Does Target Sell CBD?

If you are looking for CBD products at Target, you might not get what you require. Target is an online retail store that sells dozens of products, and they provide online and in-store services to their customers. It is one of those places that keep every item onboard. Therefore, whatever you intend to get, you will find it on Target. It is widely popular among people from all sectors.

The retail store also provides discounted prices and more quantity for plenty of the items. They keep the quality and patent products on their shelves. Therefore you will always have an exceptional experience at the store.

CBD at Target

cbdA few years ago, in 2016, Target decided to sell cannabis products. It kept several CBD products in its stores. They offered their customers a range of CBD merchandise. They had CBD in most forms, including oils, edibles, and beverages. It was a step towards the popularity of CBD among all people.

It was one of the boldest moves that a company made during the era when the use of CBD was still questionable. However, they stuck with their decision and continued to provide people with CBD. People were also quite relieved to find the product in the local store. Moreover, these attempts brought Target the support of cannabis enthusiasts.

Target backed its decision through several protocols. They hired an attorney that defended them against authority. These steps provided them the leverage to continue selling CBD products. Whenever a question was raised on their trade, they efficiently handled it.

They retained their name and stood with their section for a long time. Moreover, they were pretty defensive about their new endeavors and did not let many people interfere in their venture. They intended to ensure that the suitable market segments received the required products.

Backing the Decision

This new ambition of the company led to their success and fame during the early few days. People were quite excited about these changes, and several newspapers tried to cover the story. They called it a step towards the mainstream use of cannabis.

It was unlike any other reform taken by other organizations for CBD. Therefore the Target made it to the headlines. They partnered with several cannabis companies that used to sell CBD.

They ensured that the products they keep in their store have therapeutic effects rather than the psychoactive and cerebral impacts. Therefore they approached the people that used to sell CBD as a treatment for various disorders.

These consisted of pure extracts and isolates only. They refrained from any compound that could have a slight essence of THC. Their efforts were quite fruitful as they found the companies willing to partner with Target.

Agreement with Companies

Target opted for particular companies that used CBD as a treatment for epilepsy. Hey provided CBD extracts that showed positive results in epilepsy patients. These included people from all age groups. However, the goal was to promote the use of the product among children suffering from the disorders.

It was a massive leap in the company’s working model. If this venture is successful, it would mean that the influx of CBD products will be pretty high. Target will have a greater chance to partner with other companies providing CB oils, gummies, and carts for therapeutic purposes.

Moreover, these changes would have been quite helpful for people, and these would have opened many doors of opportunity for the company. It would have been a significant step in normalizing the use of CBD among the masses. Moreover, it would also have served as a milestone for the attempts to legalize CBD across all states.

What Happened Next?

cbdPeople could look up their favorite CBD products on the Target website and store them for quite some time. It was pretty simple to order them to buy them. There were no extra queries or judgemental gazes.

It led some of the people to be entirely satisfied with the settlement. However, after some time, a company decided to do a cover story on this risky attempt by Target. They compiled a piece that portrayed Target as the company breaking norms for the greater good. However, it led to a strange and different response from Target. They denied the claims and removed all the CBD products from their stores.

They immediately acted upon their statement and cleared their shelves and inventories from all CBD products. No matter how much people tried, they could not find the products in their catalog.

They halted the online orders, and people never got their items. This move faced a backlash from the customers eager to buy the CBD products. Moreover, Target also ended all its measures to defend its decision and normalize the CBD sale and consumption.

The Possible Reasons

Today, nobody knows the exact reason behind the closure of CBD shelves at Target. There are rumors and assumptions; however, none seem entirely satisfactory. There can be several causes that led to the instant action of Target.

These may include the legal status of CBD. It is not lawful to consume cannabinoid substances in most states; therefore, you cannot get a license to sell these products at local retail stores. Moreover, the commercial availability of CBD is still a skeptical decision that requires public attention. Furthermore, disagreement between the companies can be another one of the motives for Target to shut down the trade of CBD products.


You cannot find CBD products on Target now. It has been a long time since the fiasco. However, no reputable companies have decided to sell CBD in stores online. The only way to get CBD oil, edibles, and beverages is to find them through the manufacturers. 

You can find reliable companies that sell the products, go to their stores, and order yourself any product you prefer. The best part about buying directly from the manufacturer is that you are assured that you get an original product. Moreover, most brands offer favorable after-sales services if you buy the product directly from them.

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