Does Marijuana Increase Serotonin

Does marijuana increase serotonin? There is a relationship between marijuana and serotonin in our bodies. Cannabis affects serotonin levels, therefore, our mood. Over time, the benefits of marijuana have gained popularity worldwide. One of its benefits is the ability to improve the mood of consumers by lifting them out of depression. Hence, many people now use the product to serve as antidepressants and for other reasons. The term ‘serotonin’ may sound significant and ambiguous to a layman. But, everyone knows about mood swings and depression. Thus, it is easier to explain that marijuana regulates your mood when you have a bad day.

It is no surprise that weed can result in good and positive feelings. Everyone is aware that smoking marijuana can make some people happy. But what most people do not realize is that the product interacts with your brain for it to happen. The reason for marijuana’s joy-giving properties relates to the regulation of serotonin in the body. You can’t help but wonder what serotonin is and why it relates to cannabis use.

What Is Serotonin?

Serotonin helps to transfer messages throughout your body. You can think of serotonin as a messenger that moves around the body. The hormone delivers messages to your nerve cells, which are basically the message recipients. They receive the messages and take them to the brain, where it is interpreted.

Happy woman with cannabis

Serotonin is known to cause sensations of happiness and joy in people. Over 90% of “the happy hormone” stays in the gastrointestinal tract. The GI tract regulates bowel movements. Hence, serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter and a hormone. When combined with dopamine, serotonin gives the feeling of blissfulness, and these interactions in the brain are unique. The hormone induces several interactions in the brain, which influence body functions. The hormone affects your mood, as earlier stated. Furthermore, you will find serotonin helpful in improving your sleeping patterns. Therefore, you can use marijuana to promote restful sleep.

Finally, the hormone also boosts your appetite. The work by Michael Browning and Philip J. Cowen shows that lower serotonin levels lead to depression. Hence, people with lower serotonin levels struggle with happiness and remain moody. 

Does Marijuana Affect the Body?

Marijuana affects the body in several ways. This recreational substance is a choice product for many people worldwide. The product is well known for its mind-altering abilities. The activities are caused by a chemical within the product called THC.

THC is the primary cannabinoid that affects the human body in several ways when consumed. Once in your body, it moves to the liver, where it is broken down and impacts your body’s health system. The health system helps with different body functions and is also called the endocannabinoid system.

THC works with CB1 receptors within the health system located in the brain. The interaction paves the way for many more that affect several brain functions. Hence, THC triggers CB1 receptors, and CB1 receptors partly trigger the release of serotonin, our happy hormone. The relationship between marijuana and serotonin remains quite complex.

How Does Marijuana Influence Serotonin Release?

The mechanism of marijuana’s effect on the brain remains a mystery. But, we know that THC attaches to CB1 receptors when consumed. The receptors then stimulate specific reactions which trigger the production of serotonin. A theory posits that the CB1 receptor stops the deactivation chemical that controls the production of serotonin. The mechanism works in the same way that CBD combats inflammation. Contrary to brain chemicals that destroy serotonin, THC helps the continued release of the hormone.

You do not need to smoke as much cannabis to enjoy its serotonin-inducing properties. Smoking too much weed could damage your body’s natural ability to release serotonin. Hence, you will have to keep smoking to remain happy if you impair your body’s serotonin-producing ability. A study showed that people who smoked too much marijuana damaged their body’s ability to produce dopamine.

 It has a rollercoaster effect, and by frequently dosing yourself with marijuana, your brain becomes too sensitive to happy hormones. Hence, you will need more weed than necessary to induce the production of these hormones. This constant chain of increased marijuana intake leads to addiction. The problem persists even after you quit smoking weed. Thus, you should only smoke marijuana in low quantities. Even tiny concentrations of the product can induce serotonin production.

Are the Effects of Marijuana Good or Bad?

Marijuana has excellent benefits when used in moderation. You can enjoy the mind-altering properties of weed if consumed correctly. Besides, you could find the product helps enhance your mood and deal with anxiety. Weed can also help to ease muscle pain and soreness. Moreover, smoking weed excessively could cause severe damage to your body.

Firstly, you could experience depression and withdrawal after prolonged and excessive smoking. Instead of enjoying the benefits, you could end up with negative side effects. Also, your lungs could sustain damage. Hence, it is always advisable to use marijuana in small quantities.

Happy woman with marijuanaWill Weed Make You Happy?

Taking the right concentration of marijuana could improve your mood. However, you should note that weed is not the go-to alternative for happiness. You can try other activities before using weed as a last resort. For example, you could talk to friends.

If talking to friends does not help, then seek medical advice. You could also consider professional therapy as an option. Moreover, your health practitioner can prescribe antidepressants. If the medication does not work, you can consider using weed. 

As discussed earlier, the best way to use weed is in small quantities. New users should practice caution when they use marijuana for the first time to see how their bodies react. Read product labels and always adhere to dosage instructions for marijuana-derived products. 

Which Marijuana Products Affect Serotonin Production the Most?

You can find many good weed products that trigger serotonin production. It would help if you bought your weed and weed-derived products from reliable sources. Always ensure that your product of choice does not have more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Higher concentrations of this compound could lead to adverse health conditions, including death. In addition, it would help if you did not use products with synthetic ingredients. 


The use of marijuana has gained prominence over time. People are more willing to use the product for its therapeutic properties. Weed does not produce serotonin in the body but instead triggers pathways to serotonin production. Many people believe that marijuana induces happiness. They think so because serotonin and dopamine are linked with happiness. Hence, you can use marijuana-derived products to improve your mood.

While weed may help boost your mood, the excess could lead to depression and withdrawal. Once the body becomes used to the excessive quantity, it can no longer produce happy hormones, which means you have to keep using more marijuana to stay satisfied. This process leads to addiction and causes several health challenges in people. Thus, you must use quality marijuana in recommended quantities to remain safe.

Does marijuana increase serotonin? Yes, it does, but refrain from excessive use to avoid becoming addictive and damaging your body’s natural ability to produce serotonin. Always buy marijuana from accredited sources and only consume as little as you need. 

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