Does CBD Make You Pee Often

CBD will not react the same for everyone, and some might get the best results within days while others wait for months. The same goes for long-term side effects – some people won’t feel a thing even after using CBD for a year. In contrast, others might get issues within months. One particular question over the internet is, “does cbd make you pee often?”

CBD itself does not have this kind of side effect. However, your other body parts might react with CBD making you urinate more frequently. On the other hand, when you stop using CBD abruptly, it might also trigger this. It is better to gradually lower your dosage and frequency until you stop using CBD altogether. If you ever felt like peeing excessively while using CBD, consult your doctor first. Here we’ll share the possible reasons for this issue and how CBD can be linked to the issue.

CBD Effects on the Bladder

Your brain is responsible for every action in your body. Your body parts transmit messages to the brain and get a response to act in return. As long as the communication is fluent between the brain and body, everything works as it should. However, when your brain reacts slowly to your body’s messages, you encounter issues.

The same happens with your bladder, and the usual side effect is that you can’t hold your pee. Older people and women often experience this problem, and CBD can help them manage it.

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CBD helps your brain work efficiently by removing tension and improving communication with the body. As your brain starts working more efficiently, it quickly responds to body problems. With prolonged use of CBD, people feel improvement in their bodies because it helps the brain function better.

If you have problems with your bladder, especially if you can’t control your pee, CBD can help you get rid of the issue. The receptors responsible for handling cannabinoids are also found in the bladder. These receptors might make these muscles work overtime which affects urination. CBD binds itself to these receptors and sends proper signals to the brain by manipulating them.

In one way, CBD has positive effects on your bladder unless your body decides to reject the CBD. In that case, you might feel the negative impact of CBD, and instead of relaxing your body, it might confuse and cause even more pain.

THC Effects on the Bladder

THC itself won’t be that helpful in curing issues with your bladder. However, THC can reduce signs of inflammation, so if you have problems in your bladder because of pain, THC can help lower it. However, if you have issues with excessive peeing due to muscle loss, THC might not be helpful.

Excessive usage of marijuana-based THC can help lower cancer risk in men’s bladder. But as far as excessive peeing is concerned, THC will not be a suitable remedy.

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Reasons for Peeing Soo Much and How Can CBD Help

Overactive Bladder

There are a few reasons why you are peeing more often than before, and they all relate to your bladder. The most common culprit is an overactive bladder that makes you urinate more frequently. If you pee more than eight times a day and have difficulty holding it, you might have an overactive bladder.

It usually happens when your brain can’t interpret messages from the body and delay the response. You won’t be able to stop peeing since your body is not acting up quickly. It happens mostly in women since men can always hold their penis to stop urinating. CBD can help your brain work better and respond to body signals appropriately and can be helpful for an overactive bladder.


Most diabetics know how painful it is not to hold in your pee, and it is not because of an organ issue. They have to keep themselves hydrated, and thus they drink plenty of water which leads to excessive urination. CBD cannot help diabetes as it won’t improve your blood sugar. Your only hope is to eat less sugar and rely on diabetic medicines to manage the condition. 

A Stroke

A brain stroke can be a significant reason you can’t control your pee. Since the brain controls every part of your body, it is common to face this issue after a stroke. CBD helps keep your brain calm and work efficiently, and it can also help your brain recover faster after a stroke.

Interstitial Cystitis

This is another problem associated with women where they feel the urge to pee frequently and feel pain if they try to hold it in. However, the painful sensation is gone once they empty their bladder. If it is because of a damaged bladder, CBD won’t be helpful. However, if your immune system is causing this inflammatory reaction, the THC content in the CBD product can help manage the pain and even cure it after prolonged usage.

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Does CBD Oil Make You Pee a Lot

Above, we clarified that CBD has nothing to do with your excessive peeing. There are a couple of problems that can cause this issue. You can use as much CBD oil as you want, and it won’t make you pee more frequently. You might get headaches, tummy aches, or nausea due to excessive CBD oil usage.

However, CBD also causes dry throat issues, which might require you to drink more water. Excessive water intake can cause you to pee a lot, so if you look at this side of CBD, then yes, using CBD can make you pee a lot. Although this side effect is not common, you might face this pee problem if you drink lots because of a dry throat.


Does CBD Make you pee often? No CBD does not make you pee often; it usually is something else in your body that triggers the issue. On the other hand, you might experience dry throat issues when using CBD, resulting in drinking more fluids, which subsequently increases urination frequency. 

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