How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last

Growing your own cannabis is not easy; there are many things to learn. You will pick up most of the information on the way, like how seeds of cannabis last longer in the absence of damaging elements. 

Healthy seeds are empirical to a healthy harvest, so you should undertake careful measures to store them in an ideal place and condition. You should also check the seeds routinely to ensure they don’t damage. However, the storage method also depends on the type of seed and genetics.

Cannabis seeds will not last forever but increasing their shelf-life depends on numerous factors. Several factors influence the lifespan of seeds, like storage and the strain you choose. 

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Cannabis Seeds 

Cannabis SeedsIf possible, store seeds in their original packages. Doing so will avoid exposure to light and other potential problems. Keeping them in the dark, cool place with a tight seal is crucial. 

Some prefer freezing their seeds rather than refrigerating them, but it’s unnecessary. It makes sense to freeze them when you do not open your fridge as often as your freezer. That way, the temperature will not fluctuate frequently, and you won’t have any issues with exposure to light.

Furthermore, too much humidity and too little oxygen are also factors that can shorten the life of your seeds. Thus, it would be best if you kept them dry. Do not forget about quality and genetics; seeds of higher quality and more excellent durability will do better than other seeds.  

Is it Harmful to Store Cannabis Seeds Improperly? 

It can be a real bummer if you aren’t storing your cannabis seeds properly. During periods of rapid temperature change or exposure to light, they can be affected by various factors that will shorten their lifespan.  

As a result, they can exhaust their supply of nutrients before they are sown. As a result, they may not have the energy to germinate when you plant them. If you’re trying to grow them yourself, this will cause a lot of wasted time and effort.

Second, letting your seeds get too cool or hot can trigger “embryo dormancy.” When the embryo becomes dormant and stops growing due to being exposed to low temperatures or high temperatures for too long, it gets “trapped” inside the seed until conditions improve again. It can happen even when you’re just trying to store a few seeds.

Best Practices for Storing Your Cannabis Seeds 

It’s essential to store your cannabis seeds properly, as they can be prone to damage if you’re not careful. Some methods of storing seeds are better for ensuring the longevity of your investment than others. 

Here are some of the guidelines for storing cannabis seeds:

You can store your cannabis seeds in a cool and dry location where direct sunlight is not present. The ideal temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can tolerate temperatures from 60 to 85 degrees if necessary. Please keep them in a jar or container with an airtight seal and a desiccant or silica gel packet. These will absorb moisture that can damage the seed’s viability over time.

If possible, keep your seed supply in airtight containers so they do not get exposed to unnecessary elements that may affect their condition when you need them most. Ensure that the storage area is always dry, as excess moisture can also damage the integrity of your seeds. Furthermore, avoid storing them in plastic bags—they’ll get too hot over time and might not be able to germinate well when you try to use them later.

If you’re going to store your seeds for longer than six months or so, consider putting them in a freezer bag instead of a freezer, as this will help keep out moisture and prevent mold growth.

Marijuana Seeds Last the Longest in a Refrigerator

Cannabis SeedsSome people argue about the best method of storing cannabis seeds, like many things related to growing cannabis. Additionally, the lifespan of a seed in any given storage space is also a matter of much debate. 

You can use them within 16 months of storing them in a cool place, and we recommend freezing them. Many seed experts claim that seeds need to be stored in cool, dark places for years without going bad. 

Growing weed is a controversial subject because there are many methods. Take care of your seeds if you have kept them for a long time in a cool place. More seeds will likely be lost as time goes on, and those that sit in storage longer are less likely to germinate. To store your seeds for more extended periods, you should refrigerate or freeze them. 

By using regular conditions instead of storing them in a calm, dark environment, they last for a much shorter time. It may only last several months if you keep them this way. 

It’s best to keep your seeds cool and dark if you’re not going to use them shortly, and it will prevent pathogens and mold from growing. If you get cannabis seeds, try to use them within three years. 

Seeds over five years of age are considered old seeds. Germination and the use of old seeds are urgent matters. If you wait too long, the seeds are less likely to germinate. 


It is best to keep cannabis seeds in the dark, cool place like the basement or the refrigerator. Make sure the seeds are kept dry and in an airtight container. When storing seeds, it helps to store them with a cotton ball. (This is why seed packets often contain tiny pieces of cotton).

Cannabis seeds need heat and moisture to sprout, so if you keep them cool, dark environment, they will stay viable for years. These seeds might sprout even after storing them for up to 10 years. 

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