Does CBD Help with Tooth Pain

In the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential health benefits have been widely discussed in the media. Natural compounds such as this are said to help with various conditions, but very few studies examine their potential to relieve tooth pain. 

The use of CBD in dealing with tooth pain is supported by a lot of user experience, even though little research has been conducted on this subject. 

The feeling of tooth pain is one of the most bothersome and inconvenient feelings we encounter in our lives. When you have a dental dilemma that requires the attention of a dentist, even the most minor symptoms of tooth pain can ruin your sense of well-being.

With the help of this article, we will dive into the research involving CBD and its effectiveness as a treatment for tooth pain. 

Can CBD Oil Help with Tooth Pain?

cbdPain associated with the teeth can manifest in various ways, such as sensitivity, aches, and cavities. It may be possible to alleviate some of these symptoms with CBD oil, while others may require the attention of a dentist.

Tooth pain most often occurs due to inflammation in the mouth or surrounding the teeth/gums; the pain begins with swelling. 

As per multiple users, CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also directly works on the source of the pain and helps alleviate it. You can apply it topically to the affected tooth or gum by using products such as CBD sprays, oils, or tinctures.

Inflammation of the gums can lead to painful toothaches that are more severe than your ordinary toothache. Infections caused by bacteria cannot be fully cured with CBD; however, it can reduce the severity of the pain. 

The vast amount of user reviews and experiences can testify that CBD can effectively treat toothaches & other causes of toothaches. However, you should always contact a dentist first before trying to deal with the pain on your own. 

Standard Methods of Taking CBD for Tooth Pain

A dentist should be able to help you find the proper treatment for tooth pain that is exceptionally severe or associated with a specific dental issue. Nevertheless, CBD can be an effective natural remedy for less severe cases like joint tooth pain. 

A good idea if flossing doesn’t seem to be helping is to try some CBD oil to help ease your pain. Capsules/edibles and tinctures containing CBD oil are the two most commonly used products for toothaches.

CBD oil tinctures can be ideal when you desire fast relief from pain. However, if you’re interested in immediate results, CBD oil can be used in several ways. You should look for CBD products that come with droppers for your tincture. 

Take a few CBD oil drops with your dropper and apply them to your finger or q-tip. Apply your finger/swab to your gums and gently rub the CBD oil into the area causing pain. You can also drizzle CBD oil on your toothpaste before brushing. If you have pain around your gums, pay close attention to them. 

There is a good chance that it will take up to 20 minutes for CBD oil tinctures to start working. CBD edibles and capsules can provide relief within one or two hours if you don’t mind waiting longer. 

How to Relieve Tooth Pain with CBD

There are several CBD products that you can use to help with tooth pain, notably CBD oil, tinctures, gummies, and pills. Following the methods described below may help you benefit from CBD’s pain-relieving properties. 

  • Application of CBD Oil or Tincture with Your Finger 

Tooth Pain CBD oil tinctures may provide fast-acting effects when taken intravenously or administered directly to the localized pain.

Additionally, you may be able to dispense CBD oil on the spot where you are feeling pain. Apply a drop of CBD oil to the affected area by placing it on your fingertip and gently massaging it on the gum. 

The tincture can also be sprayed onto the affected area and then rubbed into the gum using your finger. Pain-relieving effects should appear between 15 to 30 minutes after using CBD. The effect should last several hours. 

To prevent the spread of bacteria in the mouth or affected area, take care not to introduce any. Before applying CBD, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before applying it with your fingertip. Instead, if you don’t wish to use your finger, you can apply the CBD with a cotton swab. 

  • Toothpaste Infused with CBD to Brush Your Teeth

Typically, CBD should be applied with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Next, brush your teeth with the same toothbrush and one or two drops of CBD oil or tincture. You should gently massage your gums with the bristles to ensure that they absorb the CBD. 

Taking too much toothpaste can cause adverse health effects. Don’t swallow it. Always rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each use to remove any remaining oil. 

Making your DIY remedy by mixing baking soda with CBD oil or tincture is another alternative if you do not wish to use regular toothpaste.  

  • Oral CBD Capsules

In addition to CBD oils, several CBD products can help ease toothache. By swallowing CBD capsules with some water, you should be able to relieve toothache pain. Another option is to consume CBD edibles. 

Although CBD capsules and edibles typically take longer to work than the two other methods, it is essential to note that the effects of CBD capsules and edibles usually last longer. It may take as long as an hour to feel the full impact. Once it enters the bloodstream, CBD spreads throughout the body, where it may affect the entire body rather than just near the infection site.

You should avoid any edibles or capsules containing sugar, as they might worsen your toothache.


There is nothing worse than a toothache! Offering an effective option that helps alleviate pain without causing side effects is an excellent way to provide such relief. Despite a need for further research on how CBD may relieve tooth pain, studies support the users’ and manufacturers’ claims. 

However, you have to ensure to buy CBD products from reputable companies to ensure a positive outcome. 

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