How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Alcohol?

Many people have noted that consuming CBD oil immediately after or with alcohol could prove dangerous. How long after taking CBD oil can I drink alcohol? Even if you wait a few hours to drink alcohol after taking CBD oil, the effects remain the same. It is because CBD oil and alcohol both persist in your bloodstream for several hours or days, depending on the concentration. Therefore, there is no specified time to wait before drinking alcohol after taking CBD oil. 

It is pretty interesting to know that the interaction between CBD and alcohol is different from that between CBD and medication. Combining alcohol and CBD oils could result in lower blood pressure levels. While some people suggest that combining the two substances could be devastating, others say otherwise. To understand the interactions between the two, we need to study them individually.

Alcohol is a powerful depressant though all it takes to produce are yeasts and sugars. When it interacts with the brain, it influences our coordination, mood, and speech. The more alcohol you take, the more severe these effects become. In contrast to this, CBD has a gentler influence on our bodies. Moreover, CBD focuses more on your (ECS) endocannabinoid system. The system influences your whole body, from the head to toes, and plays several essential roles. The ECS regulates our biological system and interacts with other molecules outside its framework.

Considering alcohol and CBD, you might assume the latter would limit alcohol’s impact on the body. However, it is not yet possible to tell how the two interact.

What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and CBD Oil?

Cocktail with cannabis drawingThe relationship between CBD oil and alcohol is still inconclusive. But some studies show differences between two groups of people who administered CBD with alcohol and only alcohol (without CBD). CBD should typically mitigate the effects of alcohol, meaning you might want to drink less when you’ve taken CBD. However, there is not enough information to substantiate this claim.

Excessive alcohol intake could affect almost every part of your body. And with excess intake of alcohol come several adverse effects. However, the overall impact depends on the type of alcohol and the percentage. Generally, high amounts of alcohol are not beneficial to the body. On the other hand, the body tolerates CBD oil to a large extent. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the oil mixes well with several ingredients and does not affect your mental state when adequately prepared.

Although there is no information to back up claims, combining the two should be safe. But you need to note that you will only get safety guarantees when you use them in the appropriate quantities. Hence, it would help if you did not misuse these products because they could cause severe damage to your health. CBD can regulate the properties of alcohol. However, the same may not be the case when the two are taken in high volumes. If you want to know more about the effects of these products when combined, you could consult your doctor. Here are a few more things that could happen when you mix CBD with alcohol

CBD Could Heighten Intoxication

CBD and alcohol both can relax you mentally. When you combine the two, it might lead to drowsiness and fatigue caused by alcohol. A study suggests that mixing alcohol and CBD could impair motor functions and distort time perception. Furthermore, since both products reduce anxiety, combining them will amplify it. Depending on perspective, the combination could significantly impact your mood, which could be bad or good. Alcohol and CBD could help you get drunk faster than it would when consuming only alcohol.

CBD May Aid Alcohol-Related Nausea

It is pretty contrasting that CBD seems to boost the sound effects of alcohol while militating the negatives. Nausea and vomiting are signs that you’ve had too much to drink. Hence, your body tries to eliminate the excess. CBD helps prevent throw-ups and relieves nausea. While this may be a good thing, you should take note of the following issue. Since vomiting is a process that eliminates the toxic substances in your body, you may not want to suppress the process by consuming CBD. Stopping the process could cause harm to your stomach as it prevents it from following nature’s natural course.

CBD May Lower Blood Alcohol Levels

Mixing CBD oils and alcohol might help to lower (BAC) blood alcohol concentration. Research showed that CBD reduced blood alcohol levels in rats compared to the placebo.

CBD-infused beers

Why Do People Prefer CBD-Infused Beers?

Several CBD-infused beers have emerged on the market recently. Although we do not know the outcomes of CBD and alcohol in detail, people believe the combination works wonders.

Other people believe that mixing CBD oils in cocktails helps regulate the impact of alcohol. While research is still underway, brewers would love to know the effects of alcohol and CBD from a scientific perspective.

Nowadays, people market these CBD-infused beers as potent ways to enjoy cannabis without changing your routine. While the CBD and alcohol industry collaboration is in its beginning stages, we could witness a ground-breaking discovery in the future. Since more than two billion people drink alcohol, this combination could benefit many people.

Do CBD Oils Have Positive Effects on Hangovers?

Hangovers are the outcomes of excessive drinking. CBD helps relieve nausea and manages your hangover. Furthermore, a 2011 study shows that CBD could help with alcohol-related headaches. It would help to note that hangovers from alcohol happen from dehydration in your liver and kidneys. The dehydration results from these organs trying to eliminate the poison in your system. Hence, a wise choice would be to stay hydrated with sports drinks or water while waiting for the hangover to clear.

CBD-infused drink

Does CBD Eliminate Alcohol Addiction?

CBD helps reduce addictive behavior; therefore, alcohol addicts and researchers alike hope the product helps with alcohol addiction. However, you will hardly find any information on the subject in humans. A 2018 study on alcoholic rats revealed that CBD reduced the desire of subjects to use drugs and other alcohol. These rats did not exhibit alcohol-seeking behavior months after stopping the CBD treatment.


We are yet to find any proof that tells us how long you should wait before drinking when you use CBD oils. We know that the effects of CBD last up to four hours. In some cases, the effects could persist for eight. However, CBD oils and alcohol remain in your system long after usage. These products could stay in your body for days or weeks.

In theory, if you do not feel the effects of alcohol any longer, you can take CBD oil. Hence, we would advise that you give yourself at least eight hours after using alcohol. Once you no longer feel the effects of the alcohol in your body, it should be safe.

We have discussed some perceived benefits of combining CBD oils with alcohol. However, you may want to hold off on these claims since there is no solid proof as yet to back them up. How long after taking CBD oil can I drink alcohol? We advise you to use your alcohol and CBD oils separately to avoid any adverse health issues. 

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