Does CBD Get Your Eyes Red?

You might be familiar with cannabis making your eyes red and inducing a high effect. It is often easy to identify cannabis smokers by looking at their eyes. They often have red, ringed eyes characterized by drowsiness and euphoria. On the other hand, CBD products do not make your eyes red. The red eyes often characterized by marijuana smokers are due to the compound’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

CBD does not cause watery, inflamed, and red eyes like THC, and you will only observe the eye-reddening effect with products that feature a high THC content. It might be surprising that CBD does not redden the eyes like THC even though they come from the same plant. Why THC and not CBD? You will find the answers in this article.

Woman vaping CBD in sunglassesDoes CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

We all know the therapeutic benefits of cannabis when used in moderation. They can include pain relief, combatting anxiety and stress while enhancing sleep. In addition, the product can enhance appetite and mood alongside several other health issues you might be experiencing. The product efficiently regulates how your body functions. 

THC lowers your blood pressure and dilates blood vessels, leading to small blood vessels appearing in the eyes. The high blood flow results in red, watery, and irritated eyes. This high blood flow is typical of cannabis smokers. CBD does not force blood to rush into the eyes like THC; therefore, it does not cause reddening. However, the difference between THC and CBD goes beyond that. Let’s delve a little deeper. 

What Is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

Hemp lovers alike tend to use THC, a molecule naturally present in cannabis plants that causes mind-altering effects and other possible side effects. However, substances that cause these effects are not yet legal and can cause severe harm to your body. If you take cannabis directly from the plant, you will likely consume THC, dominating CBD.

Both THC and CBD are compounds found in cannabis plants; however, THC is more common than CBD. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about side effects. On the other hand, THC has very dire consequences if consumed in high quantities. For this reason, all THC and THC-derived products must not contain more than 0.3% THC.

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

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You may think that CBD and THC look similar at first glance. Yet, if you closely observe, you will discover that they have different workings with separate effects. One of the primary variances between the two is the chemical structure of these products. CBD contains a different combination of hydrogen and oxygen. The different combination ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without suffering negative side effects.

CBD regulates the body in a non-aggressive and beneficial way. Such benefits include the regulation of mood and sleep and relief from mental tension and physical pain. CBD does not dilate your blood vessels or make your eyes red. The primary reason why THC users have red eyes is that the product dilates your vessels, thereby influencing blood flow in your eyes. Hence, the higher the THC level in products, the greater the effect.

You can also get red eyes from consuming tobacco which often leads to eye irritation. When smoke enters your sinuses, the problem could become worse. Hence, smokers of cannabis in standard form tend to have red eyes.

What Happens When You Consume CBD and Get Red Eyes?

Did your eyes become red after using CBD? You may need to question the legitimacy of the product. If you obtained your product from an unverified vendor or friend, you might have used THC without knowing. If you enjoyed a cerebral high and an uncontrollable desire to sleep, you might have consumed cannabis containing THC.

Most products you will find online and in verified retailer shops undergo independent third-party laboratory tests. These tests confirm the legitimacy of these products before they get approved for public use. In addition, these tests ensure that the THC found in products remains below 0.3%. The key is to check the product labels for the ingredients list to ensure you bought a product that contains only CBD.

It would help if you only purchased your products from reputable brands and retailers. Most reputable CBD brands have official brand websites where they sell their products. Make use of trusted websites with many positive customer reviews to avoid scams. These brands often offer discounts to loyal customers who support them. In addition, you could return the products and get a refund if the products don’t meet your expectations.

How to Deal With Red Eyes

If you have already consumed contaminated products and have red eyes, you can get rid of the reddening and inflammation by doing the following: 

Use Eye Drops 

When you apply a few drops to your eyes, the reddening disappears, and the drops help with inflammation. The irritation will reduce, and you will soon feel more comfortable.

Use Vasoconstrictors 

Some foods, including coffee, chocolate, and salt, can help counter the side effects of using THC products. These foods counteract the blood vessel dilations by narrowing your blood vessels and restricting blood flow. Hence, you can use these foods after consuming tobacco or THC products.

Woman vaping CBD in sunglasses

Wait for It to Clear on Its Own

Your eyes will not stay red forever after you use these products. If you don’t feel like using the steps above, you can simply wait for the effects to subside. After a few hours, the reddening will disappear. While resting, avoid exposure to sunlight and screens since it might worsen the situation. It would be best to sleep while waiting for your eyes to clear up. Note, however, that you should only use these procedures if you experience reddening from consuming these products. If you got red eyes from other sources not related to cannabis or smoking, it would help to visit your doctor.

Will Red Eyes Influence My Health?

Red eyes can be uncomfortable and a cause for irritation. However, reddening does not pose any threat to your health. As long as the reddening does not obscure you from carrying out normal activities, you don’t have any reason for concern. However, if your red eyes persist without improvement, it would be best to consult your doctor.

Conclusion – Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

Can CBD make your eyes red? No, it doesn’t – you will only get red eyes when consuming contaminated CBD products, THC, or THC-derived products. Another source of red eyes is tobacco, and coming in contact with tobacco smoke can leave you with red eyes.

Red eyes are not necessarily detrimental to your health. You can use eye drops or vasoconstrictors to clear the reddening. In addition, you can rest your eyes or sleep for a few hours to allow the eyes to clear naturally. If the reddening persists, you may have to visit your doctor to determine the problem. 

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