How Long Does CBD Vape Stay in Your Body?

There are several methods of taking CBD for the best effects and results. One of such methods is vaping, which inhales and exhales the vapor produced by the compound. Many enthusiasts prefer taking CBD in this manner because it has an instant effect on the body system.

Research has shown that vaping CBD causes the compound to flow into the body system much quicker than other methods. The human lungs are excellent at absorbing fat-soluble molecules, and CBD has such molecules. Consequently, the compound can enter your bloodstream and take effect within an instant.

In the same vein, your body expels CBD vape much quicker than when you ingest it through other methods. Typically, you will find that the CBD leaves your body within six hours of first taking it. This time is only an estimate as there are not enough studies to prove it.

However, the length of time the cannabis compound stays in your body depends on several factors that we want to discuss. If you keep them in mind, you will be better able to calculate the time CBD stays in your body.

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How Long Does CBD Vape Stay in Your Body – Determining Factors

Consider how much CBD you regularly vape and how your body reacts to it. Also, the frequency of use determines the length of time it stays in your body. In addition, your weight plays a vital role in whether or not a significant amount remains after a specific number of hours.

  • Dosage

Typically, your body takes some time to process and ingest certain substances, especially if it is drug-related. The same applies to how your body processes CBD, even though it is pretty safe and absorbent. Also, the higher the dosage of the substance in your body, the longer it takes the liver to work on it.

The amount of CBD you vape determines how quickly your body absorbs it. The same applies to the time it takes to leave your body. If you regularly vape large amounts of CBD per day, your body may begin to store trace amounts. This is especially true for fat-soluble molecules, which are the molecules in CBD. Over time, the trace amounts accumulate, and they take time to leave, especially if you continue vaping CBD regularly.

  • CBD vapeUnique Body Chemistry

Everyone’s metabolism rate differs. You may have a slow rate, while the next person has a higher rate. If you compare the rate at which their body absorbs CBD to yours, you may wonder why it takes a longer time for the compound to leave your body. The answer lies in how quickly your body processes it.

Furthermore, the genes that relate to the endocannabinoid system in your body have a role to play. They determine how effective and fast the system is. Since CBD’s results come from its interaction with the system, the genes must relate well for quicker results. For instance, the gene related to the enzyme that breaks down the endocannabinoids after binding to the receptors has many variations. These variations may react differently to the compound.

Additionally, your age affects the absorption and expulsion process and speed. The older you get, the slower your metabolism becomes. This factor affects how quickly CBD leaves your system, especially when combined with how much you take and how often.

  • Weight

While your weight may not be such a significant factor because of certain variables, it still plays a role. A user’s weight does not mean they can quickly absorb or expel CBD from their body. People with smaller weights are typically assumed to have a high metabolism rate, but that is not always true. Heavier people may have a faster metabolism, and their weight may just be their bone density.

However, a fat person may have more fat cells for the compound to store in with time. As a result, it may take longer to leave your body, causing it to show up in a test. You must also include the other factors when determining whether or not CBD stays in your body for a long time.

  • Frequency of Use

How often you vape CBD may be the most crucial factor in the length of time CBD stays in your body. A regular user will typically have more CBD in their system than an occasional user. If the regular user also uses it heavily, consuming up to 500 mg every day, it prolongs the expulsion time.

The body of an occasional user has time to expel the CBD because there is no constant intake. However, the body of a regular user does not have the time to expel. Over time, the body stores CBD in the fat tissue, which is typical and causes it to stay around for longer.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Urine?

Smoking CBD vapeThere is little known about the length of time CBD remains detectable in a person’s urine. Only one study carried out on a one test subject shows that CBD can stay in the urine for about 24 hours, no more than that. However, there remains a lot to be determined as nobody can draw a conclusion based on one study on a single subject.

Nevertheless, there is little to fear about CBD showing up in your urine. It is not a banned substance, even if it shows up on a test. Moreover, few employers and establishments include CBD in the list of drug tests. If you must use CBD on a regular basis and are worried about tests, you may want to use hemp-extracted variants instead of marijuana-extracted ones.

Method of Taking CBD Matters

The way you take CBD plays a significant role in how quickly your body processes it. By extension, it also determines how quickly you expel it. If you are used to taking VBD gummies, tinctures, oils, and other edibles, it takes a long time to leave the body. The reason is that the body has a more challenging time absorbing CBD when you orally ingest it. As a result, it stays longer in the body.


How long CBD vape stays in your body depends on several factors. There is no single answer because research is still ongoing to determine a duration that fits all. It may take about six hours, based on the available data. However, if you vape a lot of CBD, it is crucial to know that it will stay longer in your body than if you do not.

CBD is fat-soluble, and fat-soluble substances take longer to leave the system. The more of it there is in the fat cells, the more it is likely to show. The same applies to CBD in your urine, even though one study shows it may last 24 hours. The substance taking method also determines the duration of stay on your body because orally taking it lasts longer than smoking or vaping.

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