How Does Marijuana Affect Your Golf Game?

Many people consider spending time on the golf course therapeutic. They find everything from teeing, swinging, and putting elating, and some people enhance the experience by smoking marijuana. Typically, smoking marijuana or any other substance is not allowed in some golf courses or states because of its legal status.

Many states have legalized marijuana, and the smoking rules are more relaxed at golf courses in such states. Marijuana is legal in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, Montana, etc.

Some golf clubs do not relax their rules regarding marijuana because of the old-timers that play on their course. But most people do not regard the rules and still smoke marijuana. The open space of the golf course allows such an escape. Some major golf players have said that they smoke marijuana before playing. 

Users have stated that smoking helps with their anxiety, allowing them to play better. Figuring out your dosage and a good ingestion method before your round will help you stay cool at the tee box. Read further to know the benefits of smoking marijuana while golfing and the possible side effects. 

Benefits of Consuming Marijuana While Golfing

golfSmoking marijuana will make the user high, allowing the user to relax more and enjoy the game. There’s a subtle pressure associated with golfing, and many players are more concerned with scoring than playing. Marijuana allows such players to be more carefree and enjoy the game.

Marijuana gives potent results, and if one does not know how to handle its effects, one might go off the rails. It’s best to control your intake of marijuana while golfing to handle the situation better. Knowing your dosage will allow you to smoke carefree before playing because you know you’re in safe hands. 

Smoking marijuana while golfing has backings and reviews from major players who say it helps them concentrate better. Moreover, the best part is that the effects don’t stay long in the body. According to some reviews, players become sober by the time the game is over and are ready to go home.

Players who are in pain can smoke to reduce the effects of the pain. That aside, there are topical THC products they can apply to the affected region to gain pain relief. That applies to smoking marijuana as well. Golfers that do not wish to deal with puffing out smoke and the odor of marijuana can have various THC products. 

The catch is the effects will be milder than smoking marijuana. It will also allow them to concentrate a lot better. Some THC products they can have is delta-8 gummies, delta-8 tinctures, and topicals.

Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana While Golfing

New marijuana smokers might not have a good time smoking and golfing. Though the smoke will give them euphoric feelings, they might not have a handle on its effect and misbehave. Furthermore, they might injure themselves and others in their intoxication if they should drive the golf cart.

It takes away your concentration and might make you jumpy at the sound of unexpected noise. Also, you will get hungry after smoking or even while smoking. The hunger might distract you from the game, making you seek ways to satisfy it. 

When you smoke marijuana, you become less alert, have slower reaction times, and experience memory impairment. A study by the loop indicates that when golfers consume 34 mg THC, fatigue sets, and with 50 mg THC, accuracy and putting decrease.

When is the Right Time to Use Marijuana While Golfing?

cbdA burning joint has an easily identifiable smell, and most people do not like smelling nor partaking in it. It’s courteous to smoke marijuana when you’re alone on the golf course or when you’re with your friends who wouldn’t mind the smell. However, you could also ask the permission of the people around you before smoking.

It will help put you at ease and let you know if they are smoking enthusiasts. You can also smoke during your breaks while the other player is putting. This way, you won’t inconvenience them with the smell, and you will indulge in your favorite pastime. As mentioned earlier, there are other ways of consuming marijuana other than smoking it. 

THC products also provide users a level of privacy, depending on the product. For starters, THC gummies look like everyday candies, and you can have them on the golf course with no one the wiser. It has different flavors, shapes, and sizes to enhance the consumer’s experience.

You can control your dosage and choose a potency level that will bring out the best in you. Having THC oil while playing golfs will help lighten your mood, relieve your anxiety and help you focus. Like edible gummies, it comes in different flavors, and you can have it by putting a few drops under your tongue to gain direct access to your capillaries. It also works faster this way. 


Marijuana helps to ease the anxiety of smokers on the golf course. Though it hinders the ability to concentrate most time and causes fatigue, it aids in making golfing more pleasurable for some players. Furthermore, marijuana offers some medicinal purposes for consumers as it takes away their pain and inflammations.

Take the oil before heading to the golf course, and the effects will kick in before you start putting. THC products work depending on age, body metabolism, the reason for consumption, and body size. Also, it is affected by an individual’s tolerance level. 

So, if you’re a regular marijuana user, you might need to increase your dosage to feel its effects. Many major players have made statements about using cannabis or marijuana before or during their games. They have positive things to say about its effects, with some saying it helps their pregame anxiety and allow them to focus more on the game.

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