Does CBD Make You Cough?

If you cough after consuming, it can be due to several reasons. Coughing can be one of the minor side effects of using CBD. Only a fraction of people may have. CBD is one of the most therapeutic compounds in cannabis. It does not have psychoactive effects and induces a calm and relaxing mental state.

The CBD isolates are directly extracted from the hemp plant. These are now present in the form of several widely available products. CBD provides you several benefits without causing the high and adversely affecting you.

Reasons Behind the Cough

CoughThe prevalent data available on CBD does not pinpoint one particular compound or factor that may lead to the coughs. Numerous factors that can lead to constant coughing after using CBD. You may only have frequent coughs that usually go away in some cases. However, it can be irritating, and prolonged coughing may damage your throat lining.

You may start coughing instantly after having the daily dose, or it might begin after some time. In the latter case, the absorption of CBD may initiate it. Instant exposure of the CBD to the throat may also trigger coughs. Therefore it is important to find out the precise cause of this state. Afterward, you can quickly work out the most suitable way to get rid of it. The following are some reasons why CBD could be making you cough.

  • Terpenes

After isolating the CBD, the manufacturer may slightly alter its structure to adapt it to the products they intend to form. Terpenes exist naturally in the CBD. However, certain processes may lead to modifications in their chemical structure. As a result, they may cast some slight adverse impacts on your body.

Terpenes provide an aromatic character to CBD products. They are primarily present to appeal to your sense of smell. However, they can trigger the throat lining and cause coughing. Terpenes can dry up your throat considerably. They may remove the mucous and the moisture inside it. As a result, you may have some irritation that may initiate the cough reflex.

Some CBD products have a moderately pungent taste, while others can be too spicy and bitter. This flavor aspect is also due to the abundant amount of terpenes present. They may cause a sudden tingling sensation in your throat leading to intermittent or constant coughs.

  • Additives and Flavors

CBD always comes in the form of certain flavors and products. Manufacturers use various combinations and techniques to incorporate flavor and taste into CBD. However, in such attempts, they may end up using low-quality products.

Such substances may not positively affect your throat or the rest of the body. Some flavors can be too intense or sour. These may impact your throat lining. Consuming such flavors as edibles may have a short-term and damaging effect on your throat, leading to coughing.

  • Underlying Allergies

CBDIn some cases, CBD may hurt your throat if you already have an allergy. CBD usually helps with sore throat and asthma conditions. However, we must consider the difference in body types and some mechanisms. These may cause the CBD to act unusually in some people and cause cough or worsen allergies. Another plausible reason behind this can be that CBD dries up the mouth.

Prolonged usage or heavy doses may cause the drying up of the throat. If your activities post CBD consumption is highly physical and involves little hydration or nutrition, you may get these minor side effects.

Moreover, intense CBD flavors on the sore throat can irritate the tissues. Some people are allergic to certain fruits and nuts, such as strawberries or peanuts. If the CBD product you consume contains any of these substances, you may begin coughing.

  • Smoking CBD

It is one of the major causes of CBD-related coughing. Smoking CBD in vapes or as flowers can induce the condition. The smoke may contain certain additives and compounds that can pinch your throat lining. This is common with the use of pre-rolls or CBD blunts. These have various toxic chemicals that harm your airways.

When you take in these compounds and the hot air in the surroundings, your coughing reflex becomes quite strong. Smoking CBD in the vapes may also cause constant coughing. Here there can be multiple reasons other than CBD that may lead to the coughs.

The vape juice usually contains substances that irritate your air passageways. The CBD formula for blunts and vapes has terpenes and other chemicals such as propylene glycol. These usually play a role in triggering the cough reflex.

  • Type of Isolate

The type of CBD isolate you prefer for your daily dose may also impact the coughing process. There are three CBD isolates commonly available in the market. These include a full-spectrum broad-spectrum and isolates.

The full spectrum contains almost 0.3% or less CBD. Smoking these products can cause clough and may induce the existing allergies. Taking these CBD versions in edibles may also lead to coughing if you have a sore throat. In the case of broad-spectrum CBD, THC is only present in trace amounts. Therefore these may not cause throat defects as full spectrum. The isolates do not contain any THC. Thus they usually do not trigger your air pathways.

How to Deal With the Coughs

CBDIf you get the mild effect of using CBD, there are numerous ways to help yourself. If you take CBD sublingually, there will not be many instances where you will constantly cough. However, if you choose a spicy flavor, using water after taking CBD oil can assist you. This step helps dilute the potent compounds present in the oil drop, making the CBD smooth in the rest of your body.

Alternatively, you can mix CBD oil with food or drinks. This will dilute the potency of the oil, making it easier to consume. Smoking CBD is also known to cause coughs. In such cases, you should select the flavor of vape juice that contains the least amount of terpenes.

Moreover, you can also analyze the nature of the terpenes present. Many forms of the compound do not impact your throat. Moreover, it would be best for you to consider the flavor you use for blunts or pre-rolls. Opting for spicy or pepper flavors will irritate your throat lining. Nevertheless, if you get the coughs, some simple measures like drinking water and hydrating your throat can be helpful.

Moreover, you can also use lukewarm water for gargling. It may soothe your throat lining and tracts. As a result, it will effectively prevent coughs or throat allergies.


CBD may not always cause coughs. There are some rare cases where a user might get coughs as a side effect. However, multiple factors play a role in initiating such conditions. Research on CBD does not indicate cough as a significant adverse effect. However, smoking pure forms of cannabis may lead to it.

Having underlying allergies to certain flavors or smoking blunts with broad-spectrum CBD commonly causes coughs. Taking CBD oil, gummies, and other edibles do not damage your throat. Therefore, you can use the compound without any concerns for your throat health.

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