How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last

First-time growers might find some marijuana seeds that might have been leftover from a friend or came in a baggie. The recent legalization leads to more and more people dusting off their seeds and starting their growing businesses, but how long do marijuana seeds last?

Usually, feminized marijuana plants will produce hundreds of seeds. Many factors will influence a plant’s ability to take pollen and how meticulously it goes about pollinating the plant.

In addition, the yield may vary greatly depending on the strain, particularly for larger and heavier flowers. But it can be tricky to keep them healthy and dry before planting season.

How Do You Preserve Marijuana Seeds? 

CBDSeveral methods exist for protecting marijuana seeds to increase their viability. Seed storage remains the most popular method for protecting marijuana seeds. You should not store high quantities of seeds unless you have adequately secured optimal storage conditions first.

The good news is that you can even extend their lifespan by following all the proper steps. As with other plant seeds, cannabis seeds need protection against damage and decay. Here are some essential things to consider. 

  • Maintain a Low Temperature

When it comes to planting marijuana seeds, the temperature plays a crucial role. A higher temperature can cause complete rotting. Keeping an eye on it will allow you to regulate it easily.

Until the temperature is at or above five degrees Celsius, you should maintain a comfortable environment. Even if you need to lower the temperature to ensure a suitable temperature, it is essential. In the case of a plant that can sense heat, it is an indication that growth will soon be here and that the seeds will germinate as soon as possible. 

The heat can also damage the seeds of weeds. Keeping them in the freezer or another place with a consistent temperature is advisable. Alternatively, you could keep them in a larger space, but you need an adequate cooling system. Ensure that the cooling system isn’t malfunctioning periodically by checking it. In a -5 degree environment, marijuana seeds can be preserved for a year or longer.

  • Keep the Lights Dim

The effects of light are similar to those of temperature. Lights act as an additional natural signal that plants receive, informing them that flowering is in progress. Intense light will cause germination to occur quickly.

You can leave marijuana seeds in various containers and spaces that don’t receive direct sunlight. Many companies produce seeds boxes for plants, including marijuana seeds. You can easily order cannabis seeds online, so there’s no need to worry.

  • Moisture also Causes Issues

In addition to humidity, there are also other essential factors to consider. Among all the substances that a plant relies on to survive and grow, water is one of the most important. The seeds for marijuana need to be free of any moisture to grow properly.

It is essential to store marijuana seeds in airtight containers or hermetically sealed bags to keep the seeds dry. It is possible to store them in dark, low-temperature containers in which plastic bags are used for protection.

Humidity can also be counterproductive for another reason. If there is too much humidity, the seeds begin to rot. Experts suggest a humidity level of less than 5% for best results. Any seeds, including marijuana, can thrive at that temperature. The removal of “that kind” of moisture is sometimes not easy, but there are specific guidelines you can follow.

Humidity affects seeds in the same way as temperature. In contrast to high humidity, low humidity can extend their lifespans. Seeds have a life expectancy of two times longer if humidity is reduced by 1%.

  • Oxygen is Also Important

CBDIt is also necessary to mention oxygen since it is essential to life. Oxygen is an element that is naturally present in plants and is vital to their survival. Marijuana would simply not germinate without it since it affects various processes. 

Furthermore, it is essential for other living things, particularly bacteria. The presence of too much oxygen could also promote the growth of bacteria and parasites.

In contrast to other factors, oxygen is particularly difficult to remove. You can vacuum seal seeds by putting them in bags and then sealing them. Your last step in ensuring your yield is to your seeds.

  • Use airtight containers

As long as you don’t have enough oxygen, you can’t accomplish anything. You need oxygen to accomplish any outstanding achievement.

It is best to place seeds in containers that keep the seeds fresh. There are various types of canisters available to store any related materials. If you want to remove all the air from the process, you should opt for a smaller canister.

When most people put seeds in a regular plastic bag, they make a huge mistake. A smaller Ziploc bag would be a better option than usual plastic bags. Blacken it entirely so no light can penetrate it, then remove all the air from it.

  • Properly Seal it 

If you are committed to this idea with many seeds, you need an airtight vacuum sealer that will allow you to use it multiple times. It will solve your problems as well. Furthermore, it will remove moisture and oxygen. After that, you can store it right by the fridge or somewhere else where you want to keep it.

  • Use a refrigerator

Heating and lighting are easier with a fridge or a freezer. Cannabis growers and resellers usually have them. Their main advantage is that their temperature stays constant throughout the year. Likewise, the light remains constant.

Since the seeds will condense when you open the container, it is always best to keep them at the back. Make sure they are vacuum-sealed before you open the container.

Final Thoughts

An excellent seed can last for an incredibly long time. The right conditions can lead to the seeds lasting up to five years. Nevertheless, you need to maintain steady conditions with no fluctuations, keeping them in cool, dry, and dark places. Additionally, you should also be able to check up on them regularly without disturbing the storage condition.

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