How Much CBD for Tinnitus

CBD is handy to help cure health issues like anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and more. But did you know that it can also help get rid of tinnitus? Since tinnitus is not a severe issue, you have to use a specific amount of CBD to help manage it. Which brings us to how much CBD for tinnitus is adequate?

Typically, you can use around 45 mg of CBD to get rid of tinnitus; however, you can increase the amount if the sensation continues. On the other hand, you can only use CBD for tinnitus since using THC might worsen the effects. In this article, we discuss what tinnitus is, what causes it, and how you can cure it.

What Is Tinnitus?

Have you ever heard a loud ringing in your ears when you rest or try to sleep? That sound comes without any apparent source, and the more you cover your ears, the louder it gets. That sensation is tinnitus, and it can happen to anyone without any reason. However, it usually occurs at night with extreme silence.

While it won’t seem much of a problem, it can make you restless and even frustrated since it can be tricky to get rid of it. One way is to take a little walk and drink some water, but no one wants to leave a warm cozy bed, especially when you’re tired and it’s cold outside.

Causes of Tinnitus

There are a couple of reasons behind this; some can be cured easily, while others require medicine. One significant reason for tinnitus is age-related hearing loss; your brain starts ringing bells without any reason as your hearing goes down

If you use headphones a lot and listen to songs at full volume, it also leads to tinnitus. Since your brain has registered loud sounds for most of the day, it will mimic those sounds in your ear. The same happens when you can’t get rid of a specific song in your head after listening to it multiple times because your brain is mimicking it.

High blood pressure and cholesterol can also cause tinnitus. Your body pumps blood much faster than usual, and it causes a reaction in your brain, which triggers the tinnitus sensation.

The reason for this is too much ear wax. Your ears are clogged; therefore, you can’t hear properly. In simple words, the energy goes inside your ear, and it also comes out. If the energy is not released properly due to clogging, you’ll start hearing bells when you try to relax.

If you have not fallen victim to the above issues, visit your doctor and ask him to check your ear. You might have problems with your inner or middle ear, which can also cause this issue. A damaged ear won’t send adequate signals to the brain, and in return, you might hear the sounds that are never present. It is a reaction from the brain since your ear is not sending and receiving the right signals for hearing.

Tumors and other body injuries can also cause this problem. However, the worst-case scenario is that CBD can’t help remove this problem in case of severe physical injuries, and you have to rely on potent medicines to manage it.

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How to Treat Tinnitus Naturally

Remember, your best option to cure tinnitus is the medicines used in case of an injury. However, if it does not happen often, leave your bed or chair and take a walk. Drink some water, move a little bit, don’t try to cover your ears, and watch something on your mobile to get rid of the ringing bell sensation. The idea here is to engage the brain in some activity, so it would stop messing around.

On the other hand, remove the wax from your year to improve your hearing, which might remove tinnitus symptoms. Consult your doctor about the medicines you are using; some medications can cause this too.

If your hearing is deteriorating due to aging, you can use a hearing aid. It will help your brain to get proper hearing signals from your ear. However, make sure not to damage the hearing aid as it is expensive and can cause more hearing issues. The most prominent problem starts when you have faulty ears, which might require more time to heal, and you have to spend restless nights because of tinnitus.

How Will CBD Help in Treating Tinnitus

We all have heard of CBD helping the brain relax so you can sleep or feel calm in stressful situations. Tinnitus also happens when there is a lot of tension in your brain. Hearing bells for no reason is a response from your brain that it needs more relaxation, but at the same time, it can’t relax. CBD can help put your brain in a calm state where it will stop acting unusually.

However, how and what variant of CDB you’ll use determine how quickly you will see results. We recommend using CBD vapes if you can’t bear this sensation, as smoking CBD brings the fastest outcomes. On the other hand, if you want a long-lasting calm effect, using CBD gummies will help. Avoid using the combination of THC and CBD, as the high sensation from THC makes things worst.

Broad-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate are free from THC. Additionally, they contain terpenes to provide additional health benefits. These terpenes help cure inflammation, and they can enhance CBD effects to improve brain health.

Do not use hemp seed oil for tinnitus, as hemp seed oil only contains small traces of CBD. That low amount is not enough to help calm your brain, and you’ll keep hearing those sounds, regardless of how much hemp oil you use.

If you want to use oil, we suggest using CBD Isolate oil as it has no traces of THC and only contains pure CBD. The taste might not be favorable, but it can show the beneficial effects within 15-20 minutes.

CBD oil teaHow Much CBD for Tinnitus

Modern CBD products are pretty potent; you can find over 900mg of CBD products in a single bottle. While it is easy to measure the potency in gummies, it gets complicated for vaping, oil, and creams. You’ll need more than 45mg of CBD daily to help cure tinnitus.

The best way to measure the potency is to check how many drops each oil bottle contains. Divide them by total strength to get the potency per drop. The dropper given by the company inside the CBD oil pack allows you to pour one or two drops. Once you know the per drop potency, take one or two drops, keep them under your tongue for two minutes and swallow them.

For better results, take the CBD 20-40 minutes before sleeping. Within 40 minutes, the CBD will reach its peak, allowing you to relax and sleep peacefully. If you wake up in the middle of the night and start getting the bells again, take one more drop quickly and go back to bed. As your body is already feeling the CBD effects, it will take much less time for the oil to relax you.

Remember to make changes in your lifestyle if you don’t want to encounter tinnitus. CBD is not a permanent solution, but it will help short term. If you run out of CBD oil and don’t have any when tinnitus hits, the effects will be more severe than before.


Many studies back the claim that CBD can help cure tinnitus, and it should be since tinnitus happens when your brain is tensed, while CBD enables you to relax. However, you should know how much CBD for tinnitus is ideal for getting the best results. The proper dosage will bring immediate and better effects since you don’t have time to experiment. Be sure to read through our guide above to learn how much CBD is ideal for tinnitus and how to take it properly. Moreover, you can always consult your doctor if the CBD is not helping, as the cause could be damaging to your brain or body.

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