Does CBD Give You Munchies

People complained over the internet about CBD oil making them fat. Most people think that taking CBD might increase their appetite. However, that should never be the result after using CBD correctly. Marijuana might help increase your appetite, but CBD will not impact how much you eat, at least not directly. So, to answer the question “does CBD give you munchies” a simple answer is no. You are not likely to experience munchies because you consume CBD products.

As we said above, CBD doesn’t directly increase your weight; CBD’s main job is to keep you relaxed and in a better mood. But, since most people can’t seem to eat when they are tired, CBD helps them feel relaxed until they can finally have a meal. The consequence of a delay in having meals is that people start eating midnight snacks; thus, they gain weight.

However, hemp plants contain another compound, which is called THC. Studies have proven that THC can boost your appetite and increase your cravings for mid-night snacks. Regardless of how much THC is present in CBD products, it will stimulate your appetite, forcing you to eat more. Most people suggest correcting your diet while using CBD products so you won’t gain weight.

So, CBD giving you munchies is not correct; instead, CBD infused with THC can give you munchies. On the other hand, CBD can help improve your system since it will help improve your digestion

To avoid munchies, you should go for trusted and reliable products containing 100% CBD or check for those with tiny traces of THC, which should be less than 0.03%, in the product.

Can CBD Help Me Eat Less?

cbdCBD’s main job is to help you feel healthier and better. It won’t cause adverse reactions in your body; instead, CBD will regulate your entire system so that you can live normally. If you have a low appetite and your body still requires food to function normally. In such situations, CBD will increase your appetite but not to the point where you have to wake up to eat food in the middle of the night.

Also, if you are already eating too much because of hormonal imbalance, or a distorted digestive system, CBD may be the solution to correct these situations, and you’ll eat less. 

So, CBD can help you eat less, but you cannot use CBD to lose weight. It will compel you to eat enough food so your body can retain sufficient energy and nutrients.

Remember, everything happening in your body requires energy; if you don’t eat properly, you may not have enough energy to perform most functions.

CBD supports you to have a normal appetite by constantly sending signals to your brain that parts of your body require more energy than usual. This can make you sleepy or balance your appetite if you haven’t been eating correctly.

Which CBD Products Can Give Me Munchies?

Any CBD product with THC will increase your appetite and chances of having munchies. Let’s check out which products have THC, so you can avoid them if you don’t want to gain weight. 

One option to understand is that full-spectrum CBD products have high amounts of THC. So, if you see full-spectrum written on the product’s label, it will be best to avoid buying that product for now.

Also, broad-spectrum CBD products might have traces of THC, but it does have terpenes to compensate for THC. Broad-spectrum CBD without THC won’t make you gain weight, but with THC, it will increase your appetite even more since the terpenes inside them will act as a booster to enhance the overall effects of the product.

CBD Isolate doesn’t contain anything else, only pure CBD that you have to mix with other products for the best effects. These products work best to add CBD to your food or smoke without getting high.

Here is our analysis of the finished products you will find on the market to help you know which ones have high THC content, which can make you overeat-

  • CBD Gummies


Gummies are currently the most popular CBD products because they are delicious and easily accessible. If you search for CBD gummies, every hemp brand has the most extensive collection.

CBD gummies come in various strains that include THC. However, you can also find gummies with pure CBD extracts without traces of THC.

You should go for broad-spectrum CBD gummies without THC, as they’ll give you multiple health benefits. Also, terpenes can help reduce pain and inflammation, just like THC, without causing any adverse effects.

  • CBD Flower

You cannot find a CBD flower without THC. However, they also contain terpenes to improve their potency and for additional health benefits. Smoking CBD flower will increase your appetite as it has the most potent amount of THC, and they’ll also leave you feeling high. You can also add them to your food or salad and enjoy their benefits while eating your dinner or lunch.

  • CBD Oil

CBD oil is the next favorite CBD product after gummies because of their immediate effects; people love them more. However, those who crave flavors don’t like hemp oil as it doesn’t taste as good as other CBD products.

CBD oil also comes in different variants, but it is available mainly with broad-spectrum CBD with no THC. However, it is also available in THC variants, so be careful while purchasing CBD oil from a brand. Check the label for ingredients to ensure there is no THC in the content.

  • CBD Vape Carts

CBD vapes are the modern form of smoking; since CBD smoke won’t mix with water molecules in your lungs, it will hardly cause lung diseases. However, prolonged usage of CBD vapes can cause some problems, so be sure to switch to another CBD product after a while.

CBD vapes come with THC variants since the idea of smoking is to give the consumer a high feeling. Moreover, they give the fastest results providing relaxation and a high feeling within minutes. If you want a product that kicks in and wears off quickly, CBD vapes are the best for you.


Does CBD give you munchies? No, CBD won’t increase your appetite, but rather it improves your appetite. It will regulate your food cravings as your body requires. However, CBD infused with THC can increase your appetite.

To avoid munchies, you should carefully study the product you want to buy to ensure it does not contain vast amounts of THC.

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