cerebral blood circulation by collaborating with the endocannabinoid system, allowing your hair to benefit from nutrients that encourage hair growth. The only way to ensure that you are feeding your hair with the right CBD oil is by purchasing genuine products that have gone through lab tests and are confirmed to be safe.

  • Treats Hormonal and Stress

Stress and hormonal imbalance are the leading cause of hair loss. For instance, pregnant women and those in menopause experience hair shedding due to the interruption of the DHT hormone that causes shaven hairlines. CBD helps balance your hormones by interacting with the receptor responsible for hormone regulation in your body.

Since stress and anxiety compromise your health and nutrient availability for your hair growth, CBD comes with a working solution. It contains anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties that help you keep calm, which is good for your hair growth. With balanced stress levels, CBD ensures that your hair gets the necessary nutrients at the right levels.

If Not CBD, What Could Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a natural and normal part of the aging process. In most cases, the body can replace old hair with new hair. However, this replacement process does not happen as it should in some people, leading to thinning or complete loss of hair. There are many reasons for hair loss. Some are genetic and environmental, and others are due to medical conditions such as alopecia areata, which causes patches of baldness.CBD

  • Stress

Stress is another major factor that leads to excessive shedding of hair from your scalp. This is because it releases high cortisol hormone levels in your bloodstream, which causes the overproduction of sebum. The sebum clogs up your pores and sheds off dead skin cells, thus making your scalp look dull and dry.

  • Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss if there is an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen levels in your body. Excess production of estrogen can lead to male pattern baldness. On the other hand, low testosterone levels can cause premature graying of hair and thinning at the crown area of the head.

  • Age

Hair growth and regeneration patterns change with age. As you grow older, the hair follicles in your scalp become smaller and produce finer hair. Consequently, you end up losing more hair than you can regrow.

  • Medications

Certain medications can cause hair loss because they interfere with hormone production or blood flow to the scalp. Examples include chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer and birth control pills that contain estrogen or progesterone. Other medications may also cause hair loss if they make you more sensitive to sunlight. Also, some medications change how fast or slow your blood flows through your vessels to your scalp.

  • Inflammation

Inflammation is the defense mechanism that helps your immune system respond to injury and infections, and it causes hair loss and a flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. CBD suppresses inflammation, soothes your skin, and balances your scalp’s microbiome.


Although it is not approved for use as an alternative medication, CBD has numerous health benefits and gives relief to various health conditions. From the above discussion, CBD doesn’t cause hair loss but instead improves its quality. However, you need to ensure that the CBD product you use is legit and has the correct formulation for you to enjoy its goodness. The best way to guarantee that the CBD is genuine is by buying from reliable sources like companies’ websites.

Use CBD oil instead of other hemp-derived products like gummies for better results. While you can take CBD oil orally, apply the oil directly to your skin to ensure that your hair absorbs the oil from the roots. Scalp application ensures that your scalp remains moisturized and free from hair product deposits.

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