Does Marijuana Thin Your Blood- Key Thing You Must Know

Many people use blood thinners for health reasons. One of the health concerns that require using thinners is blood clotting. However, with growing awareness about the dangers of synthetic drugs, many people now prefer natural alternatives. They all want to explore using marijuana as a blood thinner, but dies it work?

The events that led to people using marijuana as the best alternative to replace the supplements for thinning blood were mostly life-threatening health conditions. But, the public is not aware of the results, whether it worked, and is marijuana safe for that purpose?

Based on life experiences, marijuana is a safe alternative to thin your blood.

The cannabis market is growing fast following the legalization of hemp products in most states in America. This means there is a lot to be discovered as far as marijuana’s medicinal benefits are concerned. Research reveals marijuana as the most preferred option when people need anti-inflammatory and antidepressant benefits.

As a result, many countries worldwide have started to embrace marijuana, not just for recreational use but also for its medicinal properties. Medics have linked the hemp plant to reducing the risks of heart seizures and other health complications. One of the notable medical benefits of the plant is blood thinning. This explains how the plant affects blood coagulation in the human system. 

Studies show that cannabis can have effects on the body. It works similar to how antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs work in humans. We have researched to unveil more about the impact of marijuana on blood thinning, its side effects, benefits, and more. So, let’s start with what blood thinners are and their benefits.

What Are Blood Thinners?

cbdTypically, blood thinners do not thin your blood. Instead, they have antiplatelet and anticoagulant properties. This prevents coagulation of the blood, thus prolonging the time it takes for blood to clot. Blood clotting can be a severe health complication, especially when it happens at the wrong time and place. It can lead to circulatory blockage in arteries, veins, hearts, and lungs.

For that reason, blood thinners are highly beneficial in treating various health conditions and saving lives. It can help restore heart rhythm, reduce risks of heart diseases, and prevent the need for a heart valve replacement. Also, they combat the effects of chronic blood vessel diseases and prevent blood clotting after surgeries.

Blood thinners help enhance smooth blood flow in arteries and veins. They prevent blood clots from becoming large and more prominent, altering blood flow. Also, the absence of blood clotting combats other dangerous risks such as heart defects, breathing problems, and many more health concerns.

Does Marijuana Thin Your Blood?

As we have seen above, blood thinning is the anticoagulation of the blood, prolonging the clotting period. Marijuana has these anticoagulation properties and thus may function as a natural blood thinner, although there is little research.

Many patients are replacing conventional drugs for thinning blood with marijuana. This is because most drugs cause damage to the stomach. In contrast, marijuana is natural and has no noticeable side effects when humans use it as a blood thinner.  

Despite the immense benefits of marijuana, the full extent of its anticoagulation effects is yet known. Remember, each strain of weed has its unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. So, not all marijuana strains can have a positive effect on preventing blood clotting. However, doctors tell people with severe heart conditions to refrain from using marijuana.

Can Marijuana Replace Blood Thinning Drugs?

We are aware that marijuana has blood-clotting properties. However, there is little research about that. While many will argue that you can substitute blood-thinning drugs with marijuana, more research is required to determine if it’s entirely safe to replace blood-thinning drugs. So, it is not yet possible to tell if cannabis is as effective as pharmaceutical drugs.

If you want to replace the drugs with medical marijuana, you must do that under medical supervision by an experienced doctor. The doctor will be able to test and monitor your platelet levels, blood pressure, and other factors to determine your progress. Further, they can propose various medications and recommend different cannabis strains you can try.  

What Are the Side Effects of Using Marijuana as a Blood Thinner?

cbdUsing marijuana as a blood thinner may significantly reduce the risk of blood clotting in the heart, veins, arteries, and lungs. However, the approach can be precarious when not using it correctly. For instance, abusing it can result in excessive bleeding and delayed healing of wounds.

Usually, research reveals marijuana interferes with how the body responds to certain drugs. This includes affecting the cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver. The effect of the interference results in an increase in the concentration of the drugs in the body. This may cause some discomfor.

Can You Use Marijuana and Blood Thinners at the Same Time?

Both blood-thinning drugs and marijuana have similar functions. However, combining the two can cause shocking side effects. Thus, it is good to seek medical advice before mixing marijuana and any other type of drug.

Remember, a certain level of blood thinning becomes quite dangerous. Anything beyond the permitted level can cause severe bleeding even when you get the slightest injury. So, even though taking blood thinners seems to be a good idea, the side effects can be risky. Too much of it can cause internal hemorrhage and excessive bleeding.   


Does marijuana thin your blood? In short, yes, it does. Medical researchers are still doing more work to reveal facts about the effects of marijuana as a blood thinner and its usefulness in treating heart diseases. 

Despite the scarce research, it is evident that many patients are keeping away from using conventional drugs. Instead, they use marijuana. Because marijuana is a natural alternative, many people would instead use it.

However, before you use marijuana, it is vital to seek medical supervision, especially if you have severe heart issues. The doctor can help decide the correct dose to use. Also, they can suggest marijuana strains that you can try.

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