Does CBD Oil Increase Testosterone?

If you suffer from low testosterone levels, then CBD might help you. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics. It is abundantly present in males, and however, females may also have small amounts. The hormone conducts several functions and keeps your body healthy by providing vitality.

The testosterone levels in the blood rise during puberty and early adolescent years. Afterward, it slightly declines but remains optimal. With age, these levels are bound to reduce. However, a healthy lifestyle, diet, and supplements can help you achieve high levels of testosterone.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Some numerous products and therapies may help you revive your testosterone levels. The potential of each one varies according to the individual. Most of these products often have several side effects on your body. In some cases, they may become irreversible and quite harmful in the long term. However, some compounds may provide effective results for everyone, and one such substance is CBD.

The compound efficiently fights the causes that may lead to lower testosterone production or release. Therefore to know how CBD can impact your testosterone level, we need to understand the reasons behind the low levels.

The following are common causes of low testosterone levels:

  • Hormonal Imbalance

cbd oilSeveral factors induce the release of testosterone. These include hormones and brain regions such as the hypothalamus. Moreover, it has a connection with one of the essential glands of our body. The gland takes care of most of the hormonal secretion and production in our body.

It releases two hormones, FSH and LH. Both of these compounds play reproductive roles in men and women. It is involved in female puberty and the maturation of ovaries. In men, these entail the production and release of testosterone. Therefore both of them must function optimally to maintain testosterone levels.

Any issue in the working of these hormones or the inability of the glands to release them and send them to specific regions may cause low testosterone. Moreover, testosterone production becomes low when the estrogen levels in your body start increasing. It is present in female bodies in a large number and promotes several functions. In men, the hormone does not exist naturally; however, specific processes lead to its formation. These include the conversion of testosterone. As a result, the testosterone in your body decreases while the estrogen rises.

It is one of the common reasons behind the low testosterone level. It occurs in men of all ages; however, those above 40 have a high propensity. The production of this hormone leads to several other disorders. These may include obesity, giving rise to heart disease, and diabetes.

Aromatase is the enzyme that causes testosterone to convert into estrogen, and multiple factors influence its working. If you are obese, there are chances that your body will produce hihg levels of aromatase, causing the testosterone to lower further. As a result, your body may not regain these levels independently.

  • Inflammation

Inflammation also impacts the testosterone levels in your body. It may be the result of infections, injury, or any disorder. However, it considerably affects the levels of testosterone running in your blood. Inflammation leads to certain activities in fatty tissues. As the amount of fat in your body rises, inflammation also increases, and so do the other functions of adipose tissues.

The fat in your tissue gives rise to a high adipose tissue mass. Therefore, they can profoundly impact various pathways and compounds in your body. It also releases molecules that promote inflammation due to excess fat. The tissues also produce the aromatase enzyme. It targets the testosterone and initiates the conversion. However, it has estradiol, a specific estrogen that performs various functions in females in this case.

Moreover, these may result in a decrease in lean body mass. Therefore your overall body proportion or health may decline, causing your organs to suffer. Your body works in a constant cycle that promotes inflammation, fat, and low testosterone at these moments. Therefore unless you work to reduce any one of these factors, your condition may not become better.

  • Stress

Stress is another one of the conditions that may result in low testosterone levels. Moreover, it induces the production of cortisol, which can hamper significant functions in your body. These include the inhibition of digestion, rise in blood pressure, and increase in heart rate.

Stress may also lower your testosterone levels and consequently affect your sex drive. Constant stress can be damaging to the vital organs of your body. Your glands may not send signals for the production of hormones as the cortisol rises beyond the acceptable level. Moreover, it may happen at any age or time in your adult years.

The Effect of CBD

cbd oilResearch shows that CBD can improve testosterone levels in your body. There are several ways through which it impacts these levels. However, it certainly works through the endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for regulating several functions in your body.

It may also play a role in enhancing or maintaining the overall testosterone levels. Moreover, It is closely linked with the hypothalamus, which sends signals to specific cells, leading to increased testosterone production. Therefore it needs to function actively to ensure high testosterone levels in the blood.

  • Reducing Stress

It is evident from the function of CBD that it considerably reduces stress in your body. It suppresses the production of cortisol and allows your body to stop its high release. Furthermore, it mediates the levels by ensuring that cortisol is only present at the optimal levels.

It reduces your anxiety; as a result, your sex drive may increase. These factors help decrease your performance anxiety, allowing your body to increase testosterone levels. It works through the endocannabinoid system and interacts with the receptors that send specific signals. Therefore you get a calming and relaxing effect that takes over your body and mind.

  • Inflammation

The endocannabinoid system has two receptors to which the cannabinoid substances bind. The CB2 receptor is involved in the inflammation, and when the cannabinoid substances bind to it, the overall inflammation reduces. Various disorders of fatty tissues may cause swelling, and it may also cause pain during certain conditions, leading to inflammation afterward.

CBD may cause these receptors to reduce the extent of inflammation in various organs of your body. Moreover, it may decrease the fat content in your body and an overall rise in testosterone levels.


Researchers are still exploring the effect of CBD on testosterone. With the research into the potential benefits and downsides of CBD in its infancy years, we are still a long way from understanding the effect of CBD on testosterone. However, recent data and evidence suggest that it can increase these levels. CBD counters the causes leading to low testosterone. Once it works by reducing or impacting them, it may improve overall testosterone.

To notice these effects, you must keep using CBD for a significant time. After a few days of constant use, you can see the impacts. Once you see the visible difference, you should keep using CBD to ensure optimal health.

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