Does CBD Oil Have Calories?

CBD is one of the 113 known compounds of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Second, only to THC, CBD makes up for 40% of the total concentration of the plant.

Since its discovery, CBD has taken over the hemp market. More and more brands are rerouting their production toward CBD products. The factor contributing to the explosive popularity of CBD is that it is not like THC. CBD is derived from the hemp species of cannabis. Hemp differs from marijuana in terms of THC concentration. 

CBD does not cause the psychoactive effects of THC. This means that it contains less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, you can consume CBD without experiencing the usual high. Moreover, you feel the smooth euphoric rush and an uplifting feeling afterward.

The users report that these products do not interfere with the normal functioning of your brain. Therefore, CBD products are beneficial for those who want the healing properties of hemp but do not want to get high. 

You can enjoy the benefits of CBD in numerous products. These are available as CBD flowers, pre-rolls, vape cart oil, tinctures, and gummies. However, people prefer CBD oils over other products. the reason lies in the ease of availability and use. You can add CBD oil to your food and drinks. This way, you get the best of the product without even tasting it. 

Additionally, you can apply it topically and get the maximum benefit. If you do not mind the taste and texture of oils, you can directly consume CBD oil. You have to put a few drops on your tongue and swallow them.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oilCBD oil is generally made by combining CBD extract with a carrier oil. Some manufacturers also add natural ingredients to enhance taste and give the oils a pleasant fragrance.

Therefore, when you consume a few drops of oil, you are only getting a few CBD molecules per drop. 

CBD oils have numerous health benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reduce inflammation, especially in the Git. It also works as a pain-killer. Therefore, it is beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain. 

The anti-oxidant properties of CBD help get rid of excess free radicals from the body.

These free radicals are the primary contributors to wrinkles, reduced collagen, and signs of aging. Therefore, CBD helps maintain the youth and fresh appearance of your skin. Additionally, people take CBD oils to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps lose weight and fight obesity. 

CBD Oil and Calories

With millions of people benefitting from CBD oils, most are concerned about whether CBD oil has calories. Health-conscious folks have to watch every single calorie. Therefore, calories in CBD become one of their primary concerns. 

To answer that, CBD oil does contain calories. As the name indicates, CBD oil is just like any other oil infused with minimal amounts of CBD. So, as one might expect, it contains fats. However, one tablespoon of CBD oil contains 14 g of fats and 126 calories. If you consume a few drops daily, the calorie intake adds up to nothing. CBD oils also contain small amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. CBD oils also contain surplus omega three and omega six fatty acids. These are essential for regulating brain health.

Generally, CBD oils are made from CBD and hemp seed oils. Such oils contain 76% polyunsaturated fat, 11% monounsaturated, and 7% saturated. This composition makes CBD oils makes it a lot healthier than oils made from other plants.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the amounts of calories and fats in CBD oils do not impact your fitness regime.

Does CBD Oil Have Calories?Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oils are an excellent remedy for numerous health conditions. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil contains essential minerals and nutrients. These components help you achieve better-looking skin. It helps with eczema and plays a significant role in treating acne. Moreover, the nutrient components of the oil also improve your heart health and alleviate inflammation.   

However, this goes without saying that hemp seed oil comes with side effects. Some people get a rash or allergic reaction from topically applying CBD oil to hemp seed. This can result from sensitivity to CD or an ingredient of the oil.

Moreover, ingesting hemp seed CBD oil can result in diarrhea or an upset stomach. This mainly occurs because the body is not yet used to CBD. The best way to avoid this is to start with the lowest CBD dosage. You can gradually increase the dosage if you do not experience side effects.

It is possible that you might not experience these side effects at all. These differ from person to person and depend on how your body reacts to CBD. However, you should not take these side effects lightly. The best way to deal with side effects is to stop using the product immediately. Moreover, consult a specialist to get a professional opinion.


CBD oils are an excellent way of regulating and maintaining your health. We understand that the word oil might pique your worry. Whether you are health-conscious or not, you should not be worrying too much about these products. The CBD oils have small amounts of calories in fats on them. Thus taking a few drops every day does not harm your health. The omega fatty acids and nutrients in oils are beneficial for your body. 

However, if you are looking for zero-calorie CBD oils, you might reconsider your product choice. CBD oils cannot be 100% calorie-free owing to their composition. Therefore, you can choose other CBD products such as vape cart oils or CBD cigarettes. If you do not want to smoke products, CBD patches are also available.

Moreover, we suggest you purchase CBD oils from high-end brands. These brands do not compromise the quality and put customers’ health first. Additionally, the manufacturers use natural and organic hemp free of chemicals and toxic residues.

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