Does Marijuana Cause Acne?

Many states are increasingly accepting marijuana after discovering its many health benefits. Marijuana is often mentioned in conflicting ways to control acne, but in reality, no scientific evidence supports this. 

Marijuana smoking has a high chance of causing acne since the smoke it produces contains filth, resulting in skin irritation.

What Does Marijuana Contain?

There are several organic compounds in marijuana that affect the nervous system. Despite its immense popularity, the cannabidiol (CBD) content has also been shown to positively affect the brain, although it is not positively psychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol THC is the compound that causes you to get high.

Cannabis contains varying concentrations of THC and CBD. Marijuana has been known to cause dry mouth as a side effect of THC. Despite this, there are no signs that it can make your skin dry. Marijuana can also damage your skin when smoked long-term. Wrinkles and fine lines can result from using marijuana.

Can Marijuana Cause Acne? 

cbdAcne results from dead and oily skin cells, which cause clogged pores.

It most commonly affects adolescents experiencing puberty, but anyone can suffer from it.

Cannabis can alter underlying factors that may cause acne breakouts even though it does not necessarily increase oil production on the skin. 

There are several reasons why marijuana may lead to acne, including altering hormone levels, increased hunger, and stress. Marijuana may not be a problem for you if you have not experienced adverse effects of it. 

What are the Effects of Marijuana?

  • Hormone Levels Variations   

During puberty, acne is more likely to occur since testosterone levels rise. Research has shown that marijuana use can increase testosterone levels, leading to acne.

The hypothalamus is the brain’s connection to the nervous and hormonal systems affected by marijuana, especially its THC content. A significant part of endocrine function is responsible for regulating hormone levels. If you have mood swings, it may reflect a hormonal imbalance.

It is why marijuana enables you to feel better and reduce pain levels. Hormone fluctuations may trigger the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum. Overproduction of sebum can cause acne because it gets stuck in the hair follicles.

  • Increased Appetite/Munchies  

Marijuana smokers are prone to ravenous hunger and eat oily and unhealthy food. The reason is that marijuana may increase your appetite.

The cannabinoids in marijuana work by targeting specific brain parts associated with hunger. As a result, it makes eating more enjoyable because it affects the basal ganglia. 

It increases food appeal by affecting the limbic forebrain. This is the reason why users tend to gravitate toward sweet or sour foods due to how the brain’s neurotransmitters are affected when substances like marijuana are consumed.

A person with an increased appetite is more likely to eat carbohydrates, sugar, and fat, increasing their blood sugar levels. There is still a need for more study, but a poor diet has been linked to recent acne outbreaks. It is essential to be aware of other side effects when using marijuana besides acne. 

  • Increased Anxiety

cbdWhile people often use cannabis to relax, it can make people feel more anxious. Psychoactive substances in marijuana, such as THC, reportedly increase anxiety. If you feel anxious after smoking marijuana, pick a strain containing only low THC or CBD levels.

Individuals seem to have different experiences concerning marijuana and anxiety. The effects of marijuana on some people can be both calming and paranoid. Make sure that you stay mentally fit while using marijuana. Perhaps you should find a different form of relaxation if you feel worse after smoking.

  • Increased Heart Rate

THC levels higher than average link to faster heart rates. If you consume enough THC, you may experience a higher rate of heartbeats at the rest of 20 to 50. CBD may be the best option for those with existing cardiac problems.

Several studies have shown that synthetic cannabinoids, such as “Spice,” cause detrimental effects on the heart. Medical issues, including low blood pressure, kidney damage, and an irregular heartbeat, can occur due to their use. If you’re planning on consuming marijuana, ensure that the type you purchase is the right one. A diminishing heart or kidney health may also lead to increased acne.

  • Short Term Memory Problems

THC binds to brain receptors essential for memory formation. Neurons form new memories in the brain stem, amygdala, and hippocampus.

Due to impaired thinking, the user may be less able to handle equipment or drive while impaired. Memory problems are still unknown in long-term marijuana use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible for CBD oil to cause acne?

It is best to prevent anything oily from coming in contact with acne-prone skin.

2. Does smoking weed help your skin?

While there is a lot of conflicting information surrounding this issue, the most effective treatment method is to avoid activities that increase oil production on the skin.

3. Can smoking weed cause skin cancer?

Marijuana has anticancer properties, including skin cancer. However, smoking shouldn’t be the reason to start. 

4. Is marijuana good for your skin?

In this case, the claim lacks any evidence. Using other certified and verifiable treatment methods would be helpful for your skin condition.


Marijuana does not cause acne, but it can cause many side effects. The use of marijuana can alter hormone levels, raise hunger levels, and increase stress, leading to acne breakouts. 

The clogging of hair follicles results in acne by blocking them with dead skin cells. Having acne is not a problem if you smoke marijuana recreationally. If you use marijuana recreationally occasionally, please eat something substantial before you do so you will be less hungry afterward.

Certain people might feel more anxious following marijuana use. A psychoactive substance in marijuana, called THC, appears to cause anxiety in recent studies. Smoking marijuana can make you feel anxious, so you might choose a strain that has only CBD or low levels of THC. Smoking marijuana may contribute to anxiety depending on the individual.

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